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Determined journey to fitness

Record your pulse rate before and after walking one mile; determine how long it takes you to walk or run a mile; know how many push-ups you can do; and measure your waist circumference and BMI…writes DR SIDDHANT BHARGAVA

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to start a fitness programme. When you transition from couches to crunches, you feel revitalised and exhilarated.

Physical activity improves brain health and lowers the risk of chronic diseases; it improves balance and coordination, strengthens bones and muscles, helps with weight management, and improves sleep quality and the ability to perform daily tasks.

Going straight for the bench press on day one will be contrary to your expectation of instant six-pack abs and may lead to an injury. If you are considering starting exercising but, don’t know where to begin, identify your level of fitness to know where to start and what to do at first.

Here’s a guide to help you start a routine and stick to it for the best results without straining yourself:

Identify your fitness level

First, determine your level of fitness. You should have a firm grasp on how to fit yourself. To track your progress, you must first assess and record your baseline fitness score to establish a baseline for yourself.

Record your pulse rate before and after walking one mile; determine how long it takes you to walk or run a mile; know how many push-ups you can do; and measure your waist circumference and BMI.

Before beginning an exercise routine, you should consult a fitness expert and have a physical medical examination. Identifying your fitness level is especially important for beginners who are new to strenuous physical activities because it can detect any health issues or conditions that may put you at risk.

Design your fitness program

Exercising every day needs a plan that includes attainable steps and goals. Create a balanced routine and start with easy steps to follow, and then you can continue to raise the bar as your fitness levels improve. For instance, if your goal is to do a 5-kilometre run, start by building a plan that includes shorter runs. Slowly as you will climb up the ladders, build activities into your daily routine, try high-interval intensity training and allow time for recovery.

Stick to it

Replacing unhealthy behaviour with new healthier habits is an excellent approach to achieving your fitness goals. Therefore, stick to your exercise routine. Develop a habit and do it regularly. Make a schedule and exercise at the same time every day. As per the experts, one should exercise at least 150 minutes per week. Start slowly and let your body rest from time to time and choose a time that works best for you.

Eat healthily and stay hydrated

Eat a healthy and balanced diet to boost your fitness programme. While carbs can fuel your muscles, replenish glycogen stores after exercise and assist with the absorption of amino acids into your muscles during recovery, proteins help improve muscle recovery, repair tissue damage and build muscle mass.

In addition to this, consuming healthy fats help burn body fat and preserve muscle fuel during workouts, making your energy last longer. It is equally important to stay hydrated throughout the day for optimal performance. It also helps you recover and gets you ready for your next training session.

Monitor your progress

Conduct a personal fitness assessment every two months. You will come to know about a lot of things such as the need to increase exercise time to continue improving, or maybe you will find that you’re exercising enough to meet your fitness goals.

Remember that starting an exercise is an important decision. It can change your life and provide you with a sense of fulfilment. By planning it carefully and slowly achieving all your fitness goals you can establish a healthy habit that will lead to a healthy body and mind.

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Lemon magic on face

Skin spot or hair lightening – Citrus ingredients like lemon may also work well on lightening age spots or acne scars, as well as any hair on your face…writes DR. BLOSSOM KOCHHAR

Every beauty expert, and skincare blogger would advise you to add Vitamin C to your skincare routine. So, we all turn to sources of Vitamin C and the most easily and readily available is lemon. You might come across various DIYs which involve lemon juice, lemon zest, etc. There are so many skin benefits of adding lemon to your face masks and packs but in the past few years, we have been hearing whispers of the risks associated with using lemon on the skin.

Let’s weigh in on the pros and cons of using lemon on our skin: Benefits of using lemon on your face:

Exfoliates dead skin – Lemon juice contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) such as glycolic acid. Such acids are commonly used in skin care, as they increase cell turnover and slough away dead skin cells. As a result, many folks use lemon juice in hopes of reducing dullness and brightening the skin.

Reduces Acne – Lemon juice has astringent qualities due to its acidic level. Ingredients with a low pH level can help decrease inflammation and oil that may contribute to the formation of acne. Furthermore, citric acid, a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), can help break down dead skin cells that lead to noninflammatory forms of acne, like blackheads.

Increases collagen production – The body needs vitamin C to synthesize collagen, the main structural protein in the skin. Using vitamin-C-rich ingredients can help support your intake of the nutrient, and ultimately, collagen production.

Skin spot or hair lightening – Citrus ingredients like lemon may also work well on lightening age spots or acne scars, as well as any hair on your face.

