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aiBANK Partners With Visa to Promote Financial Inclusivity in Egypt

This collaboration broadens our e-payment offering, aligning with aiBANK’s goals to promote financial inclusion and digital innovation in the Egyptian banking sector…reports Asian Lite News

aiBANK, a leading provider of integrated retail, corporate, and Islamic banking solutions in Egypt, announced that it has entered into a long-term partnership agreement with Visa, a world leader in digital payments, to provide customers with a new integrated package of e-payment solutions. This strategic partnership aims to provide customers with a comprehensive range of innovative products and services tailored to modern digital payment preferences.

The collaboration signifies aiBANK’s dedication to promoting financial inclusivity and accelerating the adoption of digital transactions in line with the directives of the Central Bank of Egypt and the Financial Regulatory Authority. By offering cutting-edge solutions aligned with the latest digital payment trends, this partnership aims to encourage customers to embrace electronic payment methods across all segments.

Key representatives from both aiBANK and Visa gathered for the protocol’s signing ceremony, which included Iman Badr, Senior Group Head Consumer & Business Banking at aiBANK; Malak Al-Baba, Visa Egypt’s Country Manager; Tamer Seif El-Din, CEO and Managing Director of aiBANK; Amr Gamali, Deputy CEO Business at aiBANK; Hisham Abdel-Aal, Deputy CEO Control & Support at aiBANK; Sherif Nada, Chief of Retail & Branches Network at aiBANK; and Mohamed Abdel Monsef, Head of Retail Products Development at aiBANK; and Ahmed ElKaffass, Director, Business Development from Visa.

Iman Badr, Senior Director, Consumer & Business Banking at aiBANK, said: “Our aim is to create a seamless banking experience by offering the latest digital payment solutions. In collaboration with Visa, one of the largest and most renowned payment brands worldwide, the bank will be able to provide the best service to customers in Egypt and during their time abroad, benefiting from Visa’s massive global network.”

“This collaboration broadens our e-payment offering, aligning with aiBANK’s goals to promote financial inclusion and digital innovation in the Egyptian banking sector. Our intention is to expand our market presence in Egypt by introducing innovative banking products catering to various customer segments,” added Sherif Nada, Chief of Retail, Branches Network at aiBANK.

Mohamed Abdel Monsef, Head of Retail Banking Product Development at aiBANK, commented on the partnership, saying: “The foundation of our initiatives is centered on nurturing strategic and impactful partnerships, fueling our robust research and development efforts to provide innovative, safer, and more exclusive products to empower customers and provide them with comfort.

Malak Al-Baba, Visa Egypt’s Country Manager, expressed enthusiasm for the cooperation, stating: “We are pleased to collaborate with aiBANK in providing advanced digital payment services to the Egyptian market. Our strategic partnership will introduce new solutions and enhance customer experiences, aligning with our shared vision to improve digital payment options and cultivate a convenient and secure environment for electronic transactions. Visa is committed to supporting aiBANK through providing innovative and reliable solutions and exceptional benefits that facilitate a seamless transition for customers, making digital payments an intuitive and preferred choice.”

This collaboration follows aiBANK’s earlier partnership with InstaPay earlier this year, which empowered customers to instantly transfer money between bank accounts, cards, and digital wallets using their mobile phones, underscoring the bank’s commitment to fostering digital payment solutions and promoting a cashless society.

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