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Top lawyer decries mob lynching in Pakistan

Qadir referred to a similar incident of the mob lynching of Priyantha Kumara Diyawadana in Sialkot, Punjab Province in December 2021…reports Asian Lite News

Decrying the surge in cases of mob lynching in Pakistan, Muneeb Qadir, an academician and practising lawyer termed it a ‘dangerous mentality’ that considers killing an individual is the only way to ensure justice.

Qadir was speaking at his book launch event on Friday.

While referring to his book titled ‘Paying The Price: Exploring Religious Extremism, Misogyny, Transphobia & Class Apartheid in Present-Day Pakistan’ he said: “What we saw in Swat was the same mob mentality, because of which a mob gathers, tortures a man because they think, that the crimes of the man are unspeakable and his death is not only right but is the only way to ensure justice.”

In his statement, Qadir referred to a similar incident of the mob lynching of Priyantha Kumara Diyawadana in Sialkot, Punjab Province in December 2021.

While explaining the incident Qadir said, “The people involved in the Sialkot incident were proud of what they did, thinking that what they did was bigger than us. There were hundreds of people involved, they first tore down his clothes and then burnt him alive, and took selfies with the burning victim as a memoir. This was because you thought that this was a milestone moment and they would forward it to future generations, stating look I was there”.

They were not at all reluctant but were proud.

Qadir referred to the international ranking of religious freedom, questioning why Pakistan minds when its rank in the religious freedom index drops each year, as this is what the people are proud of.

“I witnessed it myself that during the Eid police were baselessly raiding Ahemadiya Muslims. These were not non-state actors, and on whose behest this was being done we know very well. Similarly what happened with the Christian community in Sargodha is also well known,” Qadir said.

“There was just one Priyantha Kumara who was burning that day but there were at least 400 people who were involved in that burning. This is the current ratio in our country, for every non-violent person there are 400 bloodthirsty people out there to get you, and everyone sitting in this room is a potential victim and a potential threat,” he said.

“Sometimes I think about whether it is the government that feeds such a monster of the majoritarian mob that has been unleased or it is the mob that feeds the government which has now reached our homes, and now if the administration even tries to do the right thing then there is a possibility that the monster could attack the master itself,” he added. (ANI)

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