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Effective Ideas For Seasonal Home Decor

Winters are truly magical as it brings along the joy of sipping a hot cup of tea, the ease of snuggling in your blanket and the charm of basking in the afternoon sunlight. While it is the season of lounging around in the house wearing your comfy pyjamas and working from your bed, this season also brings along lazy mood swings.

How about you prep-up your space based on your mood? Some like it to be warm, some vibrant and some look for the best of both worlds. This year beat the winter gloominess by tweaking your home decor and relish the cold season thoughtfully with these simple yet effective ideas, shared by Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries Ltd.

Embracing vibrant nooks!

When the winters hit your mood can take a backseat due to the sombre skies outside. This is where a bright shade can instantly make your space feel upbeat and energetic. For warm and comforting nooks in your house, go for a dark green colours for walls which radiate vibrancy. While nooks are great spaces to enjoy various activities, it can also be just a pretty customised corner in your house.

Unlock your aesthetic sense by incorporating wood pattern laminates to balance the natural impact and sophistication. Lastly, to make your nook cosier and warmer, layer your cabinet with a thick cloth and mini pinecone plants.
The reading shenanigans!

The only thing better than curling up with a good book is having a perfect spot to be cosy in. This space has to feel like you and to make that happen, think about the things that make you feel happy; bring these elements into your reading area. Start with placing a soft chair and plush throw pillow which is all you would require for seating arrangements. Ditch the bookshelves for ancient trunks or an ottoman to stack your novels.

You can also re-create a coffee bar on a stool with a coffee machine and your favourite mug. Now, speaking of walls, go for distressed veneers that are easy to maintain and highly durable. You can opt for this Distressed The Plus Oak Parquet from Decowood Veneers, which has a rich dark brown shade that will infuse cosy vibes in your space. Try to keep your white lighting dim to blend the colours well. A fur rug in beige or cream colour will further accentuate the entire set-up. Place some scented candles and you are ready to unwind with books amidst a peaceful abode!
Sleep, work, binge-watch, repeat!

With everyone working from home and with the onset of the winter season, our bedrooms have become a multi-purpose area. The bedroom provides a private sanctuary where you unwind, relax and get ready for the day ahead basically live your daily moments. Opt for a timeless monochrome palette of black and white which brings peace as well as warmth. You can use black as your luxe statement shade by incorporating it in your furniture like the bed, armless chair and a floor lamp.

Keep you room spick and span by contrasting the colours with wooden floors like this Oak Cappuccino from Mikasa Floors whose natural light brown colour will give your interiors a flamboyant panache. Also, it is your chance to bring out your crisp white blankets and grey pillows which are perfect for the cold season while complementing your decor. The beauty of indoor planters lies in its ability to instantly brighten your house and add freshness and bring life to the place. Here you can place tall sea green ceramic planters to add that inviting essence to your bedroom.

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Necessity of hygiene standards

The Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) on Sunday welcomed Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)’s decision to make registration for home-cooked food sellers mandatory.

The apex Hospitality Association has stated that food operators, whether operating from home or from dark kitchens, should be regulated for cleanliness and hygiene. If a law is applicable for hotels and restaurants, then it should be applicable to any such businesses that serve food.

It has also pointed out that unregistered, unregulated Food Business Operators (FBOs) may not be maintaining hygiene standards, which is detrimental to the interest of consumers and poses health risks.

“FSSAI has responded to our plea and is taking to task any such unregulated and illegal dark kitchens. Quite a few of these are actually funded and run by the Food Service Aggregators (FSAs) to escape responsibilities attached to operating restaurants legally and of course, also taxes. This causes a huge loss to the State and the exchequer. Not to mention the questionable hygiene standards, because there is no one to monitor and they are not registered under FSSAI,” Gurbaxish Singh Kohli, Vice President, FHRAI said in a statement.

“The FSAs are actually promoting illegal business under the guise of discounts and unreasonably low prices on food. If the FSAs stop listing such illegal businesses on their apps, these businesses will automatically follow legal compliances and apply for licenses considering most of their sales are almost entirely dependent on these delivery apps,” added Kohli.

