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Happiness Within: An Outerwear Clothing Brand With An Ethos For Inner Peace

Happiness Within is more than just a venture or a clothes brand; it’s a journey toward inner peace, a gentle reminder that true happiness resides within us all. It’s a Reversible outerwear clothing and accessories brand, perfect for many occasions! Their reversible design feature, across all Happiness Within products, allows you to be doubly bright from out in the city to a cozy campfire at night. A feature by lifestyle columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International. 

In today’s fast-paced world, success is often measured by external standards. But in these uncertain times, it’s crucial to turn our gaze inward. Happiness Within mission is to cultivate positivity through their products, ensuring that not only do those who wear it look stylish, but once you dress in it you also find solace and contentment within yourself.

Happiness Within takes pride in it’s ethical practices, sourcing our materials conscientiously and handcrafting each item with care in India, prioritizing small-scale production for quality and sustainability. By using virgin poly-based fabrics, it advocates for mindful consumption, encouraging their customers both old and new  to cherish and reuse their  products rather than disposing of them after a single use. All Happiness Within products focus on details that pack a bright punch highlighting the it-colours of the season. With close attention to the finest of details, they ensure you discover something new each time you use it! Adjust to suit your mood as you like!

Their water-resistant products help you through your day with ease. From work to errands to the commute back, they’ve got you covered with a lifestyle staple that goes from morning to night without a fight! Don’t miss out the fact that there’s always a little extra thought to keep your daily essentials intact!

About the Founders of Happiness Within

Harry Olson
Harry is a seasoned service designer adept at revolutionizing the interaction between products, services, and their users in both physical and digital realms. Drawing from over ten years of experience in visual communication, Harry brings a comprehensive, interdisciplinary perspective to design, tailored specifically to the coastal environments where he has refined his craft. With a keen urbanist mindset, Harry has left his mark across a diverse array of fields including architecture, civic engagement, museum curation, visual arts, digital media, food sustainability, and social entrepreneurship.

Akshay Tyagi
Akshay, a graduate of NSCAD University with a degree in fashion and textiles, is a prominent figure in the world of fashion. Renowned as a celebrity fashion stylist, creative consultant, and costume designer, Akshay’s portfolio showcases an extraordinary breadth of work. From crafting numerous costume pieces for blockbuster Bollywood films to curating the looks of A-list celebrities on and off the red carpet, his expertise extends to conceptualizing groundbreaking editorials. Central to his creative ethos is a continuous exploration of the interplay between Western and Eastern influences, both in design and cultural narratives. Akshay’s innovative designs have garnered widespread recognition, gracing the pages of esteemed publications such as Vogue India, Vogue Italia, Filmfare, Architectural Digest, Casa Vogue, Travel + Leisure India, and Design Milk, among others.

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