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IOM :Egypt hosts 9 mn int’l migrants from 130 countries

International migrants have contributed positively to local labour market and the growth of the Egyptian economy, the IOM noted…reports Asian Lite News

More than 9 million international migrants from about 130 countries currently live in Egypt, according to the latest figures released by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

In a statement, the IOM said the number of international migrants residing in Egypt is 9,012,582, which constitutes 8.7 per cent of the country’s population, reports Xinhua news agency.

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of international migrants since 2019, because the prolonged instability in Egypt’s neighbouring countries prompted Sudanese, South Sudanese, Syrians, Ethiopians, Iraqis and Yemenis to seek refuge in the North African country, according to the statement.

Among the international migrants are 4 million Sudanese, 1.5 million Syrians, 1 million Yemenis and 1 million Libyans. Migrants from the four countries account for about 80 per cent of the migrants residing in Egypt.

International migrants have contributed positively to local labour market and the growth of the Egyptian economy, the IOM noted.

Egypt has been generous in enrolling migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in its national education and health systems on an equal basis with Egyptians, despite challenges in the two sectors and the heavy economic costs, the UN agency added.

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NRI Festival kicks off with clamour among sponsors

India has the largest diaspora population in the world and under the current BJP regime, they occupy a very important place in the positioning of the country’s image globally…reports Asian Lite News

The first of its kind NRI Festival had a gala launch in Delhi with many foreign delegations being associated with the six-month long event.

NRI committees from the US, the UK and the Middle East are enthusiastic about the festival being dedicated to the diaspora community and expressed confidence that there would be a large influx of people, particularly from these three regions, which together holds more than 70 per cent of the total Indian diaspora population.

Special committee members have been appointed to coordinate with the Indian diaspora population world over for the various events being organised till December 2022.

The festival is being organised by Rejoice Health Foundation in association with Power Sportz TV, and is being held to celebrate 75 years of India’s Independence, commemorating it in the form of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ celebrations.

The function saw the display of logos of various ministries associated with the festival, along with the logo of the NRI Festival, which was launched recently by Minister of State for Tourism, Shripad Naik.

India has the largest diaspora population in the world and under the current BJP regime, they occupy a very important place in the positioning of the country’s image globally.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently addressed a mega diaspora event in Munich, Germany, on his visit for the G7 Summit, where he hailed the power of Indian democracy. He has often referred to the Indian diaspora population as the country’s ‘Cultural Ambassadors’.

The Munich meeting was the largest meeting of the Indian community post the pandemic and was held at the Audi Dome venue.

But the clamour here seems to be more around sponsorship for the events. A large number of sports events are being organised by Power Sportz and the finalised ones are women’s kabaddi, cricket and marathon. These events are ensuring NRI participation along with marquee international players alongside large NRI in-stadia spectatorship.

Special stands are being erected in the pavilion areas for the NRI community coming to watch these events. With the apparel partners, fantasy partners, and most team and on-ground sponsors having already been sold out, the competition seems intense for the title cponsor.

Two large conglomerates, both in the retail segment, operating in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle Eastern region seem to be in the fray for the title sponsorship of all the events, though no confirmation has been announced by the organisers as yet.

Other large infrastructure groups down south, particularly from the Telangana region, also seem to be showing interest.

On an average from 2014 to 2020, around six million NRIs have visited India every year. But in 2020, the global Covid-19 pandemic disrupted travel across the globe and the numbers fell significantly with only around 3.6 million NRIs arriving in India.

The months from July to December have always seen the maximum inflow of NRIs in India. The festival is being held in the same period and with the pandemic in a controllable level now, the NRI Festival is expecting a large diaspora influx for the various events that are being organised.

The venues have been finalised for the events in the first three months, focusing primarily on Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana in the North and Goa towards the South.

A press conference is likely to be held shortly to brief about the various events, but confirmed sources indicate that a women’s kabaddi league would be the first event which would see most ‘A’ category women kabaddi players participate in it. Most probably, it is going to held in the National Capital Region.

