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China’s UPR rejection sparks human rights outcry

Despite these manipulations, some countries raised substantive concerns based on evidence from NGOs and UN bodies….reports Asian Lite News

Human rights organisations collectively condemned China for dismissing crucial recommendations intended to improve its deteriorating human rights situation, as evidenced in the latest Universal Periodic Review (UPR) conducted by the UN in January 2024.

According to a statement by Campaigns for Uyghurs, out of 428 recommendations, China accepted 290, partially accepted 8, noted 32, and rejected 98 recommendations.

The statement, endorsed by multiple organisations, emphasised that the accepted recommendations were primarily superficial and failed to tackle significant issues such as crimes against humanity, torture, or the persecution of human rights defenders and journalists.

The statement noted that China’s approach to the UPR process was characterised by the submission of false information and the exclusion of domestic civil society groups from contributing.

Despite these manipulations, some countries raised substantive concerns based on evidence from NGOs and UN bodies.

Nevertheless, China categorically rejected all recommendations related to halting human rights violations and ending reprisals against critics.

The response from human rights organisations underscores deep concern over China’s dismissive approach to international scrutiny and the urgent need for concerted global action to address ongoing human rights abuses.

China has faced widespread criticism and documented allegations of human rights violations across various domains.

China has been accused of detaining over a million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in internment camps under the guise of combating extremism.

The United Nations OHCHR report in August 2022 highlighted allegations of mass arbitrary detention, torture, forced labour, and sterilisation of Uyghur Muslims and other minorities.

Moreover, reports from human rights organisations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International corroborate these allegations through satellite imagery, survivor testimonies, and leaked government documents. (ANI)

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