Dandruff treatment – lemon has been used to treat dandruff for ages, the sloughing-off effects are attributed to lemon’s natural levels of citric acid, as AHAs have an exfoliating effect on the skin, therefore it can also alleviate skin patches attributed to dandruff.

Offers antioxidants – Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, meaning it can help fight oxidative stress. This is noteworthy because oxidative stress can lead to inflammation, sagging, and faster skin aging. However, lemon juice may help stave off these effects because it contains vitamin C.

Now let us look at some disadvantages of using lemon on your face:

Cause irritation: Even if your stint with lemon juice doesn’t result in burns, the ingredient can still cause irritation. This is a side effect of acids, like those in lemon juice, weakening and damaging the skin barrier. According to Worden, possible symptoms include peeling, dryness, stinging, and redness, depending on your skin tone.

Sunburn: Citrus fruits applied topically can also increase your risk of sunburn. Never apply lemon before going outside in direct sunlight, and don’t use it for several days before any planned outdoor activities.

Phytophotodermatitis: It is a type of skin reaction to citrus fruits and other culprits, like parsley, celery, and carrot plants. When you have citrus substances on your skin and your skin is then exposed to UV rays, an inflammatory reaction may occur. This can result in swelling, bumps on your skin, redness, and rashes.

Hyperpigmentation: Although lemon juice is often used to reduce hyperpigmentation, it can actually worsen the issue. That’s because the sunburns caused by lemon juice can cause blistering, leading to months of hyperpigmentation and potentially permanent scarring. Basically, you need to understand that vitamin C in beauty products is different from vitamin C in your food.

We are not saying don’t use lemon at all on your face, but do the following so that you don’t develop any skin problems:

Always do a patch test before applying it to your face. You can do it on your arms and wait for some time to see the reaction

Always dilute lemon juice with something like rose water or honey, avoid using it alone and directly on your face

Sunscreen is a must after you apply lemon juice

Use fresh lemons in case you are adding the juice to a pack

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Avoid these mistakes while care your hair

It’s tempting to set a curling wand’s temperature to the maximum setting. After all, the higher the temperature, the quicker your hair curls, right? Sure, but you’ll be causing damage to your locks as a result…reports Asian Lite News

Styling your own hair is not as simple as it appears. When using hot tools, it’s easy to get into the habit of doing something that could be damaging your strands without even realizing it. Heat styling can be difficult even for professionals because it can easily result in breakage and damage. If you’ve ever curled your hair with a curling wand or iron, you’ve probably made some mistakes.

While the mistakes listed below aren’t the end of the world (or your hair), they’re not ones you want to make again.

If you curl your own hair frequently, you’ll want to avoid these blunders as much as possible shared by Rayed Merchant, Spokesperson, Ikonic Professional.

If you don’t use a heat protectant beforehand, you’ll burn yourself

You should use a heat protectant on your hair before you use your hot tool of choice. A heat protectant adds a barrier between the tool and your strands to lock in moisture and battle frizz, reducing the damage caused by hot tools. They come in a variety of compositions, but sprays are the easiest to deal with and get the work done.

Increasing the heat setting to an unacceptably high level

It’s tempting to set a curling wand’s temperature to the maximum setting. After all, the higher the temperature, the quicker your hair curls, right? Sure, but you’ll be causing damage to your locks as a result.

Extreme damage can be caused by too much heat in a short period of time. Experts advise against using a heat tool with a temperature of 400 degrees, regardless of how thin or thick your hair is (the maximum on most tools).

It’s best if you practice patience and give yourself more time. This is why you should always choose the best curling iron or wand with temperature control. A simple tip to remember is that if your hair starts to smoke, your tool is too hot.

Allowing the curls to fall naturally as soon as they are removed from the tool

Consider what you’ll do with the portion of hair you just curled when you remove it from the wand. Most of the time, you just let it fall to your shoulders and move on to the next area.

That’s nice, but there’s a more efficient method. It will last better and come out stronger if you hold the curl up in the palm of your hand and let it cool that way. Depending on the effect you’re going for, you can hold it in your hand or gently pin it up until you’re finished.

Using the incorrect tool size for the desired look

Curling wands come in a variety of shapes and sizes for a reason: different shapes generate varied results. If you desire loose curls but usually end up with tight curls after curling your hair, you’re definitely using the wrong size barrel.

Choose a barrel with a diameter of one or two inches if you want loose curls. A.75-inch or one-inch barrel will give you tighter curls.

Curling in the incorrect direction is a common occurrence

It’s possible that you’re curling your hair in the wrong way if you never get the precise result you want. Curl your hair away from your face rather than towards it if you want a more beautiful, wavy look.