New venues are likely to be added on, as the festival and the events under it run till December 2022. All the sports events are going to be streamed live on Power Sportz, and there would be simultaneous content sharing across various broadcast platforms, both in India and globally.

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Immigration an excellent life-changer for people

In many cases, they make significant donations to charities, which greatly help uplift the poor and marginal areas back in their home countries…reports Asian Lite News

Many talented brains from developing nations like India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have been immigrating to economically progressive and highly developed nations for many years.

They migrate in search of a good quality of life, world-class education for their children, and social security perks, including disability and maternity benefits, unemployment allowance, employment insurance, and other attractive benefits.

This is primarily why many choose to become permanent residents of developed nations such as Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. But the youth and skilled professionals who have moved to these nations have also brought in foreign remittances and a good deal of foreign exchange that helps boost the economy and development of a country that is still wanting and in its development stage.

Contributing back home

Many immigrants with well-paying jobs in these overseas nations help their relatives, parents, and near and dear ones by sending them money for assistance. Even students who study in developed nations return home with great knowledge and expertise. They even impart their expertise and aid in medicine, engineering, technology, and other professions.

Immigrants in other nations make it up to their home nations by keeping the foreign remittances flowing. Many of these remittances help ease the constraints of credit in rural areas. It helps accelerate human capital with improved health and educational facilities besides a good lifestyle. Many immigrants who return to their nations build hotels, hospitals, schools, and places of public worship or institution.

In many cases, they make significant donations to charities, which greatly help uplift the poor and marginal areas back in their home countries. Because of their contribution, many needy and underprivileged people find a vehicle and means to make their dreams come true. Immigration has been an excellent life-changer for many people who cannot find adequate help, but through the financial assistance from these immigrants, they find a way to live the life they deserve.

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Diaspora Meet and Greet with the Education Minister of Karnataka

Dr. Ashwath Narayan highlighted how Karnataka, in particular Bengaluru, is leading on different fronts, attracting the country’s best talent and domestic & foreign direct investments, reports Ragasudha Vinjamuri

A community Meet and Greet was organised by KannadigaruUK recently with Dr. C. N. Ashwath Narayan- ex-Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, and current Minister for Higher Education & IT-BT, and Nikhil Kamath-Co-founder of Zerodha and True Beacon. The event took place at The Bhavan in West Kensington and was attended by prominent members of the Indian Diaspora.

Minister Dr. Ashwath Narayan delivering his note

At the outset, Vanishree Hegde has extended a welcome to all and has invited Ganapati Bhat to further outline the work of the organisation, especially initiatives such as teaching the Kannada language. Kishen Shastry then briefly spoke about establishing the Kannada Student Society at Cambridge University, which is a milestone for the diaspora segment. Dr. Nandakumara has spoken about the importance of Vidya and knowledge.

Addressing the members of the diaspora, Dr. Ashwath Narayan highlighted how Karnataka, in particular Bengaluru, is leading on different fronts, attracting the country’s best talent and domestic & foreign direct investments. He has highlighted how the state is working in tandem with the central government’s goals and ambitions in improving governance to become the best leader in the world.

Nikhil Kamath spoke of the qualities of the Kannada people that enabled the rise of the city and the state and opined that the reverse migration and expertise of Kannadigas may further enhance and enrich the state.

Both the minister and Nikhil Kamath were felicitated by Kannada Balaga U.K. and KanandigaruUK. The event was supported by Scrumconnect Consulting.

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Indians continue their hold on H-1B visas

Indians accounted for 74.9 per cent of the approved petitions in 2020…reports Asian Lite News

Indians cornered nearly three-fourths of H-1B visas issued by the US to speciality foreign workers in 2021, continuing their stranglehold on this highly sought after professional ticket to work, live and, finally, settle down in America.

The US approved 407,071 H-1B petitions in 2021 and 301,616 of them 74.1 per cent were for Indian workers, according to the latest report on this topic released recently by the Department of Homeland Security, the government agency that oversees immigration.

