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Noida’s Alma’s Bakery: A ‘Central Perk’ Experience

The all-green pizza for the vegetarians is a must try: it comes topped up with rocket leaves, tomato sauce, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella…reports Durga Chakravarty

One of the hidden gems of Noida is Alma’s Bakery and Cafe in Sector- 104, which is six-years-old, and serves the best of Neapolitan pizzas, creamy pastas and thirst-quenching fresh smoothies, iced teas and kombucha.

Alma’s Bakery and Cafe is owned by Bogusia, who’s Polish-born, and Gaurav Dhingra, who make sure they welcome their patrons with warm smiles.

The cafe, where the average bill for two adds up to Rs 1,000-plus taxes, serves fresh and nourishing food in a cosy ambience that keeps drawing you back.

The bakery opened up first in 2018; a year later the cafe came up.

Alma’s is known for their perfectly made dough, which is prepared in-house.

Every bite of the pizza has a perfect amount of the sauce, cheese, veggies and meat.

The all-green pizza for the vegetarians is a must try: it comes topped up with rocket leaves, tomato sauce, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella.

Bogusia’s favourite, though, is the Napolitana, which she calls a “dream”.

She said: “It is our USP till today. We did a lot of trial and testing. But we mastered the dough and then the sour dough.”

The cafe also caters to the local taste buds with their tikka-based pizzas.

Bogusia said the “desi twist” had to happen to cater to all.

Beyond pizzas, the chicken teriyaki sushi will not fail to impress.

The teriyaki sauce adds the sweet and sour sensation and togther with wasabi and soy sauce, it turns into a flavour bomb.

For weight watchers they have the ratatouille and the hydroponic salads, besides the ones with burrata and smoked salmon, which are light yet satisfying.

The rustic ratatouille at Alma’s, a colourful layer of ‘farm fresh’ vegetables baked on a bed of basil and tomato sauce with a side of garlic bread, shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

To give the palate a cleanse, the iced cinnamon and apple tea is a must. It cools down the body and opens up the palate. They don’t use extra added sugar in the drinks.

“We use farm fresh products,” Bogusia assured us.

“We try to use local vendors as much as possible. We personally pick products.”

Alma’s, according to Bogusia, offers a homely neighbourhood social space within the concrete jungle. A minimal decor actually brightens up the interiors, which is big on plants and the principles of sustainability. ‘Soil to Soul’ is the cafe’s guiding mantra.

At any time of the day, the cafe is bustling with people, either working or on a date, or hanging out with a group of friends. Here’s a safe and comfortable space to sit back and enjoy.

On a sweeter note, entering their bakery will turn you into a four-year-old in a toy shop. One just cannot decide what to have first because they serve the best cheesecakes, tiramisu, macaroons, eclairs, mud cakes and mousse.

Alma’s Bakery and Cafe will remind you of ‘Central Perk’, the coffeehouse made famous by the sitcom ‘Friends’: it has everything you need, including your mates.

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