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Militants overrun Waziristan police station

District Police Officer Atiqullah said a heavy contingent of the police and security forces arrived at the police station after learning about the attack…reports Asian Lite News

Suspected militants overran a police station in Pakistan’s South Waziristan tribal district.

District Police Officer (DPO) Atiqullah said the militants attacked the station in Raghzai area, killing two personnel and injuring another two, The News reported.

He said the attackers torched a police van on the premises of the station and took away another vehicle along with some weapons.

The DPO said though the militants outnumbered the cops, the police offered stiff resistance to the attackers and fought back bravely.

Atiqullah said a heavy contingent of the police and security forces arrived at the police station after learning about the attack.

He said the police had set up barricades at various points to arrest the perpetrators of the attack.

The official said that an investigation was launched into the attack.

Meanwhile, the local people and tribal elders took out a rally to protest against the wave of militancy, demanding restoration of durable peace in South Waziristan, The News reported.

Expressing concern over the poor law and order, the elders asked the government to take steps to bring the situation under control or violence could spread.

Arson attack on G-B school

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Thursday expressed shock over the recent arson attack on a girls’ school in Diamer.

A girls’ school in Gilgit-Baltistan’s Diamer district was burned down early on Tuesday. According to Dawn newspaper, local officials have held “terrorists” responsible for this reprehensible act and have promised to rebuild the school along with providing security to educational institutions.

In a statement, the HRCP urged the Gilgit Baltistan government to ensure that child’s right to education is protected

“Noting that this tactic has been used by extremist elements before, we urge the federal and Gilgit Baltistan governments to ensure that child’s right to education is protected by every providing security where required in the short term, investing in school premises, facilities and trained teachers, and taking every measure to curb extremist elements threatening not only girls’ education but also women’s freedom of expression and assembly,” HRCP said in a statement.

The population of Samigal Pain is around 7000 and it was the only girls’ school for this population. About 68 girls were studying in this school, vernacular media reported.

So far, no group has claimed the responsibility. Islamists, no matter which sect they belong to, are extremely opposed to giving girls access to education in Gilgit Baltistan.

Girls’ education in most parts of GB, particularly in Diamer is considered taboo by Muslim extremists. This week’s incident is not the first incident of burning schools. In 2018, 12 schools were burnt to ashes in a single night. Similar incidents happened in 2005.

The Diamer Youth Movement (DYM) held a protest rally at Siddique Akbar Chowk, Chilas. Participants strongly condemned the burning of schools and chanted slogans against the GB government.

Vernacular media reported that speakers urged the people to cut off ties with terrorists and Islamists. They said they are not optimistic about the government’s action against terrorists.

DYM President Shabbir Ahmed Qureshi and other leaders demanded immediate action against terrorists involved in the incident. They demanded an end to discrimination, patronization of extremists and weaponization of the masses. (IANS/ANI)

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