Indians accounted for 74.9 per cent of the approved petitions in 2020.

The US allows American employers to hire speciality foreign workers on H-1B for positions they are unable to fill with local Americans. Top American companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are among leading users of this visa programme as are US subsidiaries of Indian IT companies such as Infosys, TCS and Wipro.

These foreign workers are hired either from their countries of birth or residence or from US colleges and universities Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO, was hired on H-1B when he was studying in the US. They can live and work here for three years and, if approved, another three years. A large number of them go on to Green Cards ‘permanent residency’ sponsored by their employers.

Indians have had a tight grip on the H-B visa programme for years, at that three-fourths mark. People from China have been a distant second with 12.1 per cent. The next three were Canada with 0.9 per cent, South Korea also with 0.9 per cent and Philippines with 0.7 per cent. The line-up was the same in 2020, with almost the same numbers.

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Kishan Devani BEM appointed Senior Advisor of the Yuvraj Singh Group

Welcoming Mr Devani to the organisation, Yuvraj Singh said: “I welcome Mr Kishan Devani BEM to the YouWeCan Foundation and the Yuvraj Singh Group as a Senior Advisor. With him on board, I am sure that we will accelerate our endeavours towards empowering the underprivileged cancer patients in India as well as giving financial and strategic support to the budding entrepreneurs of our country”

MrKishan Devani BEM, who is a Public Figure in the UK, engaged in many diverse segments of society, from politics to education to the charitable sector, has been appointed Senior Advisor of cricketing icon Yuvraj Singh’s company Yuvraj Singh Group. His responsibilities in this new role would be to provide strategic advice to Yuvraj Singh for the philanthropic activities that he undertakes through his non-profit organization YouWeCan Foundation. Mr Devani will also be a strategic advisor for Yuvraj Singh’s investment company YouWeCan Ventures.

Welcoming him to the organization, Yuvraj Singh said, “I welcome Mr Kishan Devani BEM to the YouWeCan Foundation and the Yuvraj Singh Group as a Senior Advisor. With him on board, I am sure that we will accelerate our endeavours towards empowering the underprivileged cancer patients in India as well as giving financial and strategic support to the budding entrepreneurs of our country. I am looking forward to our Group achieving incredible feats in the future with the support and advice from a brilliant strategist like him.”

Regarding his collaboration with Yuvraj Singh Group, Mr Kishan Devani BEM said, “I feel privileged to be appointed Senior Advisor to Yuvraj Singh Group and Yuvraj Singh’s Cancer NGO YouWeCan Foundation. I have seen first-hand the immensely life-changing work Yuvraj Singh personally does globally through his Foundation and Business Ventures. It truly is a privilege to be a part of Yuvi’s journey and playing my small part in changing the lives of millions across the globe, which he desires to achieve. Yuvi is a personal friend, an elder brother like figure to me and somebody I have got to know well personally over many years; he cares for the society, the world we live in and wants to see a world that is better for all of us to live in. Hence, becoming a Senior Advisor to his Group and Foundation is a matter of great pride for me, although first and foremost he shall always be a mate and brother to me!”

Prior to joining Yuvraj Singh Group, Kishan Devani BEM has had advisory roles within various sectors from Governance, Fundraising, Business to Education. He has carried out consultancy work for various Asian organisations, Forums and Societies in promoting youth engagement within politics matters of education and the youth. 

He was honoured by Her Majesty the Queen in Her New Year’s Honours List 2020 with the British Empire Medal (BEM). He was also made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and was honoured with the Freedom of the City of London, which made him one of the youngest BAME Freemans of London. Kishan is also Associate Lecturer of Politics & International Relations, Diplomacy, Advocacy at London Metropolitan University. At the beginning of this year, Kishan Devani BEM was appointed Senior Advisor to the Danny Faure Foundation by the Former President of the Seychelles, Danny Faure. More recently he was appointed President (International Relations) of the prestigious Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club.

