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Basic things to carry while travelling with baby

A lightweight night lamp that is battery free and runs on a simple USB could prove to be beneficial while traveling for the very said purpose…writes DR. VANSHIKA GUPTA ADUKIA

It might be difficult to decide what to bring on a trip with a baby and what to leave behind. Most of the time, you probably need exactly what you may have left at home.

However, it is impossible to bring everything on your list with you. The baby bag checklist is being scrutinised for all these reasons, including weight restrictions, the sheer difficulties of lugging around so much luggage with a baby, and the feeling that you’ve packed your entire house for a two-day trip. Here are ten things that are must carry when travelling with a baby:


‘Wear your baby!’, an infant carrier comes as a blessing in disguise making you hands free and keeping your little one securely strapped onto you as well. Not only is this a convenience during the travel journey, it also serves as a must have in your bag while vacationing during sightseeing and shopping.

For children that have outgrown the carrier, carrying a stroller may seem bulky but is convenient and less cumbersome than carrying the child in arms. If not both, than either is a must have with you.

Connecting children with nature in small ways.(photo:IANSLIFE)

Noise free/Quiet toys

Any mode of travel, air, road or sea in most cases comes with fellow passengers around. For the sake of their privacy along with the avid engagement purpose of your child, it is a good idea to invest in some noise free toys.

Pop it figures, squigz, suction cup rotators, plush toys, stacking cups, shape sorters, wooden puzzles, finger puppets, board books: the options are several.

White noise machine

Travel often plays truant with a baby’s sleep routine. Add to that an unfamiliar surroundings. One can never be sure of the noise levels on an airplane or hotel room overlooking a busy street. A portable white noise machine can prove to be god sent in such times. (Use a white noise app on your phone if you do not have a machine)

Nursing Cover

If you are breastfeeding mum, this one is your bestfriend while travelling. A hungry baby can never be soothed without a quick session at the breast. While travelling this could mean having to feed anywhere. A nursing cover can make you feel comfortable about having to feed in public or may just be the need of your surroundings when you need to get down to feeding your baby.

Silicone Mat/Snack Cup

For infants that are on finger foods or toddlers too during regular meal times, a silicone mat or silicone snack cup could make it easier to have them snack on the go at their convenience while you tour through your said sightseeing attraction for the day or indulge in a meal at one of the local eateries at your travel destination.

Lightweight Baby Cover Up

This single item could serve multiple purposes, it could work as a blanket for your baby when they could be cold, it could act as a nursing cover, a swaddle, a shield against the scorching sun or a spread on the floor in case of the need to perform a quick diaper change.

Baby Thermometer

Variations in temperature, change in environment, a general sleep routine that has gone for a toss or the widespread food + water exposure: reasons for their little immunity fluctuating and a baby coming down with a fever while travelling is common situations parents face. Having a baby thermometer handy can just make you feel less stressed in such times as you can ascertain the baby’s body temperature easily.

6 Benefits of playing with Play-Doh(IANSLIFE)

Small night lamp

Your baby may be used to night light or the twinkling street lights that make their way through your window curtains. Pitch darkness may not of comfort to them, but while travelling the hotel room may have neither of these that your baby is used to. A lightweight night lamp that is battery free and runs on a simple USB could prove to be beneficial while traveling for the very said purpose.

Clip on teether/pacifier

A teething baby is often a difficult one to manage. A teether that can be clipped onto the baby’s clothing makes it easier for you to have it accessible for whenever they need to be distracted, seem fussy or are simply in need of some pacifying.

Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes

Call it being fussy but these on-the-go anti-bacterial wipes can be handy to wipe down surroundings of your baby in a long journey on a public transport, in a park while your little one has just played on a mucky patch, while dinning at a local restaurant if you feel the need to be cautious about the hygiene levels of the table or the cutlery or in times when there is no accessibility to simple water and soap for hand washing.

