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NDMC acts after Danish envoy flags trash-ridden lane near embassy

The Danish envoy to India, Freddy Svane on Wednesday issued an urgent call for action regarding the deteriorating state of cleanliness near embassies in New Delhi…reports Asian Lite News

Denmark envoy to India, Freddy Svane said on Wednesday that he is proud that the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) officials took action after he posted a video highlighting a trash-ridden service lane near the Denmark and Greek embassies in New Delhi.

“This is the service lane, a few hours ago, I put up a video to showcase that it could be a mess, but it only takes human action. And here we have the heroes from NDMC who listened to this, not a complaint, just a kind of cry. Why should we leave such a beautiful lane, a service lane full of trash? And now these great people took action, that is fantastic. This is about pointing at an issue not complaining. I am so proud that NDMC took action within a few minutes,” he said.

“We are not filing complaints because it’s not about that. It’s not about pinpointing at someone. This is about using your human nature to point at an issue and it comes to all of us. This is about taking individual action and that is so important. So we are not raising complaints. I’m not complaining against x, y, z, but I am very proud and I’m so pleased that NDMC took action within a few minutes,” he added.

The Danish envoy to India, Freddy Svane on Wednesday issued an urgent call for action regarding the deteriorating state of cleanliness near embassies in New Delhi.

Standing near his embassy in what should be a service lane, the envoy pointed to trash strewn around and lamented the unsightly conditions and urged authorities to prioritise action over rhetoric.

Later after he posted the video concerning the issue, NDMC took swift charge of the situation and began a cleanliness drive near the embassies and service lane.

In the video accessed by ANI, a JCB and sanitation workers were seen cleaning up the area and collecting garbage.

Envoy also highlighted the swift action by the officials after he posted a video and said that he posted the video because he felt sad over the unclean area as a product of human misbehaviour.

“Think about that, how this great nation and other nations, if they respond in the same way, how much we can do for the green transition, for the wealth, economic, social development. That is outstanding. Being here in India, it’s a great place and in particular here in Delhi. Wow. Fantastic. Dhanyawad to all of you who were part of that,” he said.

“I’ve been around. I’ve lived here for eleven years now, so I’ve been around. We love India. We love New Delhi. It’s a fantastic place. India is a great nation and, you know, so many good things to report about in India. I felt a little bit sad today to see all this rubbish lying around because it’s part a product of human misbehaviour that should really be taken up by all of us and we have to show individual responsibility,” he added.

Earlier, the Danish envoy posted a video on X saying, “Lovely and green New Delhi. Many words but no action. Saddened by this.

“He also tagged Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, VK Saxena in the video.”Welcome to great green and trashy New Delhi. Here we have the Danish embassy, and we have the Greek embassy over there. This should be a service lane. But you see, it’s full of trash, and people are just dumping whatever they like to do here. So I hope somebody will listen to this and take action. No more nice words. Just action,” the envoy said in the video.

Earlier on March 6, Delhi Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena had also highlighted the civic misery in the national capital sharing pictures on his social media platform XIn a series of posts, Saxena not only highlighted the civic woes of the city but said that it was his duty to highlight the issues of the people before the state’s Chief Minister

“Being the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, it is my constitutional responsibility and duty to highlight the issues of the people before the Chief Minister of my government and draw your attention towards the problems being faced by the people of Delhi,” the Delhi LG posted on X.

In the same post, the Delhi Governor said that the local people told him that nearly 35 to 40 thousand people were living miserable lives in about 4 thousand houses here.

In response, Arvind Kejriwal thanked Lieutenant Governor (LG) VK Saxena for pointing out key issues in Sangam Vihar, a locality in South Delhi, and also said the work that the Governor was doing should have been done by the opposition. (ANI)

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