Kishan Devani BEM was recently appointed Vice-President of the Green Liberal Democrats. In 2018, he was appointed Vice-President of the Liberal Democrats Campaign for Race Equality (LDCRE) & was elected Vice-Chairman of Liberal Democrats in Business. He was also the Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Candidate for Montgomeryshire in the 2019 General Election. 

Yuvraj Singh, who is himself a cancer survivor, founded the YouWeCan Foundation as a non-profit organization that works to empower all people to fight cancer through Cancer Screening Programmes, Cancer Awareness Programmes, YouWeCan Cancer Treatment Fund and YWC Scholarship for Cancer Survivors. Till date, 1,50,000 people have been screened by the Foundation for different types of cancer, 1,25,000 students have been sensitized in anti-tobacco workshops, 30,000 women have been sensitized on self breast examination and 24,000 men have been counselled for tobacco cessation.

Moreover, 150 cancer survivor students have been supported through the YouWeCan Scholarship. In October 2021, YouWeCan Foundation launched the ‘Swasth Mahila, Swasth Goa’ initiative in partnership with the SBI Foundation and the Government of Goa. Under this initiative, free breast cancer screening will be done for 1 lakh women in Goa, thereby ensuring that 50% of the age eligible female population in the state is screened. 

The ace cricketer launched YouWeCan Ventures in 2015 as an early age fund for startups. Through YouWeCan Ventures, Yuvraj Singh provides seed funding and angel funding capital to promising startups to help them scale up. Over the years, YouWeCan Ventures has invested in a range of startups from diverse sectors such as healthcare, wellness, edtech, beauty, sports, logistics, travel and more. The company is especially interested in partnering with and promoting tech startups that affect the society and the environment positively.

With a seasoned strategist like Kishan Devani BEM joining the Group, Yuvraj Singh’s vision of helping people across India in their fight against cancer as well as giving a boost to the start-up ecosystem of the country is going to pick up pace and many exciting developments are in the pipeline in the near future.

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Maa Tujhe Pranaam: IIW celebrates India’s Republic Day

Guest of Honour, Mr Sanjay Kumar Second Secretary Coordination High Commission of India UK graced the occasion on both days…reports Asian Lite News

As India was sleeping after a great celebration of the 73rd Republic Day marked by a historic flag hoisting atop Lal Chowk at Srinagar, the Indian diaspora in England began their evening of celebrations, past midnight IST.

As the Iron man Sardar Patel said once, “Every Indian should now forget that he is a Rajput, a Sikh or a Jat. He must remember that he is an Indian.” IIW also celebrated Indian Republic Day 2022 bringing almost 40 kids and nearly 33 performances infusing the patriotic fervour in the atmosphere in the British land.

The remarkable event was hosted by the fascinating Team of IIW [Inspiring Indian Women], online on two days: 26th Jan 2022, 7.00 pm GMT, and 29th Jan, 4.00 pm GMT. A number of cultural performances of dance and songs marked the gaiety and splendour of the Show aptly titled as – ‘Maa Tujhe Pranaam ‘!

Padmashri Bob Blackman, Honourable Member of the British Parliament was the Chief Guest on 26th. He recalled the yeoman services of the Indian community in the United Kingdom across all walks of life and wished everyone a healthy passage through the pandemic period. Lord Meghnad Desai was the Chief Guest on 29th January. He spoke about the supreme sacrifices made by Kasturba Gandhi.

Guest of Honour, Party Venkataramana, noted international Lawyer, award-winning Poet – Philanthropist who famously won many court-battles to safeguard the national wealth and treasures of India gracefully recited a patriotic song in Hindi and pointed out that variety, not diversity, formed the secret of India which is an ancient civilization with sacred principles of Santana Dharma forming the core of the Constitution which was adopted on this day in 1950.

Guest of Honour, Mr Sanjay Kumar Second Secretary Coordination High Commission of India UK graced the occasion on both days.