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Here comes yet another edition of a daring voyage

Potential moto artists can exhibit their work or work with other artists to co-design IBW merchandise. The incredible superbike collection by JS Films will be on display this year, and the Collectors’ Corner has organised a Fan Meet for IBW 2022…reports Asian Lite News

Five different race tracks, Wheelie Training, Biker’s Mart (Indoor & Outdoor Expo), Big Trip sessions, Ladakh Tent, the Club Village, Jameson’s Howling Dog Bar, and more-this year’s India Bike Week 2022, organised by PETRONAS Sprinta, is all set to provide experiences that are out of this world.

The “Ride to IBW” is just the beginning of a daring voyage that begins with a ride to Goa and culminates with a flurry of activities that are not for the timid and entice the free spirit of brave riders.

Races & Rides:

IBW 2022 will have five tracks and races for all motorcycle fans; whether you’re a Big ADV rider or a Moto Cross aficionado, there is a track for you. The Mud Rush, a wild dash across loose sand with some unexpected twists and turns, and our Hill Climb, where the fastest person up a hill wins the race, are both co-hosted by our tyre partner CEAT. The motorcyclists use their talent at balancing man and machine around an oval dirt track as they ride, slide, and race at the IBW Flat Track. While the Dirt Dash is the location to test one’s skill with mud and slush, the Adventure Flow Track is an obstacle course made for ADV bikes.

Trophies, diplomas, cash awards, and interesting automotive accessories will be given to all winners. There are several different track sessions available to join up for for those who wish to pick the brains of the true dirt masters. The BAR Academy’s Vishakh will lead 1-hour Enduro sessions to help participants master the challenging hill trail. For fans of Moto Cross and dirt, Nelly from ProDirt Adventure, Motofarm, and FMAE Motopark will provide coaching on three more tracks: Adventure Track, Flow Track, and Dirt Dash. These tracks are intended to allow anyone who are interested in dirt biking to discover their own personal and mechanical boundaries. On, registration for the events.

The ongoing IBW Chai Pakoda Rides presented by PETRONAS Sprintis a venue for bikers around the nation to ride, interact, and celebrate. It takes place on Sundays in 30 cities throughout India with the goal of connecting like-minded individuals over a quick breakfast ride and, ideally, creating new friendships within the motorcycle fraternity. The RIDE TO IBW support system, developed in conjunction with KoGo, will be live on November 20. The IBW team is hoping that the community will take advantage of it and get on their bikes for the annual Great Migration to Goa. Major motorcycle manufacturers like KTM, BMW Motorrad, Harley-Davidson, and others have also declared their involvement.

Ladakh Tent

The Moto League 2022 are the individuals and organisations responsible for creating the motorcycle subculture over the past 20 years and for maintaining the history of the Indian moto scene. These industry veterans will conduct discussions with adventure bike trip planners, the founding motorcycling clubs, and biker cafes. The Rodcast Tent, Beer Garden, Jameson Black Barrel Bar, a wine collection, singer-songwriters, and community open mic nights will all be present in the cosy Ladakh Tent.

For the first time, Shirshendu Banerjee (Shandy), host of The Biker Radio Rodcast, India’s first internationally recognised podcast on motorcycles, will record live at IBW 2022. At the Rodcast Tent, Shandy will do interviews with legendary riders, travellers, and builders. The motorcycle community will have the chance to watch Shandy in person as he produces his well-known podcasts.

IBW People:

The festival is encouraging the locals to get involved and share their own, distinctive stories at IBW. The Motography Show by motorcyclists at Jameson Connect at Howling Dog Bar will be followed by the Mod Bike Show, a venue for showcasing and discussing custom-built vehicles. At several sessions, notable individuals including Murtaza Junaid, Yogi Chabaria, Marco Rosetto, the founder of Mini GP India, Shardul Sharma, the first Indian to compete in the Red Bull Romaniacs, and others will join together to share their passion for riding and stories.

Potential moto artists can exhibit their work or work with other artists to co-design IBW merchandise. The incredible superbike collection by JS Films will be on display this year, and the Collectors’ Corner has organised a Fan Meet for IBW 2022. We will continue to work closely with biker cafes like Throttle Shrottle, Trip Machine, and Super Chai in the IBW 2022.