The FHRAI has also emphasized on the need for creating a level playing field for all players in the hospitality enterprise. It has said that several dark kitchens are operating without any conformation to standard hospitality or kitchen hygiene practices. With no such regulations or checks applicable to their business, they may be putting the health and lives of consumers at risk.

“Restaurants and hotels are subjected to rigors of State and Central laws for operating Food businesses, but these illegal dark kitchens operate without any license. They have no need or requirement for adhering to any norms especially, hygiene and cleanliness related which all registered restaurants and hotels follow. This is unfair, unjust and most importantly it disadvantages ethical businesses despite doing the right thing,” said Hotel and Restaurant Association (Western India) (HRAWI) Vice President Pradeep Shetty.

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Have A Safest Journey To The ‘Solo Traveler Haven ‘

Travelling alone can be the most therapeutic form of self-indulgence! By traveling alone, one can engage with their new surroundings unfiltered by the prejudices, tastes, or preferences of a traveling companion and connect with the soul of the place by hanging out with the locals

Switzerland is a solo traveler’s haven, one of the safest and easiest places to navigate, – the sheer variety of things to see and do ensures that your solo trip is a memorable one, especially if it’s your first!

Here are some of the activities we recommend you should add to your itinerary!

Not just a place to stay, but to experience:

Switzerland has a number of reasonably priced youth hostels around the country that are clean, safe, centrally located and with a choice of single room, double room and bunk beds with central kitchens and lobbies and lounges – perfect if you’re looking to meet other travellers. Other than hostels, travellers can choose to stay in single rooms available at lower rates than double rooms, in most hotels- whether budget, mid-priced or luxury.

The ultimate travel partner- The Swiss Travel Pass:

When travelling solo, a Swiss Travel Pass is a boon! Swiss Travel System makes traveling alone in Switzerland trouble-free with their efficient network of public transport- from the high-speed and famously punctual trains to buses, boats and trams. The Swiss Travel pass offers exciting discounts on most mountain excursions and gives you a free entry to almost 400 museums!

A part of the country’s heritage and history, Switzerland’s panoramic train routes are among the most beautiful rail routes in the world. To experience Switzerland’s majestic mountain scenery, idyllic valleys and villages; along crystal-clear lakes and ice-blue glaciers- a journey on The Glacier Express, or The Bernina Express is highly recommended!

Adventure Escapades:

With the stunning landscapes and action-packed activities, Switzerland will surely unravel the hidden adrenaline junkie in you! Whether you choose to jet ski over crystal blue waters, dive from the sky into lush green valleys or ski down steep terrains of the snow-capped alps, there’s an adventure to suit every person when in Switzerland. We recommend trying mountain biking or e-biking or sliding down the fastest Toboggan Run in Pilatus.

The best part? Your daring escapades aren’t limited to just one season. Whether you plan your trip in the summer, autumn or winter, Switzerland will always welcome you with towering alpine peaks, emerald green valleys and shimmering blue lakes!

Gastronomic Adventures:

In Switzerland- cheese and chocolate will be your go-to choice of food. But Switzerland’s local cuisine has the influence of 3 different cultures- German, French and Italian, so whether you are a meat lover or vegan, you will never run out of options to eat!

If you are on a budget, many restaurants offer a “meal of the day” which includes a salad/soup, a choice of 2 or 3 main courses and a dessert. Many mountain excursions offer a ‘picnic’ option where you can carry your own meal. Another must try when traveling to the country is Swiss Wine; one of the country’s best kept secrets is that almost all regions in Switzerland produce their own wines. The Viognier, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay from Lake Geneva region and Merlot Bianco from Ticino are particularly well known. However, if you consider yourself a wine connoisseur a trip to the Lavaux vineyards is a must!

When you are done trying the rich wines and scrumptious Swiss Delicacies and are craving a taste of home you can try one of the many amazing Indian restaurants in the country.

Swiss Cities- the fusion of old with the new!

Swiss cities are a true wonder! Surrounded by the spectacular scenery that dominates Switzerland’s landscape, the cities embody quality of life, urban flair and are perfect to base yourself to explore when travelling independently.

