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Taliban: Conditions unsuitable for reopening schools for girls

Agha said that the final decision regarding the reopening of the schools will be made by religious clerics….reports Asian Lite News

Afghanistan’s acting Minister of Education under the Taliban has said the conditions for the reopening of schools for girls above grade six have yet to become suitable, Afghanistan-based Tolo News reported.

The minister Sayed Habibullah Agha made the remarks to reporters on a visit to Panjshir province. Agha said that the final decision regarding the reopening of the schools will be made by religious clerics.

“When the conditions are prepared, based on Sharia law and cooperation with the nation and the religious scholars, the schools will be reopened,” said Agha.

This comes as local officials in Panjshir said there will be a seminary established in the province where more than 1,000 students will be able to study, according to Tolo News.

Panjshir governor Mohammad Mohsin Hashimi said: “Panjshir province has played an equal role with all the other provinces. There will be a ‘Jihadi seminary’ for 1,000 Talib (students) approved for Panjshir.”

“It (Islamic Emirate) opened another door so that if anyone does not like school or university, the better place for them is seminary. I hope they will use this seminary,” said Abdullah Sadid, a religious cleric.

The Taliban-led acting Minister of Education said the “Jihadi” seminaries have been established based on the decree of the Islamic Emirate’s leader in all provinces of the country.

Afghans recently demanded that girls and women be granted access to education and work in the country. This comes amid an ongoing international meeting of the UN in Doha.

A UN meeting chaired by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and attended by representatives of more than 20 countries and organizations was held in Doha.

Some Afghan women criticised the lack of women’s representatives in the meeting. They also argued that participants should make an effort to remove restrictions on women’s work and education in Afghanistan, according to Tolo News. (ANI)

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