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MBS renews call for truce in Gaza

At the annual Hajj reception for officials and dignitaries, the crown prince urged swift action from the international community to protect lives in Gaza….reports Asian Lite News

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has reiterated Saudi Arabia’s call for an immediate cessation of attacks against Palestinians, condemning the ongoing violence in Gaza as “heinous crimes against our brothers in Gaza Strip.”

At the annual Hajj reception for officials and dignitaries, the crown prince urged swift action from the international community to protect lives in Gaza. He also called for adherence to recent UN Security Council resolutions demanding an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Prince Mohammed renewed Saudi Arabia’s appeal for the international community to recognize a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, to secure the legitimate rights of its citizens and achieve lasting peace.

“We ask that the recent resolutions issued by the UN Security Council regarding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza Strip be heeded,” Crown Prince said. “The Kingdom renews its call on the international community to recognize the independent State of Palestine on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and to enable the brotherly Palestinian people to obtain their legitimate rights, to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace.”

Last month, Spain, Norway, and Ireland formally recognized a Palestinian state in a coordinated effort to pressure Israel into moderating its response to last year’s Hamas-led attack.

The reception, held at Mina Palace on behalf of King Salman, included the Kingdom’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh, several princes, senior scholars, senior GCC officials, ministers, military commanders, and scouts who performed Hajj this year.

The crown prince congratulated the attendees on Eid Al-Adha and prayed for the safe completion of their pilgrimage. He expressed gratitude for the honor of serving the Two Holy Mosques and ensuring the safety and comfort of pilgrims, reaffirming the Kingdom’s commitment to this sacred duty.

Netanyahu disbands war cabinet

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dissolved his war cabinet on Monday, a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister confirmed.  The key political decision-making body for how the war in Gaza was being conducted was dissolved just more than a week after the withdrawal of influential Opposition leader Benny Gantz.

Israeli media had earlier leaked the news about the disbanding of the cabinet, which was formed after the Hamas terrorist attacks of October 7. A spokeswoman for Netanyahu confirmed the news on Monday.

Government sources said that Netanyahu would discuss critical decisions regarding the conflict in smaller forums in future. The cabinet had been formed in an attempt to demonstrate political unity after the Hamas attack. Netanyahu leads a government composed of far-right and religious parties, but the war cabinet contained Gantz, a key opposition figure.

Last week, Gantz — a former general and Defence Minister — announced his withdrawal due to differences of opinion concerning the Gaza war and what would happen to Gaza after the war is over. An observer member of the cabinet, Gadi Eisenkot, also withdrew, leading to even greater expectations that the cabinet would be dissolved. Investigations continue into the deaths of eight Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers.

The Israeli army said on Monday that it believes an anti-tank missile was used in an attack on an Israeli armoured vehicle in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip which killed eight soldiers on Saturday, according to Israeli media. The incident is one of the most serious for the IDF since the start of the war more than eight months ago.

Initial findings showed that a door of the Namer armoured personnel carrier was open contrary to instructions, the newspaper Israel Hayom wrote on Monday. All of the vehicle’s occupants were killed instantly when the rocket hit the vehicle. The incident is still being investigated.

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