IIW acknowledged many individuals who gave their time to spread love for Bharat Mata. The Special Guests who attended on 26th and 29th Jan were Shri Amarjeet Singh Bhamra (Secretariat All-Party Parliamentary Group on Indian Traditional Sciences, Smt Sandhya Gandecha (Executive Committee member Lohana Community United Kingdom (LCUK)Lohana Community North London (LCNL) Senior Ladies Secretary), Smt Minal Jaiswal (Founder Indians in London organization), Smt Harsha Trivedi (BSNL) and Smt Sarita Rahul Kannada Organization ( Kaho ). Dr Arpita Ray (Founder trustee of Essex Indians charity and the United Kingdom Bengali Convention charity Director of Basildon Side by Side, a community interest company, founded Maitreya Bengali Club, teaches the Bengali language to the children), Smt Sulochana Sethi Founder Vedicca London Group for Senior Citizens, Smt Jai Verma (Chair Person of Kavya Rang, Director – Nottingham Asian Arts Council), Cllr Prabhakar Kaza (Banker and Labour Party Cllr representing Kenilworth South Borehamwood) and Shri Ambrish Agarwal (MD and CEO Esteema Capital Partner.

Community Leaders also acknowledged for devoting time for Bharat Ma  on 29th includes, including Shalini Jain (Rajasthan Association UK), Vandana Jhingan (Midwest Bureau Chief TV ASIA; US Correspondent Hindi Khabar; Dy Treasurer Cook County IL, Chairperson of Media Council of GOPIO International (Global Organisation of People of India Origin), Anju Narang (Vice President Punjabi Society of British Isles), Raj Tiwari (Founder of Mangalam HCRG), Sheila Maharaj (Sheila Maharaj is a third-generation Hindu Girmitya woman. Born In Trinidad Sheila settled in the U.K. and lives in London where she worked until retirement with Children, Families, and Older People. She has been active on various platforms and places promoting Hindu Ekta. She is a student of Swamini Atmaprakasananda of Arsha Vidya U.K.), Geeta Shah (Founder of Women to women Diamond The group aims to entertain, engage, educate, empower and embrace women empathetically worldwide through its activities. ), Ambareesh Agarwal (MD and CEO Esteema Group)    

Dr Vivek Kaul (Dr Kaul was named Vivek by Swami Ranganathan of Rama Krishna Mission. Vivek has been a keen student of Swami Vivekananda’s vision, working hard to understand the lack of Unity among fellow brethren), Nimit Shishodia, Founder Sohum Foundation

The programme on 26th started with National Anthem sung by 3 years old Riyaanshi.

Others who expressed their patriotism were Akhila Rao, Gaurav Chaturvedi, Angelique Parvez, Iravati Mulmule, Vini Kalia, Monidipa Seal ( Manika Veena) ,  Dharti Vasani, Aadya Academy of Fine Arts, Deshbhakti Quiz by Microsoft Trainer Raj Rawat, Anashmita Saha,, Raksha Jethwa, Shweta Dhall,  Sonia Sharma, Yuvraj sinh Jadeja, Janaki Mehta,  Harrow care plus, Pracheeti Dange, Yoga child Prodigy Ishwar sharma, Indira Sharma and the versatile Singer Anamika Agarwal.

Some of the children who expressed their love for Bharat on 29th were-Pavaki Mahendroo, Khrivisha Manikandan, Charvi Roy, Varshith, Mayukhjit Chakraborty , Aarna Chaturvedi , Rohit Sowmy , Vedika Academy Students, Nakshatra, Niharika, Meenakshi, Meera and Harshini, Vedaanshi Srivastava, Prerna Vaideeswaran, Vikram Ashwath, Nia Prakash, Atreyee Debroy, Ryan Gupta & students of Piya’s Hindi Class – Shreeja, Biancaa, Atharva, Shreeja, Ali, Vedika, Annanya, Heena with kids, Shreya Ithape, Varshith Kokkonda, Nalan Thiyagarajan, Students of Deega Yoga, Keya Gohil, Parav Chatterjee, Babitha and her son Tanmay, Ananya, Jeshna & Prajna, Vedant, Sunny. B. Lalitchandra, Riyaanshi, Eesha, Praneel Shirish Kabade, Students of Aadya Dance Academy, Students of Abhinaya Fine Arts.