Music Bonanza:

India Bike Week is a celebration of everyone who shares a passion for music, food, travel, and adventure. Music enthusiasts won’t be let down by this year’s concerts. Lagori and Teri Miko are the headliners, with Easy Wanderlings and DJ Mojo Jo Jo performing on the Main Stage, DJ Unnayaana and Uday Benegal performing in the Ladakh Tent, and DJ Ayesha Pramanik performing in the Jameson Howling Dog Bar. Red Bull’s freestyle artists, including rappers, MCs, BMX stunt riders, and break dancers, will perform at IBW 2022.

Food Festival: The Big Forkers Meat Fest by Jameson

Everyone will find something to like at IBW 2022. The Big Forkers Meat Fest, a portion devoted to the art of curing, grilling, smoking, and barbecuing meats in India, is this year’s particular attraction because barbecues hold an unique place in the hearts of bikers. The top pit masters in the country, including Chef Aal (Nagaland), Chef Arjun Sikdar (Goa), Chef Geoff (Canada), Chef Oneal (Kochi), and Chef Chris, will be serving everything from entire hog roasts to spitroasts, fire & meat displays, churrascarias, tawa, and tandoor (GOA). Ten additional neighbourhood Goan caterers and food trucks will be present on the Eat Street, and their menus will include standard IBW fare.

IBW Ride-outs:

With its Ride to IBW digital support system, Kayakin’ Rides with Sahasea, Secret Trails ride with the Goa Motorcycling Club to explore the hidden treasures of Goa, and Flavours of Goa ride with Chef Marlon, IBW helps the community. It also hosts brunches and after-parties. Each of these will feature thrilling activities that will immerse participants in the wild experience that IBW is known for while providing an opportunity to rekindle links with the community that has a similar DNA.


IBW 2022 is poised to host the greatest yearly gathering of motorcycling fans, regardless of the wheels they ride, as a celebration of motorcycle culture enhanced by the principles of freedom and independence. The cost of a single day’s admission to the festival is INR 1,900. Weekend Value Pack tickets, which come with an IBW Festival Kit that includes a festival T-shirt, an IBW Sipper, 2022 edition decals, and 500 KOGO Coins, are available for INR 2,800 only through November 20. Lounge Passes cost INR 5,000 per day. For clubs with more than 25 members, club packages cost INR 2,600 per person.

To register for any of the activities and book tickets visit:

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Vegan supplements for healthy lifestyle

Those of you who are against the use of meat from animals will find such supplements unethical. hence having these natural plant-based supplements will make you feel more ethical

In today’s world, there are numerous brands promising vitamins to help your well-being. Unfortunately, many of us must fulfill the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of vitamins and minerals solely through our diet. This could be because of an unbalanced diet, polluted food, more processed food, our lifestyles, or our systems’ inability to absorb optimal nutrients.

Whatever the cause, including supplements in our diet plans, is a practical method to ensure we consume optimal levels of nutrients every day. Vegan or plant-based supplements were once underappreciated. The times, however, have changed. People have become more aware of what they eat and understand the advantages of plant-based and vegan supplements over manufactured ones.

Let’s explore some significant advantages of plant-based supplements in detail shared by Seeemaa Budhraja, Dietician at Chicinutrix:

Better assimilation: As plant-based supplements come with naturally derived ingredients, they have better chances of getting absorbed in their natural form than synthetic ones. Also, they are more easily assimilated into the body. Hence Plant-based supplements are better absorbed by our bodies than synthetic ones.

A blessing for vegans: Vegetarians can’t consume non-vegetarian or synthetic supplements that might contain traces of animal meats, hence making these plant-based supplements a boon for vegans.

No side effects/ allergic reactions: Plant-based supplements are derived from natural sources and are free from preservatives, GMOs, artificial sugars, synthetic chemicals, etc., making them safe for consumption and hence less likely to cause allergies and side effects.

Boosts your immune system: Plant-based supplements support your immune system. Plants have essential nutrients that you cannot get from other foods. The vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants in plants help keep your cells healthy and your body balanced so your immune system can function at its best.

