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Modi targets Rahul  in Lok Sabha speech, accuses Cong of speaking lies

PM Modi said Congress should accept the verdict of the people in the Lok Sabha polls and BJP-led NDA government had won a third successive term in office based on its performance…reports Asian Lite News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a strong attack on the Congress and took “balak budhi” and “tumse na ho payega” jibe at its leader Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha on Tuesday and accused him of “linking Hindus with violence”.

In his over two-hour reply to the motion of thanks to the President’s address in Lok Sabha, PM Modi said Congress is had become a “parasite” on its allies and has made “lies” a weapon of its politics.

PM Modi said Congress should accept the verdict of the people in the Lok Sabha polls and BJP-led NDA government had won a third successive term in office based on its performance and its policies of zero-tolerance for corruption and “justice for all, appeasement for none”.

New Delhi, June 28 (ANI): LoP in Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi speaks inside the House during the fifth day of the 18th Lok Sabha session, at the Parliament in New Delhi on Friday. (ANI Photo/Sansad TV)

“The people of India have reposed faith in our government’s track record over the past 10 years and have given us the opportunity to continue good governance for the third time. People saw our commitment to serving the citizens with the belief of ‘Jan Seva hi Prabhu Seva’ (Service to humanity is service to God). People rewarded the zero tolerance for corruption,” he said.

“We worked for santushtikaran instead of tushtikaran (for saturation rather than appeasement). Belief, expectations and trust of 140 crore citizens become a driving force for development. Nation First is our only goal. when a country develops, a strong foundation is laid to fulfill the dreams of future generations,” he added.

PM Modi said that in the third term, his government will work at three times the speed, apply three times the energy and deliver three times the results.

The Prime Minister, who faced continuous sloganeering from opposition members over the situation in Manipur, reserved a large part of his speech to attacking Congress and Rahul Gandhi, who is the Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha.

PM Modi’s remarks came a day after Rahul Gandhi’s stinging attack on the government in which he also displayed images of deities.

“We will not be able to protect parliamentary democracy without taking seriously what happened yesterday. We should not ignore these acts by calling them childish, by considering them childish, we should not ignore them at all and I am saying this because the intentions behind this are not good and I also want to awaken the countrymen,” PM Modi said.

Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s remarks, PM Modi alleged that there is a conspiracy to falsely accuse Hindus of being violent.

“Jiske darshan hote hai uske pradarshan nahi hote hai” (the deity who is worshipped and sought, their depiction is not used to gain publicity). Today, there is a conspiracy to falsely accuse Hindus, a serious conspiracy is unfolding. It has been said that Hindus are violent. This is your culture, this is your character, this is your thinking, this is your hatred. These are the actions against Hindus in this country. This country will not forget it for centuries,” he said.

“They had announced the destruction of the concept of ‘Shakti’ in Hindus. Which power you are talking about that you want to destroy? This country has been a devotee of ‘Shakti’ for centuries. Bengal worships Mother Durga. Are you speaking against this power? These are the people who tried to coin the term ‘Hindu terrorism’. Their associates compared Hinduism to diseases like dengue and malaria. This country will never forgive them. Under a well-thought-out conspiracy, their entire ecosystem has made it fashionable to degrade, insult, and mock Hindu traditions…

“We have been taught since childhood that every form is a manifestation of God. No form of God exists for personal gain. The insult of our gods and goddesses is hurting 1.4 billion people in this country. The country cannot forgive the mockery of the forms of God for personal political gain. Watching the scenes of yesterday’s assembly, now Hindu society will have to think whether this is a preparation for some experiment,” he added.

PM Modi also took a veiled jibe at Rahul Gandhi over the Lok Sabha election results and said that Congress and its ecosystem are trying to establish in the people’s mind that they have defeated us but in reality, “Bachhe ka mann behlane ka kaam chal raha hai.”

“This is the first time in Congress’s history that they have not crossed the 100-seat mark three times in a row. This is the third biggest defeat in the history of Congress. It would have been better if Congress had accepted its defeat and respected the mandate of the people but they are busy doing some ‘Sirsasana’ and Congress and its ecosystem are trying to establish in the minds of the citizens of India that they have defeated us,” he said.

“A little child goes out with a bicycle and if he falls and starts crying, his elder says that look, the ant got crushed. You’re riding the bicycle well. ‘Bachhe ka mann behlane ka kaam chal raha hai’,” PM Modi added. (ANI)

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