Curl each part in the same way unless you want your curls to seem elegant and tight. Curl different areas of your curls in different ways to make them look natural.

Hairspray is only used at the end

When curling hair, many wait until they’re done before they use a spritz. They then spritz a torrent of hairspray all over the head. That will work, but if you want your curls to last, you’ll need to use hairspray all the way through the curling process.

This is particularly true if you have fine hair that struggles to hold a curl or if your hair is very soft after washing. Spray lightly with hair spray each time you put a segment around the barrel, then let it down.

Too much time spent with the hair styling tool

Many individuals believe that the tighter the curl, the longer it will last. That may be true, but wrapping your hair around a hot hair curling iron for an extended period of time is tantamount to begging for it to burn off. If you leave your hair on the barrel for more than eight to ten seconds, your strands will be significantly damaged.

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Make up yourself for the big day in Monsoon

The product is a light weight gel-based formula that perfectly moisturises dry skin. It also gives the skin a smooth and non-sticky finish, as well as a long-lasting fresh rose aroma…writes Mausam Gandhi

Every girl has a million wedding fantasies, but a bride-to-be, faces more difficulties during the monsoon season than during other seasons. Because of the moisture and humidity in the air, a monsoon bride must consider a few additional wedding beauty dos and don’ts. Here are ten makeup items to round out your look:


Primer after moisturiser is essential during the monsoon because the skin becomes sticky. A primer mattifies it and protects it from humidity. Smashbox has excellent primers made of gel. With a velvety smooth texture, it does not tint the skin because it is a clear gel-based. When you apply it to your skin, it softens and smooths it immediately. It also conceals fine wrinkles and skin flaws, making for an excellent makeup canvas. Everything else you put on top is flawless.

Waterproof products

This is critical; all products should be waterproof in order to last a long time. It also won’t budge because it’s designed to stay out longer, regardless of the temperature.

Long stay matte lipstick

When it’s not winter, a matte lipstick looks better. If your skin appears shiny, the lip balances your appearance. Maybelline has some nice colours. The lipstick is easy to apply; it glides smoothly across the lips without tugging or straining. It has a smooth texture. Because it has a true matte finish, it isn’t too drying on the lips. However, it appears quite matte when applied, but it does not leave your lips feeling dehydrated.

Setting spray

A setting spray is required. It holds everything in place and softens anything that appears overdone. I’m a big fan of the Mac Fix+ setting spray. The MAC Fix+ spray is a hydrating/refreshing mist that refreshes and cools your skin. By providing an instant dose of hydration, it can help to refresh and complete your makeup.

Powder sunscreen

To avoid tanning and to keep your look in place, touch up with sunscreen loose powder rather than regular powder. Lakme Rose Powder is a great powdered sunscreen. This powder contains rose extracts, which help to refresh your skin. It contains sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. It also makes your skin look smooth and glowing.

Gel moisturiser

Given the weather, a cream one might be too thick. Gel lipsticks are thinner and do not appear oily.

One of the best gel-based moisturisers is Vaseline Rose Water Moisturizing Body Gel.

The product is a light weight gel-based formula that perfectly moisturises dry skin. It also gives the skin a smooth and non-sticky finish, as well as a long-lasting fresh rose aroma.

A pop of colour

Perhaps a coloured liner for your daytime event would be the ideal pre-wedding look. Lakme makes a darling pink pencil liner.

Cream blush

For a monsoon wedding, I love a pop of blush on the cheeks and nose. It gives the brides a vibrant and fresh appearance. Nudestix has an amazing selection of shades for Indian skin tones.

Aloe Vera gel

I’m loving the new Instagram trend of applying aloe vera to the front of the hair to keep flyaways at bay. Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin E is extremely beneficial to your skin and hair. It penetrates the skin and scalp, nourishing and moisturising it from the inside out.

Both aloe vera and vitamin E have antibacterial properties that aid in the prevention of itchy scalp and irritated skin.

A body highlighter

This complements any makeup look. After the body has been moisturised and highlighted with some soft shimmer, it feels complete. I recommend that you use LA Girl Shimmer Spray. This ultra-fine mist, ideal for use on the face and body, helps your makeup last all day while adding a natural shine to your skin.

Monsoon weddings can be a lot of fun if you don’t mind the humidity. Indoor weddings are particularly beautiful during the rainy season. And monsoon brides, especially those who nail their makeup, look ethereal! So, if you’re a monsoon bride, keep these professional makeup tips in mind!