Feels morally right: Those of you who are against the use of meat from animals will find such supplements unethical. hence having these natural plant-based supplements will make you feel more ethical

Naturally sourced: Plant-based supplements are natural supplements that are made with vitamins and minerals extracted from fruits and vegetables

Safer than synthetic: Supplements are available in capsule liquids, powder form, or fortified food. Based on the source, supplements can be synthetic or natural. Synthetic supplements may have chemical ingredients and a high range of preservatives to give them a decent shell life. Hence natural or plant-based supplements are a healthier choice.

Plant-based supplements offer more health benefits to your body, but like anything else, excess of anything is wrong. Too many supplements, in some cases, can cause chances of toxicity. Hence, it’s wise to consume the supplements in moderation.

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Skincare tips for men

After you’ve cleaned your face, consider a resurfacing face exfoliator. This step is great for removing dead skin layers and digging out the smaller molecules of grime debris…reports Asian Lite News

We are all aware of the damage that extreme pollution may do to our respiratory and cardiac health. But let’s not forget that prolonged exposure to pollutants, which enter the superficial and deeper skin layers via transcutaneous and systemic routes, makes our skin one of the principal targets. There are several simple calculators on the internet that may be used to optimise skincare regimens for women and treatments against pollution-related health problems. Thoughts for males now? Not that many, actually. Here is a guide for males who have had a day filled with pollution in the city.


Deep cleansing

The three most common effects of exposure to pollution are accelerated skin aging, pigmentation, and acne formation. The thumb rule to prevent all this begins with deep cleaning, followed by the incorporation of antioxidants or a good regenerative compound. For deep cleansing, choose a facewash that has compounds like activated charcoal in the ingredient list.

Actives such as charcoal helps pull out dirt from deep in the skin, making them harder working and faster acting. And if you have a product like the Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Facewash, you have the power of activated bamboo charcoal, which has stronger cleansing capabilities. The product is enhanced with vitamins and antioxidants extracted from papayas, and pomegranate extracts that hydrate while combating aging. Translation – you don’t have to spend too long anti-polluting your face!


After you’ve cleaned your face, consider a resurfacing face exfoliator. This step is great for removing dead skin layers and digging out the smaller molecules of grime debris. Another advantage of exfoliating is that it softens the hair follicles, preparing your skin for a closer and more comfortable shave in the morning.

“With a scaling pollution rate, environmental stressors can cause oxidative stress, skin ageing, pigmentation, and breakouts. To tackle this, a proper skincare routine (cleansing, toning, moisturising) is a must for both men and women.Grooming for men is equally important as they have more active sebaceous glands and open pores.Ingredients containing antioxidants like activated bamboo charcoal, green tea, coffee, acai berry, natural fruit extracts top the list to reverse the oxidative damage, promoting exfoliation and revealing a refreshed and healthy complexion,” says Harleen Chatrath, Dermatologist.


No, drinking tons of water before going to bed isn’t going to do the trick. You need to help your skin regenerate itself and prepare it to fight the free radicals it will be exposed to the following morning. Either choose a face mask that is rehydrating and regenerating at the same time or take a small capsule of an over-the-counter vitamin E, squish it and apply it all over your face. You’ll notice a visible difference in just a few days of consistency with this step.

Did you know men’s skin is more affected by pollution as compared to women’s? This is because men tend to wear less makeup! The makeup acts as a barrier, preventing free radical particles from permeating into the skin. Even if you choose to opt for adding more makeup to your routine, we recommend taking the nightly ritual seriously as well.

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Your kids will love this!

Each bite is jam-packed with beta-glucan to lower cholesterol and contains no fillers thanks to ingredients like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, chocolate, Himalayan pink salt, and raw sugar. Nothing becomes more delicious and full…reports Asian Lite News

This chocolate cake mix is produced with a combination of supergrains and actual chocolate, making it different from other chocolate cakes. It is entirely vegetarian and doesn’t contain any maida, refined sugar, emulsifiers, stabilisers, preservatives, or artificial flavours or colours. Jowar, which is high in protein, oats, which are high in fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, are all present in it, but above all the other nutrients, Amaranth, which is a fantastic source of vitamin C, is also there. Serving your children cake is a great way to encourage them to consume healthy food!

