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Echoes of Earth 2023: India’s Greenest Music Festival Returns

Renowned for its curated line-ups of artists from around the world, Echoes of Earth showcases a diverse range of genres, including Electronica, Jazz, Indie, Afrobeat, Funk, World music, Folk, Soul, and House Techno…reports Asian Lite News

Echoes of Earth, India’s Greenest Music Festival, is thrilled to announce its 6th edition, set to take place on December 2nd and 3rd, 2023.

Known for delivering unique live music experiences, the festival has become a celebration of music, art, culture, and conservation efforts. This year, the festival is proud to showcase a stellar line-up of music headliners and installation artists.

The festival’s theme, ‘Ensemble of the Wild’, highlights the interconnectedness of India’s richest biodiversity hotspot, the Western Ghats. It aims to emphasize the delicate balance and harmonious relationships between flora, fauna, habitats, and ecosystems, showcasing the crucial role each species plays in maintaining the balance of nature through thought-provoking art and educational workshops.

Joining the festival this year are the talented installation artists Haribabu Natesan, the Aravani Art Project, and Siddharth Karawal. Haribabu Natesan, renowned for his unconventional artwork, including the notable “Make in India,” has captivated audiences worldwide. The Aravani Art Project is a transformative art collective led by transgender women and cisgender women, who focus on creating a safe space for artistic collaboration and expression. 

Hailing from Baroda, Siddharth Kararwal is an artist whose work challenges conventions and sparks discussions. With a penchant for pushing artistic boundaries, he has become a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene. Kararwal gained widespread attention with his controversial piece Divine Bovine. Siddharth, fondly known as Tidda, has been a valued member at Echoes of Earth. Karawal has been with Echoes of Earth since its inception and has been instrumental in the iconic Amur Falcon and Himalayan Ibex Stage.

Since its inception, the festival has been working with a variety of artists to transform urban scrap and waste into larger-than-life stages and art installations. Besides its commitment to upcycling and recycling, Echoes of Earth is actively working toward becoming a carbon-neutral, zero-waste event. The two-day event over the years has becomes more than just a music festival; it is a celebration of the community and the environment we inhabit.

Renowned for its curated line-ups of artists from around the world, Echoes of Earth showcases a diverse range of genres, including Electronica, Jazz, Indie, Afrobeat, Funk, World music, Folk, Soul, and House Techno. The line-up for this edition includes top-tier artists such as Sid Sriram (US), Len Faki (Germany), three-time Grammy Award winner Tinariwen (Mali), Jitvam (US/India), Mezerg (France), Parra for Cuva (Germany), Mansur Brown (UK), 8 Kays (Ukraine), and Giant Swan (UK), along with other popular acts like Modern Biology, Matsumoto Zoku Band, Sahil Vasudeva, and many more.

With four intricately designed stages, the festival promises an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts and those alike. The festival, featuring experiences like the Kids Zone and Pet Zone, is designed for everyone. Attendees can enjoy food stalls, a sustainable flea market, and a café at Echoes of Earth.

Roshan Netalkar, Founder and Festival Director of Echoes of Earth, expressed his vision for the festival, stating, “We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the 6th Edition of Echoes. With the foundation of a strong and credible community established over the past few years, the responsibility now lies with us to elevate our theme and experiences. This year, our focus is on celebrating the Western Ghats’ animals, birds, and the ecosystems that sustain us. Nature has always inspired us, and the responsibility to do more is paramount. Recognizing our audience’s growing love for talent, this year we’re putting an added spotlight on art. It’s not just a visual delight but also blends seamlessly with our audience’s changing tastes. We are also very grateful to WWF – India, Felis Films, Bangalore International Airport, and Hasirudala Innovations, for their meaningful partnerships. All these elements seamlessly converge to create a festival that celebrates the world of music and the world around us.” 

In terms of the partnerships, this year too, the festival continues its association with Walkers & Co., and Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer Non-Alcoholic beverages. As many are aware, the brand’s stirring rally cry “Keep Walking” is a call to those who are looking to create an evolved path for the future. This mission statement found an echo in the festival’s theme of “Ensemble of the Wild” which focuses on efforts of individuals to protect our fragile ecosystem. Speaking on the partnership with the festival, Shweta Jain, CBDO, Premium, Luxury, Craft, and Reserve – India and South Asia, Diageo said, “Walkers & Co.’s association with Echoes of Earth is part of our vision to partner with creators and bold boundary pushers who, through their music and art, are raising awareness about our planet, and the need for purposeful consumption. And we, at Walkers & Co., like to enable and provide a platform to a generation of Walkers who work for the collective progress and go where few have before.”

Vineet Sharma, VP Marketing – South Asia, AB InBev says, “Echoes of Earth, embodies our purpose of inspiring consumers to disconnect from routine and reconnect with nature through unforgettable experiences. We are deeply devoted to conserving and celebrating the natural world, and our participation in this festival underscores this dedication. Echoes of Earth is pioneering a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to lifestyle events, and we take pride in partnering through our brand Corona, with this environmentally friendly music festival as we toast to more mindful celebrations,” 

Echoes of Earth’s 6th edition promises an extraordinary celebration of music, art, and nature like never before. Be a part of this immersive experience by joining us on December 2nd and 3rd, 2023.

Venue: Embassy International Riding School, Bangalore

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