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UAE showcases nuclear regulatory strength at IAEA

The conference aims to review global developments related to nuclear knowledge management and human resources development…reports Asian Lite News

The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation of the United Arab Emirates is taking part in the International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management and Human Resources Development, which is organised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) from 1st-5th July at its headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The conference aims to review global developments related to nuclear knowledge management and human resources development; consider the current and future challenges and opportunities; provide participants with practical solutions that they can use at organisational, national and international levels; and develop and maintain the human resources needed to support safe and sustainable nuclear power programmes.

Delivering the UAE’s statement, FANR’s Director of Human Resources Awadh AlMur said, “The UAE underscored the importance of building the capacity of its nationals from day one of building its peaceful nuclear energy programme. It has developed and implemented various capacity-building programmes to ensure Emiratis are equipped with the needed talents and competencies necessary for the safe operation of its nuclear power plant. We are proud to say that the UAE has almost 20,000 workers in the nuclear and radiation sectors, which reflects the massive efforts undertaken by the country over the past years. The UAE Nuclear Energy Programme has become a role model for Member States in building and operating its nuclear power plants adhering to IAEA and international safety standards.”

Over a period of five days, the conference will address various themes including nuclear energy policies and their impact on knowledge management and human resources, engaging the youth through global collaboration as well as workforce development and safety culture amongst other topics.

During the conference, FANR will present two technical presentations highlighting its robust regulatory practices to build capacity in the nuclear sector: the first presentation is on Irshaad Youth Programme, which is a mentorship programme aimed at supporting the learning and developing of FANR’s employees by assigning a mentor from the Senior Management to coach young employees along their career path. The second technical presentation is related to Iqrab W Ta’alam Session Presentation, which is an E-Learning Onboarding Programme that aims to orient FANR’s new joiners about its core business and operations to equip them with the knowledge needed to become integrated into the organisation.

Furthermore, FANR will present two posters highlighting its efforts to build capacity such as the development of the Individual Development Plan that identifies staff competencies needs and training requirements. The second poster is related to the outcome of the UAE Students Hackathon, which FANR hosted last year under the title of “Nuclear Science for Environmental Sustainability and Combating Climate Change”, where 30 students from six universities across the UAE took part to explore the potential of nuclear and radiation science in addressing environmental sustainability and climate change challenges.

In addition, FANR took part in the Plenary Panel on “Leadership and Retaining the Knowledge Base in a Rapidly Changing Nuclear Landscape”. AlMur shared insights on the UAE strategies and success in developing leadership and maintaining a robust knowledge base in the nuclear sector. The panel highlighted the importance of adaptive leadership and innovative approaches to knowledge management in ensuring the sustainability and safety of nuclear power programmes.

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