Zurich is a perfect example of Swiss cities, which are a blend of the old and new! While the old town will show you the rich history, the newer parts will cater to your young spirit with the best of Zurich nightlife with trendy bars and clubs. Any cosmopolitan swiss city such as Zurich or Geneva, will fill your calendar with festivals, fireworks, and al fresco fun, where you can meet different people and make connections for life!

And the best thing is that a 10-minute train ride can take you into countryside, so compact are even the biggest of cities in Switzerland.

Idyllic countryside landscape:

The picturesque villages of Switzerland have made for some of the most gorgeous backdrops of our Bollywood movies! Tucked in the lap of the Alps and surrounding valleys, these villages offer you a chance to unwind or pair up with other tourists and experience local life and culture!

In addition to being a paradise for hikers in summer and skiers in the winter, every village offers a multitude of attractions and mountain excursions throughout the year!

Rewarding mountain excursions:

The snow-covered peaks with panoramic viewpoints, thousands of hiking trails and many other alpine highlights make Switzerland an established destination for different mountain excursions. The journey to the mountaintops is either on board a cogwheel train, a cable car or the world’s steepest funicular, is a unique experience in itself.

When in Switzerland, you have to try the golden round trip to Lucerne’s home mountain Mt. Pilatus or experience the world’s first revolving cable car – Titlis Rotair while heading up Mt. Titlis! A fun visit to the snow park at Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe or discovering the Glacier palace at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise will also make your day eventful!

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Make Your Kitchen Smart

Kitchen is at the heart of every Indian home. And with the onset of COVID 19, most of us have taken the control of the kitchen again, perhaps more often than we would like…writes Puja Gupta.

Before the pandemic, kitchen was seen as a personal space where entertainment, functionality and aesthetic met. But now with the routine of daily cooking and need for longer term storage solutions, the kitchen feels more short on space and excitement.

Priyanka Kheruka, Brand Head, Borosil Ltd sharesa few tips to maximize your kitchen space and use smart storage solutions:


The most important thing to do is de-clutter and reorganize your kitchen. Decluttering will give you more space in the kitchen. When possible, move items that are not used daily off the countertops and into cabinets. Clear, organized countertops will transform the way your kitchen looks and feels. But avoid bumping into cabinets.

Ensure to move away the pots and pans that are not functional for some time. It’s probably time to rethink those unused dessert sets you got during your wedding which you have stashed on top of cabinets to be used ‘someday’. Only keep as many plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, and utensils as you use in your everyday life. Bring home Glass dishes that can be multifunctional- wherein you can Cook, Store, Serve and Reheat as well.

Store food so that you can see what you have

Arrange your food in a manner that you can actually see what you have. Neatly stack your pulses, grains, snacks and spices and other essential ingredients in airtight glass jars. Glass jars helps in freshness and retains the natural flavours. Glass Jars are also easy to use as they are transparent and food stored can be easily seen and accessed. It’s easy to clean and is hygienic.

Invest in smart appliances

Kitchen appliances are meant to make kitchen jobs easier. But too many appliances occupy space. Decide on appliances that are definitely needed as per your cooking needs or are multifunctional. Ensure one corner of your kitchen has all the appliances stacked neatly together which are lightweight, functional and are from a reputed brand. This will save money, time and effort.

Smart functioning

Maximise your existing kitchen space with practical solutions to make your kitchen look more spacious. For your spoons, knifes and glasses, buy free-range shelves, baskets and hanging rods to free your drawers and counters. This will also add a touch of design to your kitchen walls.

Organize and reinvent

Stack your containers vertically in kitchen cabinets to create more space. Additionally, add a cart or trolley if your pantry is full. This way, you can move it easily whenever you are cooking and can stash it away when family or friends come visiting. Add a kitchen ladder that can go up against your kitchen wall. This will not occupy space and you can decorate it with plants and use it to stack your crockery.