Happy Tummys Almond Date Snack Bars :

Want a chocolate treat that stands out from the crowd? The ideal method to encourage your kids to eat healthily even during snack time is with these Happy Tummies almond date snack bars! Almond, date, oat, rice bran oil, and other real food ingredients can be found in these snack bars. It combines nutrition and taste.

Yoga Bar’s Dark chocolate oats :

A deliciously nutritious combination of nuts, seeds, and quality golden rolled oats, with the goodness of chocolate added wholesome, filling, and chocolaty. Each bite is jam-packed with beta-glucan to lower cholesterol and contains no fillers thanks to ingredients like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, chocolate, Himalayan pink salt, and raw sugar. Nothing becomes more delicious and full.

4 healthy yet exciting food options for your kids.(photo:IANSLIFE)

Little Millet Noodles :

Noodles, what are you thinking? What about kid-friendly food that’s healthy? The millet noodles sold by Slurpp Farm are high in phosphorus. Additionally, rather than being fried, they are sun-dried! They don’t contain maida, refined sugar, preservatives, stabilisers, emulsifiers, artificial colours, or flavours; they are created entirely of natural spices. Additionally, it is entirely vegetarian, so if that isn’t enough to get you to buy it, guess what? They are prepared in five minutes! Never before has feeding kids healthy foods been so easy.

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Mira bags another endorsement with leading hair care brand

I feel excited and honoured to be the first-ever Hair Muse representing Schwarzkopf Professional in India..says Mira Kapoor

In yet another feather in her cap, influencer Mira Rajput Kapoor bags yet another endorsement with leading global hair expert brand Schwarzkopf Professional.

Mira is the brand’s first-ever Hair Muse in India and was chosen over Bollywood actors for her grace and elegance, embodying the brand’s values of being innovative, empowering, and ever-evolving. Mira will represent and advocate a key brand milestone as they launch a powerful campaign that brings forth Schwarzkopf Professional’s global legacy of transforming, reinventing, and elevating hair.

“I feel excited and honoured to be the first-ever Hair Muse representing Schwarzkopf Professional in India! My confidence and belief in the brand, as a customer has only grown over the years. And it now feels surreal to be representing the brand on a national level. Schwarzkopf Professional has always been an innovative, limitless brand that brings to us best-in-class hair care products. And with this association, we together, are set to be Limitless!” shares Mira Rajput

Elaborating further on this association, Kartik Kaushik, Country Head – Henkel Consumer Brands, India, and South Asia Export Markets says, “The growth trajectory of Schwarzkopf Professional India has been phenomenal. The brand entered the Indian market in 2001, and yet, to date, we have stayed true to our brand DNA of consistently bringing in superlative products, benchmark-setting innovations, and a complete focus on customer-centricity, while, at the same time, challenging norms and embracing change.

“Collaborating with like-minded platforms and people has been an important aspect of our journey. Today, we are delighted to embark upon a new chapter in our brand journey with a stellar collaboration with Mira Rajput Kapoor as Schwarzkopf Professional’s Hair Muse. This association will help us continue adding more consumers to the brand and demonstrate our supremacy in the Professional Hair Market in India.”

“Our latest campaign asserts our legacy and prowess with respect to the art of hairdressing in a trendsetting digital-first articulation. We intend to bring the brand story alive through sensorial stimulation, leveraging sound as a medium, to stay connected with our audiences in a relevant & meaningful manner. Mira is a key voice in beauty and fashion among urban audiences and netizens; she perfectly resonates with Schwarzkopf Professional’s values of Authenticity, Confidence, and Empowerment. We are elated about this association and hope to continue taking the brand from strength to strength,” says Shama Dalal, Head of Marketing – Henkel Beauty Care India.