The event was hosted by Darshini Joshi, Deepika Ganesh and Dr Harpal Singh. The backend support was provided by Pavithra Venkatesh, Heena Zala and Raj Rawat.

Under #azaadikaamritmahotsav, IIW continued its celebrations by getting ladies especially led by Nivedita Singh, Cllr Pushpa Makwana, Divya Chari and Ruchita Brahmkshatriya to make huge Rangoli in various places like Croydon, Mahalakshmi Temple ( East London) and the Highlight being massive Rangoli at Trafalgar Square.

Nearly seventeen ladies sent Republic Day messages from IIW which were later tweeted by the High Commission of India in the UK. As the Azaadi Mahotsav continues giving a great sense of pride and value to the sacrifices made for this freedom, the famous poem by our beloved Shri Rabindra Nath Tagore rings in our ears,

“Where the mind is without fear

and the head is held high,

where knowledge is free.

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls.

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BAPIO raises concerns with Sajid Javid about cancelled PLAB2 tests

PLAB2 is essential for ensuring that overseas qualified doctors can demonstrate competency to train in the NHS, and hence the 2,500 doctors who have arrived on the shores of the UK were expected to take the test and for the successful ones, to commence training, reports Asian Lite News

BAPIO has raised serious concerns with Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, and Charlie Massey, the CEO of the General Medical Council about the cancellation of PLAB2 tests during January and February 2022.

The GMC announced on 22 December 2021 that it was cancelling all PLAB2 tests for overseas doctors during the months of January and February 2022. The announcement was made without any prior discussion with medical organisations who have worked closely with the GMC for some time but especially during the stressful times of the pandemic.

PLAB2 is essential for ensuring that overseas qualified doctors can demonstrate competency to train in the NHS, and hence the 2,500 doctors who have arrived on the shores of the UK were expected to take the test and for the successful ones, to commence training. The UK is facing significant shortages in medical manpower and so this news comes on the back of mounting pressures on NHS Trusts, made worse by the spread of Omicron.

Furthermore, the affected doctors are now without jobs, in a foreign country and without the financial means to support themselves for the extra months required. The GMC has indicated that the exams for this cohort of doctors will be held in later this year, which is an unacceptable delay. This is more so because it does not seem that the GMC has learned from the mistakes of the past, when the PLAB tests were cancelled during the first and second lockdowns. Many candidates from that cohort remain traumatised to this day.

BAPIO as well as other diaspora organisations have expressed concerns to the GMC as well as the Sajid Javid about this state of affairs. We have formed a network of support for these foreign doctors while this matter is being resolved.

Dr Ramesh Mehta, President of BAPIO said, “This cancellation of PLAB2 tests not only deprives us from timely recruitment of these valuable doctors, it also causes them significant hardship in a foreign country. I am very concerned about this state of affairs.”

Health Secy Sajid Javid during a visit at the Milton Keynes University Hospital (Source twitter@sajidjavid)

Dr JS Bamrah, Chair of BAPIO, is concerned about how doctors in this situation are treated. “Migrant doctors have formed an invaluable part of the NHS workforce. This sort of action by the GMC only serves to give the wrong perception to migrant doctors in this country as well as those who intend to come and serve the NHS”.

“The cancellation of GMC examinations is worrying.” states Dr Biju Simon, Joint Secretary, adding that “Many young doctors already sacrificed their time and money to be here in the UK, despite the uncertainties of the COVID pandemic. The cancellation of the PLAB tests amplifies the agony adding further psychological torment and financial deficit.”

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Stalin looks to team up Tamil diaspora for TN Dollar goal

Thennarasu said that the members would act as brand ambassadors of Tamil Nadu’s industrial ecosystem and they would be given the mandate to open sub-chapters in their respective countries of residences…reports Asian Lite News.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin is in the process of roping in Tamil diaspora abroad to achieve the state’s trillion-dollar goal by 2030, a pet project of the Chief Minister.

