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Al-Khasawneh is Jordan’s new PM

Jordan’s King Abdullah has appointed Bisher Al-Khasawneh, a royal palace adviser, as the country’s new Prime Minister. This move follows former PM Omar Razzaz’s resignation from the post.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, the Royal Hashemite Court said: “His Majesty King Abdullah II tasks Bisher Khasawneh with forming a new Cabinet.” the Amman-based Roya News reported.

According to the palace, Al-Khasawneh, also a former Minister of Foreign Affairs and a top envoy, will now oversee the upcoming parliamentary elections on November 10.

Wednesday’s development comes after the Monarch accepted the outgoing Prime Minister’s resignation on October 3.

On September 27, King Abdullah had dissolved the House of Representatives paving the way for the upcoming polls.

The House of Representatives or the lower House comprises 130 seats, of which 115 members are elected by an open list proportional representation from 23 constituencies of between three and nine seats in size and 15 seats reserved for women.

Nine of the 115 proportional representation seats are reserved for the Christian minority, with another three reserved for the Chechen and Circassian minorities.

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