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Tips to have a diabetic-free lifestyle

Insulin resistance is a complex metabolic abnormality and a common concern in both Pre-diabetics and Diabetics…writes DR. CIJITH SREEDHAR

Diabetes or Metabolic syndrome contributes to 2.5-fold increased cardiovascular mortality and a five-fold higher risk of developing diabetes. According to recent research studies, by 2020, cardiovascular diseases will be the largest cause of disability and death in India.

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of disorders like high blood fasting sugar, high blood pressure, increased waist-hip ratio with a potbelly, and abnormal cholesterol or triglycerides due to impaired metabolism. Long-term persistence of these conditions leads to further complications like stroke, renal damage, nervous disorders, and retinal issues.

Diabetes is the basic inability of the body’s cells to utilize insulin, which is known as insulin resistance. Due to this, though the pancreas produces insulin, our cells are unable to use it for the uptake of glucose and this leads to Diabetics. Clinically. a fasting serum insulin level of more than 60 pmol/L is considered a state of insulin resistance clinically

Insulin resistance is a complex metabolic abnormality and a common concern in both Pre-diabetics and Diabetics. It affects the ability of peripheral tissues to use insulin, thus impairing peripheral glucose utilization and resulting in the development of hyperglycemia, among others.

The main peripheral tissues involved are the liver, skeletal muscle, and adipose tissue as they are the main insulin-sensitive sites. In insulin resistance biochemical parameters like blood glucose level, blood triglyceride level, and blood cholesterol level increase whereas blood HDL cholesterol level decreases, which in turn contributes to cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

How does one get all these issues?

While Metabolic syndrome is not infectious it is completely dependent on the lifestyle of the individual. The wrong diet patterns, lack of physical activities, long-term stress, late working hours without proper sleep, lack of adequate rest, environmental factors, and slight influence from one’s genetic background. To put it in a nutshell at the end of the day you are the one who decides about your health; you cannot fault your genetics!

How to get back into a healthy life?

Short-term relief is not the answer as the damages have happened due to wrong lifestyle habits which can only be reversed by making healthy lifestyle modifications. A perfect diet, a good amount of exercise, or daily yoga & pranayama, all help to attain physical and mental strength.

In this context, Naturopathy offers a drugless and non-invasive treatment that could transform your life by awakening the healer in you! At ‘Prakriti Shakti’, CGH Earth’s clinic of Natural Medicine, treats lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, where in addition to the body treatments, you learn dietary practices and other lifestyle alterations using Yoga & Meditation for managing and preventing hormonal and metabolic disorders, in a sustainable manner. The curative programs are holistic and integrated combining personalized naturopathy and yoga therapy with the recommended period for the Treatment of Diabetes being 21 days. A few tips on how to go about living a diabetic-free lifestyle:


. Soak chia/ basil seeds overnight in a glass of room-temperature water. When you wake up, drink this water along with the soaked seeds on an empty stomach. Chia / Basil seeds are a good source of soluble fiber, hence this drink helps in reducing the Glycemic load as well as insulin spikes in the body.

. Make a Juice using 2/3 raw Amlas / Indian gooseberries, one glass of room temperature water and have it early morning on an empty stomach. This juice is a good source of Vitamin C and also acts as a laxative which helps in riding the body of accumulated toxins.

. Replace one-time bowls of cereal with a Millet dish and for the next meal replace the cereals with vegetables. This also helps in preventing as well as reversing diabetes

. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a minimum of 3 liters of water every day.

. Replace Sweet fruits with Citrus fruits and Semi ripened fruits

. Count the natural colours in your diet i.e.: A Rainbow diet – make sure that you include a minimum of 7 colors of fruits and vegetables in the diet. This arms the body with enough phytochemicals

. Sleep for 7 to 8 hours at night, as this enhances the possibility of reversing Diabetes by around 30 percent.

Is there a link between Diabetes and Frozen Shoulder?( Ianslife)

. Strengthen the Soleus muscle by walking or other strength training. This is the single most important muscle that helps in glucose metabolism

. Burn belly fat with Yogic practices and Kriyas.

. Keep the levels of Vitamin D optimum by exposing yourself to sunlight else with supplements

. Short, cold applications/packs on the abdomen are an excellent method to improve your metabolism and vitality. This therapy assists in increasing the circulation to the abdomen area which in turn aids your digestion.

