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Bahrain Records Hottest September Since 1902

September 2020 was the hottest September ever experienced in Bahrain since 1902, the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications’ Meteorological Directorate said.

Hot and humid weather dominated Bahrain during the month due to the moist easterly to Southeasterly winds, the directorate said in its monthly weather report.

The mean temperature of the month was 34.8°C, which is 2.4°C above the long-term normal for September and this goes on record as the highest mean temperatures for September since 1902. The old record was 34.6°C recorded in September 2017, it said.

“The mean maximum temperature of the month was 39.8°C which is 3.3°C above the long-term normal and this goes on record as the highest mean maximum temperatures for September since 1946. The old record was 39.1°C recorded in September 2017.”

During the month, Bahrain had 10 days with maximum temperature that exceeded 40°C.

The highest temperature recorded during the month was 43.7°C on September 9 at Bahrain International Airport and this goes on record as the fifth highest maximum temperature for September since 1946 at Bahrain International Airport.

 It was exceeded by September 4, 2013 with a record of 45.5°C, September 2, 2016 with a record of 45.3°C, September 11, 2008 with a record of 45°C and September 3, 2017 with a record of 44.1°C.

The highest temperature recorded at Bahrain International Circuit was 46.5°C on September 9 and at Durrat Al Bahrain was 44.8°C in the same day.

The mean minimum temperature of the month was 31.3°C that is 2.7°C above the long-term normal and this goes on record as the third highest mean minimum temperatures for September since 1946 and exceeded by September 2015 with a record of 31.5°C and September 2018 with a record of 31.4°C.

The lowest temperature recorded was 29.3°C set on September 23 at Bahrain International Airport but recorded 26.7°C on the same night at Durrat Al Bahrain.

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