Sanitize the smart way

In this precedent times of Covid, safety and health of our family is the first priority. It’s of utmost importance to regularly sanitise and clean the kitchen surfaces, food material, regular grocery packets etc in the kitchen. Home makers often soak their vegetables in salt water or vinegar or spray it with disinfectants to kill the possibility of germs. Regular Chemical santisers pose health hazards. Invest in a UV Disinfection unit. Borosil’s ‘Suraksha’ UV Disinfect Unit is cost-effective specially designed for modern households. It is able to disinfect 99.9 percent germs and can sterilize fruits and vegetables, milk and other food packets, bread and grocery packets, electronics, personal use items and baby products such as toys and bottles.

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Sarah Draws Inspiration From India

Model-turned-chef Sarah Todd says she loves exploring and drawing inspiration from relatively unknown regions of India. The restaurateur reveals, “I get my greatest inspiration from eating with local families who generously invited me into their homes. It is these intimate affairs and stories that truly embody Indian food.”

In an interview with Todd who owns the restaurant Antares, in Goa, talks about her experiences in India, her journey in through the Indian food industry. Read excerpts:

Q: What attracts you to the culinary culture of India?

A: From the moment you step onto a street, whether it’s bustling Mumbai or a village out of the city, you are immersed in its colours, sounds, aromas, and energy. It is exhilarating. From homes to the street food hawkers and family restaurants, food is an integral part of India’s culture. Recipes are a family’s legacy handed down from one generation to another.

Some of my fondest memories are cooking with local families in Goa, Assam, and Rajasthan as they prepare these meals with love and technical perfection. It is awe- inspiring and I try to replicate this dedication to craft in my own recipes. India inspires me in many ways, from the warmth of the locals, the culture, the community spirit, and their propensity to enjoy themselves. If you’ve ever been to Antares, you’ll know what I mean!

This is what brings me back to India. I feel comfortable here which is why I call India my second home.

Q: Can you describe the moment you knew you wanted to quit your modelling career and venture into the culinary world?

A: I have always been creative and even while modelling I worked in other fields which kept me busy. In hindsight, I suppose I was always searching for a career that satisfied that creativity. It wasn’t until I had my son Phoenix, that I developed a passion for cooking.

Healthy food was always a focus, but I soon realised that, if I was going to get him to eat it, it also had to be tasty.

It was while I was modelling in London that I decided to enrol in the Diploma de Cuisine program at Le Cordon Bleu. I’d given myself a year to make it in the culinary world. I figured I was still young enough to go back to modelling if it didn’t work. I topped my class and after applying to MasterChef, I was accepted into the top 50.

Q: How do you manage to curate exotic Indian cuisine keeping in mind the sensitivities of the diverse population here?

A: I have travelled to many parts of India and its diversity never ceases to amaze me. Cuisine changes, not only from state to state, but village by village. I love exploring and drawing inspiration from relatively unknown regions of India. I get my greatest inspiration from eating with local families who generously invite me into their homes. It is these intimate affairs and stories that truly embody Indian food. I am also a street food junkie and India’s street food is second to none.

Q: How do you think we can uplift the food producers in India as well as Australia?

A: The provenance of food in Australia is becoming a trend. Many of us want to know where the food comes from, how it is produced, and delivered to us. Schools are now cultivating their own veggie gardens. Students understand how much hard work is needed to get the food onto the plate.

Australia is one of the most food secure nations in the world and exports 70 percent of our agricultural production. However, I think we take our farmers for granted and much needs to be done to support them.

Most restaurants now include the provenance of ingredients on the menu which creates a connection to the products and the producers. Buying local and seasonal produce is also a great way to support farmers. I follow this philosophy for my menus in India.

Q: Your experience at the Australian Open Chef Series ‘The Perfect Serve’?

A: ‘The Perfect Serve’ is a five-part documentary series that follows me, Analiese Gregory and Bo Songvsava as we undertake the daunting task of serving a five-course menu at the Australian Open. Viewers get an insight into the behind-the-scenes preparations and follow the journey across different countries, cultures, and cuisines.

