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US military raises alert to second-highest for Europe bases

The highest alert level, “Delta,” is applied when a terrorist attack has occurred or is imminent….reports Asian Lite News

The US military has raised the alert level of several bases in Europe to its second-highest level, “Charlie,” according to reports from ABC News and CNN on Sunday, citing unnamed officials. This level indicates that an incident or intelligence suggests a likely terrorist action or targeting against personnel or facilities.

The highest alert level, “Delta,” is applied when a terrorist attack has occurred or is imminent.

When contacted, the US European Command (USEUCOM) did not confirm the status change but stated, “we remain vigilant.” The Pentagon noted that the heightened alert is due to multiple factors potentially affecting the safety of US service members and their families in Europe, emphasizing vigilance during the summer months.

The US State Department currently advises American citizens in Germany, where USEUCOM is headquartered, to exercise increased caution due to terrorism.

Although no specific threat has been identified, European nations have been on heightened alert since gunmen killed nearly 150 people outside Moscow in March, an attack claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group. Additionally, France has increased its alert level ahead of the Paris Olympics, and Germany is hosting an international football tournament, further contributing to the heightened security measures.

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