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Afghan Saffron Export Slump Sparks Worries Among Bizmen

Afghanistan’s Ministry Forecasts 23,000+ Tons of Saffron Harvest…reports Asian Lite News

Afghanistan’s export of saffron has decreased this year compared to the previous years, according to businessmen in the country, TOLO News reported.

As per the businessmen, the challenges of issuing visas and banking restrictions are factors that have had a negative effect on the country’s saffron exports.

A trader, Mohammad Nazir, said: “Afghanistan’s Herat saffron has good quality. The export of the plant is carried out all over the world, especially in Asian and European countries, but the reason for the decrease in saffron exports compared to previous years is the restrictions on issuing visas and the banking system, but there are still exports.”

“Saffron is a very good source of income for our country. Especially for the farmers of the west region, saffron is cultivated in all provinces of Afghanistan, said Khanjan Alokozai, a member of ACCI, as per TOLO News.

Afghanistan’s Taliban-appointed Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock estimates that more than 23,000 tons of saffron will be collected from the fields of various provinces in the current solar year.

“Last year we harvested 23,000 tons of saffron and this year we hope that this amount will increase,” said Musbahuddin Mustaeen, a spokesman for the ministry.

Meanwhile, the Taliban’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce reported that in the first three months of the solar year, more than seven million US dollars’ worth of saffron was exported to various countries of the world.

During the first quarter of this year, an amount of 9, 122 kg of saffron has been exported, the value of which is USD 7.1 million, and compared to the first quarter of last year, it increased by 12 per cent,” said Akhundzada Abdul Salam Jawad, a spokesman for the Taliban appointed Ministry the Industry and Commerce.

Based on the information of saffron exporters, one kilo of saffron is bought and sold for nearly one thousand US dollars in world markets, as per TOLO News. (ANI)

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