It was an honour to be invited to be part of the first all-female AO Chefs Series which is one of Australia’s most prestigious culinary events. Australians know me from my time on MasterChef and the My Restaurant in India documentaries. However, my cooking style has changed dramatically since MasterChef. Because of my time in India, I developed a unique Indian Australian cooking style, and this would be the first time Australians would have the opportunity to try it. To be honest, I was a little nervous. I began to relax though when the plates came back to the kitchen empty. The response was amazing. Diners were treated to the best Australian produce with flavours of India that some had never heard of before.

Q: Being a single mother, what would you like to tell the ‘mompreneurs’ out there?

A: Women possess unbelievable inner strength, but it is inevitable that we have a sense of guilt when work takes us away from loved ones, particularly our children. Overcoming this guilt has been my biggest challenge, especially in the early days. It is important to master the art of work/life balance. I am still working on this but when I am with my son, he has all my attention. Now that he is a little older, he understands I must be away sometimes, and technology allows us to talk face-to-face.

As Mompreneurs our blood, sweat, tears, heart, and soul go into making our business a success, but we must also take time out for ourselves. If we are happy and healthy, that will have a positive effect on our personal and business relationships.

Q: Which food has taken you the longest preparation time till date? Was it worth the effort?

A: My dessert for the Australian Open Chefs Series in 2020 took three days to prepare. In keeping with the Indian theme, I created a dessert with serious character, inspired by the refreshing sol kadhi. It consisted of a layered dome paired with lychee and rose gelato. To add drama and personality I served it with a shattered rose.

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Skincare tips and tricks for winter season

Skincare tips

Yay, it’s sweater weather, but is your skin prepared for it? As the humidity drops, the air gets dry and so does your skin. In winters the moisture is drawn from your skin and so it requires additional care. To treat winter skin and to provide rejuvenation during the season, one should opt for natural products, as they offer a variety of effective solutions to protect the skin and keep it moist, soft and smooth.

Ritika Jayaswal, CEO & Founder, Nourish Mantra an Ayurveda-inspired natural skincare brand brings you some tips and tricks to prep up your skin for the coming season.

Choose a cleanser wisely

Winters make your skin quite dry. Opt for a natural mild cleanser which is gentle on your skin. Harsh cleansers might strip off natural oils from your face and the added fragrances and alcohol might irritate your skin, which ultimately makes your skin all the more dry and flaky.

Exfoliation is important

People generally think that winters are not for exfoliation but it’s a big myth. Even if you have a dry skin exfoliation is very important because it takes off dry dead skin cells and helps to regenerate new ones.

Use a Body Lotion right after the shower

Since its winters always go for a creamy based body lotion and moisturiser to lock in the moisture of the skin. The trick is to apply the lotion right after the shower since your body is still moist and the lotion will get absorbed easily and will stay on for long keeping your skin soft and plump.

Product Recommendation: Soft Nirvana Body Lotion

Description: A signature softness of fragrances that transcend you to paradise on earth, this gorgeous skin lotion delivers essential hydration and evokes a luminous freshness layered with notes of mossy midnight rain. Therapeutic botanicals of Tamarind, Gotu Kola & Indian Ginseng nourish, hydrate and buff the skin.

Price: INR 975 for 100ml for all skin types available at:

Facial Oil is the key

Facial oils are really important in winters since they can give your skin an additional dose of nourishment that is required. It helps in removing dryness from the skin and help the skin cells rejuvenate. Facial oils also help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and give that glow to your face.

Product Recommendation: Vedic Elixir 8 in 1 Rejuvenating Facial Oil

Description: Pure drops of moisture-rich essence of Hemp Seed, powered by 8 luxurious oils, packed with antioxidants and vitamins to protect skin from pollutants, and visible signs of ageing. This nutritive healing elixir richly nourishes, hydrates and delivers exceptional radiance to the skin.

Price: INR 3550 for 20ml for all skin types available at:

Don’t forget your hands and feet

Always use a gentle or mild handwash to wash your hands and a nourishing cream-based lotion for the hands since they are the most exposed and hardworking part of our body. We tend to ignore them sometimes and the skin becomes itchy and flaky.

