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Iran Open to Direct Talks with US

Official representatives of the government have not yet made a statement…reports Asian Lite News

Iran has shown itself to be open to direct talks with the US and appears to be ready for a change of course in its policy towards its arch-enemy.

“The Americans describe diplomacy as the best option… We are of the same view and are also ready to return to negotiations,” Kamal Kharazi, foreign policy adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said on Sunday, according to state news agency ISNA.

According to Kharazi, Iran should also be prepared to resume the nuclear negotiations broken off under then-US president Donald Trump.

“Then we could also talk about a nuclear-free region (in the Middle East),” said the country’s high-ranking adviser and former foreign minister.

The arch-conservative government of President Ebrahim Raisi has until now vehemently and consistently rejected direct contact with the US, which it frequently refers to as the “Great Satan,” since coming to power in Iran in 2021.

According to the Foreign Ministry in Tehran, diplomatic contact with the US only takes place via third countries such as Qatar and Oman and, in some cases, via the European Union. Kharazi’s statements, therefore, indicate a change of course on the part of the Islamic Republic.

However, official representatives of the government have not yet made a statement.

As recently as Thursday, Kharazi had threatened both the US and Israel with a revision of Iran’s nuclear doctrine. Although he justified this again, he added that Iran still does not want to build or use nuclear weapons.

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