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Insights into Indian Travel Trends for 2024

The allure of solo travel resonates strongly with Indian adults, with 34 per cent planning to embark on solo journeys more frequently compared to the global average of 18 per cent…reports Asian Lite News

Indian travellers are gearing up for an exciting year of exploration and adventure, as revealed by the American Express 2024 Global Travel Trends Report which is based on a survey of travellers across seven countries, including India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, and Mexico.

With a remarkable 62 per cent of Indian travellers planning to increase their travel expenditure, the nation stands out with a zest for enriching travel experiences.

The report highlights that Indians are adept at leveraging travel hacks to maximise affordability and enjoyment. A significant 43 per cent of Indian travellers plan to utilise credit card points to offset expenses, while 42 per cent opt for companies offering complimentary hotel benefits like upgrades and credits. Additionally, 35 per cent are adopting a blend of luxury and budget accommodations, and 31 per cent are strategically planning trips during off-peak seasons or opting to stay with friends and family.

“Indian travellers are embracing the spirit of adventure and exploration in 2024, driven by a desire for new experiences and cultural immersion. From using travel hacks to embarking on solo journeys, Indians are redefining the travel landscape with their changing preferences and behaviours. At American Express, we understand the evolving needs of consumers and strive to empower our Card Members with rewarding offers and benefits, enhancing their travel experiences wherever they venture,” said Sanjay Khanna, CEO and Country Manager, American Express Banking Corp., India.

The allure of solo travel resonates strongly with Indian adults, with 34 per cent planning to embark on solo journeys more frequently compared to the global average of 18 per cent. A staggering 84 per cent of Indians planning solo trips aim to focus on self-love and personal rejuvenation, citing reasons such as reconnecting with themselves, seeking respite from daily chaos, and relishing independence.

Flexibility and spontaneity are becoming integral to Indian travel preferences, with 58 per cent expressing interest in last-minute trips and 40 per cent typically booking a week or less in advance. Exploring new cities, indulging in dining experiences and engaging in nightlife and excursions are facets of travel where Indians prefer spontaneity, relishing the freedom to immerse themselves in diverse cultures.

For sports enthusiasts, travel extends beyond sightseeing to experiencing adrenaline-pumping events firsthand. A notable 29 per cent of Indians plan to travel more frequently for sporting events in 2024, with football/soccer, Formula 1, and the 2024 Paris Olympics ranking among the top choices.

With food and accommodation as paramount considerations, beach vacations, adventure trips, and metropolitan explorations are high on the agenda for Indian travelers. Notably, 67 per cent aspire for beach vacations, 58 per cent seek outdoor adventures, and 55 per cent aim to explore new cities.

As the travel landscape evolves, Indian travellers are poised to redefine the boundaries of exploration, seeking enriching experiences, solo adventures, and spontaneous escapades, shaping a vibrant tapestry of travel culture in 2024.

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