Product Recommendation: Vetiver and Lavender Upayas Hand Wash and Hand Lotion

Description: This hand wash, blended with Vetiver Root Oil and Citric Acid, thoroughly cleanses the hands of illness- causing germs while leaving behind a Soothing herbal fragrance of Vetiver Essential Oil. The creamy lotion, blended with Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, and Shea Butter, provides deep moisturization to hands that have become dry or irritated from constant cleaning and sanitization.

Price: INR 999 for the combo kit available at:

Nourish Mantra which was launched in the USA in late 2019 is now available in India. The brand’s mantra is conscious living, with a connection of the body, mind and soul. In addition to taking a traditional approach and backing it up with modern science, their products are made from effective and safe ingredients and recipes that are 100 percent vegan, paraben-free and SLS free.

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How To Get Ready For Virtual Meetings?

As occasions we once anticipated to celebrate, now stand cancelled due to restrictions on social gatherings; new ways have come up to celebrate. Parties and celebrations have been organised on apps such as Zoom, Facetime and House-party. Social distancing has surely taught us is that we can still continue to celebrate special moments such as birthday parties and even wedding days in form of Virtual Bashes…writes Puja Gupta.

T-shirts paired with Sweat-pants and floral dresses for virtual celebrations

You could definitely use this opportunity of staying at home and debut an outfit which you otherwise wouldn’t have worn if you weren’t at home. You could enjoy your happy hour sessions with friends and family in your favourite pair of bright coloured or slogan t-shirts and sweatpants.

You could also celebrate virtual weddings while dressing up in chic modal matt satin dress well accessorized. “For baby shower celebrations, you can have fun in floral dresses made of fabrics like modal and viscose which will help you be comfortable while getting ready to play the much anticipated baby shower games,” recommends Nelson Jaffery, Head of Design, Liva.

It’s also important to have groomed hair and a classic make up for those virtual celebrations. Why? Because face is the focus when you’re on video call! Priya Sureka, Creative Makeup Expert, Enrich salon recommends: “Apply a tinted sunscreen to give you little coverage to even out your skin tone. Apply any cream blush or lipstick you have on hand on your cheeks and blend in with fingertips and take a bit on the eyelids and dab on the lips for a pretty soft monochromatic glow.

You can also use a tinted lip balm to plump the lips giving a natural finish. Accentuate your eyes by curling your lashes, you can just use castor oil to your lashes it will brighten up your face. Or just finish with a bit of mascara and voila you’re ready to be seen and heard on that conference call.”

Dress code for virtual meetings

Many offices around the country have changed the work dynamics and have gone for a more relaxed look knowing and understanding the fact that employees are not just working from home but are also working while baby-sitting, teaching and cooking while at home. Online and virtual meetings call for a more casual work environment. Or while you are still working from home, you could enjoy happy hours as well with your colleagues. “From the couch with your laptop to the kitchen, slip into that knit viscose long dress in darker colours and log in for your virtual meetings, slip over a soft modal or viscose knit shrug. A jacket may not always be necessary but it goes a long way in keeping things looks neat and professional,” adds Jaffery.

“Lighting is everything when it comes to looking good on camera. If you have a place where natural light enters your house, place your laptop or phone in front of it during virtual meetings and your face will instantly appear brighter,” says Sureka.

Dr. Maureen Lobo, Dean Academics, ITM DM says: “Virtual meetings have become a way of life today as Covid 19 still looms large on the horizon and most of the population is afraid of venturing out for work or for play! Most business houses, educational institutions and even the perennial party animal are conducting virtual meetings to ensure productivity, connectivity and sometimes just to see long lost friends and relatives.”

He further adds: “While early on in the Lockdown period, many would show up for such meetings in a pretty upper/ smart shirt and PJs or shorts. This brought with it many howlers as the incomplete or inappropriate apparel became a talking point. However proper etiquette demands that one dresses as one would if he or she was present physically at a meeting or party.”

That being said, the attention is still on the accessories like a neck piece or earrings that are visible or an eye-catching bindi and well-draped saree or western and Indian attire which is in colours that are flattering on-screen. Bold colours are the need of the day if one wants to stand out. Makeup should not be overdone as the subtle makeup is best for a virtual meet. Many are donning a jacket over a self-coloured t-shirt to give a corporate look. One should aspire to allude confidence.