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Deepika Padukone launches self-care brand 82E

Eighty-Two East reflects the global Indian icon’s journey and experience as a modern woman who is rooted in India but global in her outlook…reports Asian Lite News

A pioneering advocate of mental, physical, and emotional well-being, actor Deepika Padukone launches her self-care brand, 82E (pronounced Eighty-two East) on Thursday. The brand will offer premium, high-performance products that make the practice of self-care a simple, effective, and enjoyable part of everyday life.

The name is inspired by the meridian that runs longitudinally through India and defines the standard time of the country. Eighty-Two East reflects the global Indian icon’s journey and experience as a modern woman who is rooted in India but global in her outlook.

The brand will launch with skincare as its inaugural category this month. Eighty-Two East’s skincare products are formulated by in-house experts, and each product combines an Indian ingredient with a scientific compound into a powerful formula. The products have been thoughtfully designed to make skincare a delightful ritual.

The brand takes pride in being India’s first celebrity-owned self-care brand that is backed by global institutional venture capitalists. On the occasion of launching her very own self-care brand, Deepika Padukone, Co-founder, of Eighty-Two East, says “Wherever I am in the world, practicing simple acts of self-care consistently, helps me stay grounded and enables me to feel my most centred. With Eighty-Two East, I hope to inspire us all to connect with our truest, most authentic selves through consistent and humble self-care practices. The first step in that direction is our range of skincare products that have been rigorously sourced, carefully crafted, and clinically tested so you can build simple, joyful, and effective everyday rituals to care for the health of your skin.”

The launch marks Padukone’s foray into full-fledged entrepreneurship, expanding her mission to leave behind a distinguished legacy and to inspire people to live authentic lives beyond her professional endeavours as an actor, producer, and mental health advocate.

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Simple ways to reduce food waste at home

Fruits, dairy products, and vegetables that have been chopped may go bad more rapidly, so don’t chop food until you’re ready to use it…writes N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

Food waste is defined as food that is not eaten at home and is afterward thrown out. Food that has been thrown away or that has passed its “use-by date” may be the cause of this. Food waste occurs during food production and processing in a variety of ways. A third of the food produced worldwide is reportedly wasted each year.

Neelam Chauhan, a dietician of the NIIMS Department of Dietetics, explains ways to reduce food waste at home:

Planning and Purchasing Meals

Plan your meals and activities for the week based on the foods that need to be consumed. Use up the leftovers by preparing a second dinner. Prioritize using fresh food before using frozen or canned goods. Shop intelligently by first checking your cabinets, freezer, and refrigerator to see what you already have.

Make a list before you go shopping. Only invest in what is required. Be careful not to be lured in by promotional materials for things you don’t need.

Keeping food fresh

Keep your refrigerator set to 5 degrees or less.

Transparent containers are best for storing leftovers since they make it easier to see what you have.

To promote using older products before they deteriorate, place new foods in the front of the refrigerator and older foods in the back.

Avoid storing milk, cheese, and yogurt in the refrigerator door, which has the warmest temperature, to keep them cooler and fresher for longer.

Fruits, dairy products, and vegetables that have been chopped may go bad more rapidly, so don’t chop food until you’re ready to use it.

Bread is one of the things we waste the most, so freeze it. Why not freeze and toast it instead if you don’t think you’ll finish it all before it spoils?

Understanding what dates mean

The phrase “best before” defines the quality of a product; the meal will be at its finest before the given date. Beyond this date, it might not be at its finest, but it will still be safe to eat. Utilize your senses when making an assessment.

Food that has passed its “use by” date should not be consumed because it is no longer safe to do so.

Control of portions

When shopping, only purchase what you require.

When cooking, prepare only what you need or consider how you’ll handle leftovers.

Only serve yourself enough food for one meal and only enough to cover your appetite.

Eat smart and cut down food waste

Store leftovers in the refrigerator in a transparent container that is easy to see.


Use up leftover vegetables: Vegetables like carrots, broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes can be used up in soups, curries, casseroles, and stir-fries.