The Tamil Nadu government has already roped in the services of several non-resident Tamils for this project.

US-based entrepreneur R. Rangaswami, who is Founder and Chairman of Indiaspora which is a network of global Indian origin leaders, has already been roped in for executing the project. A panel of Tamil diaspora including Sunder Pichai of Google, Indira Nooyi, the former Chairperson of Pepsico, and several other technocrats and management experts will be used for developing the economic investment in the state.

Tamil Industries Minister Thangam Thennarasu will be the Chairperson of the 12 member panel, and the Vice Chairman of the Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission, and the state Industries Secretary are the ex-officio members. The Managing Director and CEO of Guidance will also be an ex-officio member.

The others in the 12 member panel are Dr Bala Swaminathan, of the Bala family foundation, Ganesh Radhakrishnan, CEO, Wharfedale Technologies Inc, US, Saravanan M. Sinapan, President, DHRRA, Malaysia, Suresh Sambandam, CEO, KISSFLOW (Founder, Dream Tamil Nadu), M. Arumugam, CEO, Broadline Computer Systems Private Ltd, Tamil Nadu, Elenchezhian Loganathan, CEO, Yaal Exports, Tamil Nadu and Rm Arun, President, SICCI, Tamil Nadu.

Thennarasu said that the members would act as brand ambassadors of Tamil Nadu’s industrial ecosystem and they would be given the mandate to open sub-chapters in their respective countries of residences.

The panel will help the Tamil Nadu government to conduct an annual investment and cultural conclave and the panel members will help the Chief Minister and Industries Minister to conduct physical and virtual meetings with the diaspora in their respective countries.

The panel will connect with the Tamil diaspora and create an online platform for regular interactions.

Big investment push

In July, this year, Tamil Nadu received investment commitments to the tune of Rs 28,508 crore from 49 companies across various segments that will create 83,482 jobs in the state. In an event, organised by the industries department and ‘Guidance Tamil Nadu,’ Stalin laid the foundation stone for nine projects, entailing investments of Rs 4,250 crore that will generate 21,630 jobs.

An official release said 35 Memorandums of Understanding were signed in the presence of the chief minister, with a cumulative investment of Rs 17,141 crore, which would create 55,054 jobs.

General Electric (GE) has proposed to establish a Centre of Excellence to enhance production of aircraft and aeronautical components for industries in the aerospace and defence sector, using advanced manufacturing technologies. While there was no mention of the investment details, the release said an MoU was signed by top executives of GE and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (TIDCO) on Tuesday in the presence of the chief minister.

As per the MoU, the total investments proposed (Rs 28,508 crore) are spread across electronics, auto-components, industrial parks, information technology, manufacturing, food processing, footwear and pharmaceuticals. Guidance Tamil Nadu said it entered into an MoU with American Tamil Entrepreneurs Association to promote start-ups in innovation, research and development in Tamil Nadu. The digital accelerator programme sanctions grants to start-up projects engaged in innovation, Research and Development. The government has sanctioned Rs five crore for this programme.

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First of its kind International Women’s Mithila Summit organised

Eminent personalities and Padma Shree awardees Mrs. Dulari Devi, Mrs. Usha Kiran Khan and Mrs. Godavari Dutta have addressed the attendees, reports Asian Lite News

International Maithil Diaspora has recently organised the International Women’s Mithila Summit in hybrid format, partly virtually and partly in Frankfurt, Germany. The summit was heavily star-studded with a number of dignitaries attending and speaking at its three sessions on Economic Development & Entrepreneurship; Culture, History & Language; and Social Change & Development. The entire session was moderated by Mala Jha (India).

Honourable Minister Annapurna Devi at IWMS 2021

The event started with a symphonic clarinet performance by Samaika Jha from Buckinghamshire, UK, followed by the opening remarks by Pallavi Jha (Executive Member- German Maithil Diaspora). H.E. Consulate General of India at Frankfurt, Germany Dr Amit Telang rendered the inaugural address, followed by an impressive message by the Chief Guest Annapurna Devi Yadav, honourable Minister of State for Education, Government of India. She has highlighted that Indian cultural heritage and history would not be complete without the mention of Mithila Women like Sita Mata and Ubhaya Bharti (Adi Shankaracharya’s wife) etc..

