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New Delhi gets a new look

At the IGI airport, the DIAL spokesperson said that  terminal 3 now features prominently illuminated G20 summit logos, enhancing the visual appeal both inside and outside the terminal…reports Asian Lite News

In a stunning metamorphosis, New Delhi has undergone a breathtaking makeover in preparation for the upcoming G20 Leaders’ Summit scheduled from September 9-10.

The city now boasts a captivating blend of aesthetics and environmental consciousness, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and pride among its residents.

The city has been adorned with a breathtaking array of water fountains, artificial waterfalls, and sculptures that vividly narrate India’s rich history and cultural heritage.

This metamorphosis is not merely cosmetic; it also embraces ecological considerations. In an ambitious endeavor, more than 3,000 mature trees have been strategically planted along key routes leading into Central Delhi, reaffirming the city’s commitment to green spaces. Over 100 fountains now grace Delhi, while an impressive seven lakh potted plants embellish the sidewalks, creating an oasis of greenery along major routes connecting the New Delhi International Airport to Central and South Delhi.

At the IGI airport, the DIAL spokesperson said that  terminal 3 now features prominently illuminated G20 summit logos, enhancing the visual appeal both inside and outside the terminal.

“Strategically positioned standees and cutouts featuring information about the G20 Summit provide valuable insights to passengers. Messages related to the summit are also being showcased on the MATV system within the terminal,” said the spokesperson.

“We have also taken proactive measures to enhance the surrounding environment of the terminals. This includes the installation of artistic designer fountains, sculptures, and decorative flowerpots along the adjacent roads,” said the official.

“The airport approach road is now adorned with elegantly designed fountains, contributing to a pleasing and welcoming ambience. The terminals have been adorned with impactful hoardings that warmly welcome guests and express gratitude to visitors upon their arrival and departure,” the official added.

As part of the preparations, Delhi’s authorities have taken innovative measures to tackle the issue of monkeys roaming unchecked across the city. Langur mimics and cut-outs of these simians have been deployed at strategic locations to deter the monkeys from causing a nuisance and harm to residents and visitors.

Delhi’s iconic landmarks have not been left untouched by this transformation. Graffiti featuring legendary figures like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Ahilyabai Holkar, Ahoms, Adi Shankaracharya, Maharana Pratap, and Rajaraja Chola now adorn railway bridges, adding a touch of history and culture to the cityscape.

Statues, too, have found their place in the rejuvenated Delhi. A stone-carved lion statue has been installed at Lok Kalyan Marg near the Prime Minister’s residence, and statues are prominently displayed near the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The aesthetic overhaul extends to public spaces as well. Over 100 sculptures and 150 fountains, each with a unique design, have been installed to give Delhi a picturesque and modern look. The Delhi Metro has developed a pedestrian plaza with aesthetic landscaping outside the Supreme Court metro station, offering a serene space for visitors and commuters alike.

In an effort to showcase India’s rich cultural heritage, thematic posters bearing the G20 logo and depicting various aspects of Indian culture have been prominently placed on streetsides around the India Gate Circle. Each poster highlights a different cultural element, from the energetic ‘bhangra’ dance to the grandeur of Durga Puja celebrations.

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