Utilize up meats: Leftover roast dinner meat, such as chicken, turkey, hog, or beef, makes excellent sandwich fillers for the next day’s lunch.

Utilize leftover fruit: Ripe avocados and bananas make excellent guacamole or banana bread.

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Ice cubes for glowing skin

Mix one cup of concentrated rose water with a cup of regular water. Pour it into an ice cube tray to chill. Use it daily for rejuvenation, as mentioned above…writes Sreedha Singh…reports Asian Lite News

As beauty aficionados, we frequently investigate alternative cosmetic procedures that we learn about from social media, newspaper columns, or celebrities we admire. As a result, the desire to improve our beauty regimen by using simple kitchen ingredients is as old as time. For example, one of the tried-and-true beauty fads that celebrities and make-up artists alike support is the ice cube on the face.

There are numerous advantages to gently massaging an ice cube around your face and neck once a day. This beauty craze is excellent for addressing skin problems such as dark circles, puffiness, and rashes. Ice cubes have numerous skin benefits, including boosting blood flow, reducing oiliness, healing sunburns, and acting as a moisturising makeup base.

Aloe Vera & Basil Ice-cubes

Aloe Vera and basil are two ingredients used in the kitchen that are excellent for the skin &the body. Aloe Vera reduces excess oil and cures acne, while basil is a potent antioxidant which soothes the skin. This cool and soothing concoction work wonders for curing sunburns.


Crush some basil leaves in a cup of water. Then add two teaspoons of organic Aloe Vera gel into it. Once the concoction is ready, pour it into an ice cube tray halfway and allow it to freeze. Using short, gentle strokes, rub the Ice-Cube over your face.

Rosewater Ice-cubes

Rosewater is a soft beauty substance that removes your makeup and moisturises your skin. After a long day at work, a simple massage with this cube will lighten your skin and lift your spirits. This will battle infections, diminish wrinkles, and offer your skin a fresh clean-up when frozen into Ice-Cubes.


Mix one cup of concentrated rose water with a cup of regular water. Pour it into an ice cube tray to chill. Use it daily for rejuvenation, as mentioned above.

Cucumber & Lemon Ice-cubes

A hydrated and vitamin C-rich diet is healthy for your gut health and also boosts the freshness of your skin. Cucumber and lemon are great antioxidants that help cleanse and brighten your skin naturally. This beauty Ice-cube will boost blood circulation and keep pimples, acne, and redness at bay.


To prepare a puree, blend a cucumber. After that, squeeze a lemon and pour a few drops onto an ice cube tray. Freeze it for some hours and then apply cold for the best impact, for a few seconds at a time.

Saffron Ice-cubes

Saffron has several skin-friendly properties; using saffron ice cubes regularly will help fade tanning, brown spots, pimples, and pigmentation. Additionally, it improves skin tone and provides skin with a healthy glow.


Take a few saffron threads and allow them to bloom in the water. Add rose water into the saffron soaked in water and stir them well. Fill an ice tray with the mixture, and then freeze it. Use these ice cubes as a natural toner for your face.

Turmeric Ice-cubes

Turmeric’s antioxidant qualities aid in slowing down the ageing process. Additionally, it shields the skin’s cells from damage, keeping the skin elastic and reducing the appearance of ageing indications. Ice cubes made from turmeric can aid in lessening age-related symptoms like wrinkles, fine lines, dark under-eye circles, and pigmentation.


Add one spoonful of turmeric powder and one cup of rose water to a bowl. Well, combine the two components. Pour the mixture it the ice mould and let it to get freeze. You can now use your turmeric ice cubes.


It is suggested to always do a patch test on the back of your hand before applying an ice cube to the face. Massage it gently, and wait a few minutes for it to dry. This will enable you to determine whether the turmeric cube has an adverse effect on your skin.

After a long hectic day, rubbing an ice cube across your face can help relieve stress since it improves facial blood flow and makes the skin appear more radiant. Make this easy Ice-cube cures a part of your daily skincare routine for long-lasting glowing skin.

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