Behavioural experts opine that if one is dressed in “home clothes” the attitude remains a casual one. One should therefore take the trouble to make an effort to dress up to suit the occasion. This also shows respect for the other people on the virtual meeting or party. Business casuals and well-pressed clothes are the norms One should avoid any distractions like overpowering accessories and busy prints. The focus should be the face and comfortable expressions rather than the clothing!”

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Does poor sleep affect your heart health?

(Photo Courtesy: Pixabay)

The pandemic brought with it a new normal that came with its own consequences. The social distancing, erratic work hours, and the stress of living in times of an outbreak have raised anxieties for many. As we find ourselves busy fighting COVID-19, many other significant health issues seem to have taken a backseat…writes DR. MANJINDER SANDHU.

People are not only losing their sleep to overstretched working hours, and the uncertainty caused by coronavirus but are also finding it difficult to sleep properly. Experts warn this could take a toll on, not just your lifestyle but also heart health. Emotional and mental stress can lead to erratic sleep patterns, which, experts believe, may lead to heart-related health issues, eventually leading to something as critical as stroke.

It is important to understand that sleep management is not just restricted to a good night’s sleep or getting enough of it. The quality of your sleep is the most important. If you are snoring a lot, experiencing shortness of breath while sleeping or not able to sleep properly over a period, you must speak to a doctor. For instance, in some cases, people may experience a disturbance in the breathing pattern while sleeping. This could be a condition called sleep apnea, which can have a lasting impact on your cardiovascular system in the future.

Heart functions. (Photo: Pixabay)

The question really is – does poor sleep affect your heart health? If you look at a condition like sleep apnea, the answer is, ‘yes’. According to studies, “nearly one billion adults aged 30-69 years worldwide were estimated to have obstructive sleep apnea, with and without symptoms.” What makes this kind of sleep disorder more alarming is the fact that it could put a person more at risk of atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat which can then lead to a heart disease, eventually leading to a stroke.

When the upper chambers of your heartbeat too fast, it can give rise to a condition called AF. Atrial fibrillation can reduce the pumping efficiency of the heart by 30 percent. The chaotic rhythm causes the blood to form clots in the left atrial appendage, and if this clot travels to your brain, it can cause a stroke. Studies reveal that close to one third of people with atrial fibrillation will have a stroke. Therefore, sleep patterns are very important when it comes to heart health.

When the breathing is interrupted, the brain compels the person to wake up so that they can resume the breathing pattern to normal. During sleep apnea your airway gets blocked, and this can happen repeatedly while sleeping to the extent that you may even stop breathing for very short spans of time. It is important to note that while sleeping a person might not notice symptoms such as breathlessness, loud snoring, fatigue and night sweats, however, one can easily observe these symptoms during the day- tiredness, not feeling fresh right after waking up, weariness, poor memory and headaches.

While there are several medications and blood thinners are available to protect you from stroke, technology has made things simpler for patients living with AF.

Pacemakers are designed to monitor your abnormal heart rhythm by delivering an electrical impulse to help control your heart rhythm. It can effectively treat symptoms like light headedness and fatigue. Not only does a pacemaker monitor your heartbeat, it also keeps a check if your heart is beating too slowly. Pacemakers even store information. Atrial fibrillation burden and helping doctors to evaluate therapy efficacy. Pacemakers are now MRI safe such that if anyone needs to undergo MRI they can do so, despite having a metallic implant.

There are studies to prove that a good sleeping pattern can effectively reduce the chances of stroke. Hence, it is more imperative than ever before, to watch out for those irregular sleep patterns that are not just important from a lifestyle perspective, but also critical to your heart health.

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Hiring Trends In IT Industry

Each change is a step towards transformation. Ever since the pandemic interrupted our lives, the shift to remote working has not just altered the place where we work from but also its criteria for execution and manner of implementation…writes Puja Gupta.

The radical change is also driven by the transition in the client’s expectations as per modified customer expectations. Abhishek Agarwal, Senior Vice President, Judge India explains the new hiring trends in IT industry…writes Puja Gupta.