Eminent personalities and Padma Shree awardees Mrs. Dulari Devi, Mrs. Usha Kiran Khan and Mrs. Godavari Dutta have addressed the attendees followed by insights by Dr. Ragasudha Vinjamuri, Founder- Sanskruti Centre for Cultural Excellence, UK and Vote of Thanks by Dr. Savita Jha Khan Founder- Madhubani Literature Festival, India.

Padma Shri Dulari Devi at IWMS 2021

The first session was moderated by Natasha Jha Bhaskar (General Manager of Newland Global Group, Australia). Radhika Jha IAS, Secretary – Department of Industries and School Education and Secretary – Energy & Renewable Energy, Neha Singh- Social Entrepreneur, Usha Rani – CMD- MPME India, Anupam Mishra, (Mushroom Girl), Lily Jha, Entrepreneur (Founder at Organic Sattva) have spoken during this session. Dr. Cuckoo Choudhary, (USA) spoke on Economic enhancement of Mithila with primary emphasis on health, medicine and pharmaceutical industries.

The second session was moderated by Dr. Leena Jha, Professor (IIT Mumbai). Rupam Jha (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management), Shweta Jha- Associate Executive Producer and Anchor of Aaj Tak, Nupur Nishith, Founder- Creative Mithila LLC, New Jersey, Roshni Jha, MD / Founder- Madhur Maithili, Chandana Dutt, Presidential award winner for best teacher in 2020 have spoken during this session. Dr. Shefalika Verma, Sahitya Akademi Awardee (Lit.) spoke on the significance of Maithil Literature and its global presence.

Padma Shri Godavari Dutta at IWMS 2021

The third session was moderated by Dr. Nidhi Jha, Gynaecologist and Infertility specialist. Aruna Mishra, Boxing Champion, Mamta Jha Mishra, USA: ‘Autism: Not a limitation!’, Dr Vandana Karn, President- Mithila Cultural Society, Dr. Narayani Aditi Paswan, Social activist, Women and social change and Shabana Dawood (Bhagalpur India) have spoken during this session. Prema Mishra, Founder and MD UCatapult Foundation spoke on Transforming rural India via women empowerment & digital education.

The Dialogue Session was moderated by Nandini Mishra, President- Mahila Prabodhini Foundation. Priyanka Jha, Creative Director and Founder Priyanka Jha, Akanksha, M Phil in Comparative Indian Literature, Jyoti Jha, IIT Hyderabad (Computer Science – Machine Learning Engineer and Scientist), Archana Jha, Margdarshak -Doorvakshat Mission Mithilakshar Abhiyan, Sunita Karn, Member- Karan Goshti Mahila Group, Ginni Jha, Varishth Prashikshak- Doorvakshat Mission Mithilakshar Abhiyan, Amita Jha, Working President- Mrinalika Sapno Ki Udan, Rita Singh, President- Renaissance Education Society have all spoken..

Padma Shri Usha Kiran Khan at IWMS 2021

Cultural performances included dances by Keetika Jha and Manya Jha (India) and Maithil Dance Group (Germany), Songs by Diya Jha and Jiya Jha (India), Ishaanbhi Mishra (USA). Mrs. Mamata Mandal, Founder- Global Hindi Foundation, Singapore gave the vote of thanks.
Councillor Sharad Kumar Jha (Buckinghamshire, Chalfont St Peter, UK), Dr. Rajesh Mishra (Bremen, Germany), Dr. Prakash Jha (Kansas City, USA), Chandra Prakash Jha (Hagen, Germany), Mrs. Mala Jha (Mumbai, India), Pankaj Gupta (Toronto, Canada) and Anjani Choudhary (Singapore) had played a key role in organising the event.