Driven to learn and perform

Redefined job profiles are demanding professionals with multi-disciplinary skills who believe in outcome with the scale of growth and automation in organisations. It is a golden time for leaders to push their boundaries, and for newbies to acquire more than usual responsibility. As we move forward in a culture where applications are developed for even the smallest need of the tech-savvy users, the industry is open to innovators who have a keen eye for untapped delivery areas and can utilise limited resources available judiciously.

Eligibility criteria to be revised by HR professionals

This shift in the outlook of industries makes the role of hiring panel more crucial as they would have to widen their horizon between traditional and newly created class of professionals. A balance has to be derived at, for ensuring stability and long-term growth of the organisation. The IT sector has been one of the largest employers globally and, with data becoming the new capital to invest in, Data analysts, consultants, app developers and software managers are going to be playing an inevitable role right from the inception of any business. Owing to this emerging need in the market, IT has been one of the few sectors to bounce back with hiring activities, reaching 60 percent of its pre-COVID levels.

The influx of investments coming in for automation and BFSI sector are bringing acceleration to IT job profiles in India. With impressive track records and large enterprise accounts, the Indian IT firms are outstanding their performance with each project they undertake from their global peers. With the upscale in IT sector, non-IT sectors are also likely to get triggered positively once a strategic plan is into action.

Shift of jobs from urban to smaller towns

Reshaping of industry standards is also likely to lead decentralisation of jobs from urban clusters to smaller towns. The changes introduced by hiring professionals will not be limited to the preliminary phase but throughout the course of operations. Seminars, workshops, research and development, would be of the nature which are flexible and accessible by all with scope to accelerate diversified capabilities in all the participants.

hiring trends

IT professionals could be the new skill developers

Apart from this, tools needed for addressing the digital gap in countries like India, it opens a segment for IT professionals who are open to the idea of training and leading by example. These unprecedented times have proven to be the right reinforcement for developing clusters of individuals, who are not just good at performing cross-industry and within their areas of expertise but can go way and beyond. The role of these multi-taskers would revolve around mentoring a circle of ambitious aspirants that are readily available as alternates and multi-level partners to alleviate the organisation’s products and services further. The IT sector in these reforming times when channelised rightly can become the backbone of our developing nation.

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Natural Care For Hair

Why bother with the tiresome and expensive hunt for exotic oils, when there’s a super oil, literally growing in our own backyard. Its abundantly available, its benefits are versatile, its superior among its peers’ its coconut oil. The old charm of this oil has sustained its influence for centuries and remains a staple in most homes. Here’s why…writes Puja Gupta.

Repairs Damage:

The woes of pollution, styling, and a busy lifestyles are bound to take a toll on your mane. Luckily, the solution is well at hand. Hair damage can be a thing of the past with coconut oil to the rescue. Use it as a shield or a pacifier, the choice is yours. For the former, a small coin-size amount, spread across your hair, works to form a layer that protects from the heat of styling gadgets and the sun. As a repair mechanism, this same oil goes deeper than any other oil into the hair and scalp to repair and truly exhibit the concept of ‘beauty from within’.

Secret Behind Voluminous Hair:

An immediate consequence of protected and well-nourished hair, is increased growth and more volume. The nutrients from this powerful nut oil work like magic to strengthen the roots, accentuate the growth, and improve the health of the scalp. The end result is a head full of lustrous and bouncy locks. Bid adieu to bad hair days.

The Magic of Preventing Greying:

Environmental factors, stress, hormonal changes, the list goes on toward the many dangers of greying. Luckily, help is around the corner. Worry no more. Grab your bottle of coconut oil and massage away to improve circulation around the scalp and simultaneously offer intensive nourishment from the outside. The combined effect is a sure shot formula toward grey hair prevention. As the dual effect takes hold, another positive side effect is hair lustre like never before.

Coconut oil your one stop shop to hair care and does the job far better than its counterparts. Apply like a serum, massage for intensive care, leave on overnight for a good old-fashioned soak — the choice is yours and the benefits endless.

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