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Resistance exercise to help cardiovascular health

Sleep quality and sleep disturbances improved some in all groups including the group that did not exercise…reports Asian Lite News

According to a new study, resistance exercise may be superior to aerobic exercise as a way to get better sleep, and sleep is important for cardiovascular health.

The study was published in the journal, ‘American Health Association’.

“It is increasingly recognized that getting enough sleep, particularly high-quality sleep, is important for health including cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, more than a third of Americans don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis,” said study author Angelique Brellenthin, PhD, assistant professor of kinesiology at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.

“Aerobic activity is often recommended to improve sleep, yet very little is known about the effects of resistance exercise versus aerobic exercise on sleep. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee Scientific Report identified the need for more research into resistance exercise and sleep outcomes. Our study is one of the largest and longest exercise trials in a general adult population to directly compare the effects of different types of exercise on multiple sleep parameters,” he added.

Previous research has confirmed that not getting enough sleep (the recommended amount for adults is seven to eight hours a day) or getting poor quality sleep increases risks for high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and atherosclerosis, which happens when fatty deposits build up in arteries. Not getting enough sleep is linked to weight gain, diabetes and inflammation, all of which can worsen cardiovascular disease. Sleeping too much or too little also has been shown to increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and death.

For this study, researchers enrolled 386 adults who met the criteria for overweight or obesity, which was a body mass index from 25-40 kg/m2. Participants were inactive and had elevated blood pressure, measuring from 120-139 mm Hg systolic (top number) and 80-89 mm Hg diastolic (bottom number). Participants were randomly assigned to a no-exercise group (for comparison) or one of three exercise groups (aerobic only, resistance only, or combined aerobic and resistance) for 12 months. Everyone in the exercise groups participated in supervised 60-minute sessions, three times a week, with the combination exercise group doing 30 minutes of aerobic and 30 minutes of resistance exercise.

The various workouts included:

1. Aerobic exercise participants could choose among treadmills, upright or recumbent bikes or ellipticals for their aerobic modality during each session. Researchers monitored their heart rates to keep them continuously in the prescribed heart rate range for a moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise.

2. The resistance exercise group completed their sets and repetitions on 12 resistance machines to work all the major muscle groups in a session. The machines included leg press, chest press, lat pulldown, leg curl, leg extension, biceps curl, triceps pushdown, shoulder press, abdominal crunch, lower back extension, torso rotation and hip abduction. Participants performed three sets of 8 to 16 repetitions at 50-80 per cent of their one-rep maximum.

3. The combination group did 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at a moderate-to-vigorous intensity, and then two sets of 8 to 16 repetitions of resistance exercise on 9 machines instead of 12.

Study participants completed a variety of assessments at the start and at 12 months including the self-reported Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), which measures sleep quality. Researchers also measured sleep duration; sleep efficiency (how much time one is actually asleep divided by the total amount of time the individual is in bed); sleep latency (how much time it takes to fall asleep after getting into bed), and sleep disturbances (how frequently sleep is disturbed by things like being too hot or too cold, snoring or coughing, having to use the bathroom or having pain). Lower scores on the PSQI indicate better quality sleep, ranging from 0 for the best sleep to 21 as the worst possible sleep. Scores greater than five are considered “poor quality sleep.”

The study found:

1. More than one third (35 per cent) of study participants had poor quality sleep at the beginning of the study.

2. Among the 42 per cent of participants who were not getting at least 7 hours of sleep at the study’s start, sleep duration increased by an average of 40 minutes in 12 months for the resistance exercise group, compared to an increase of about 23 minutes in the aerobic exercise group, about 17 minutes in the combined exercise group and about 15 minutes in the control group.

3. Sleep efficiency increased in the resistance exercise and combined exercise groups, but not in the aerobic exercise or no exercise group.

4. Sleep latency decreased slightly, by 3 minutes, in the group assigned to resistance exercise only, with no notable change in latency in the other participant groups.

5. Sleep quality and sleep disturbances improved some in all groups including the group that did not exercise.

Based on these findings, interventions focused on resistance exercises may be a new way to promote better sleep and improve cardiovascular health.

“While both aerobic and resistance exercise are important for overall health, our results suggest that resistance exercises may be superior when it comes to getting better ZZZs at night,” Brellenthin said.

“Resistance exercise significantly improved sleep duration and sleeps efficiency, which are critical indicators of sleep quality that reflects how well a person falls asleep and stays asleep throughout the night. Therefore, if your sleep has gotten noticeably worse over the past two stressful years, consider incorporating two or more resistance exercise training sessions into your regular exercise routine to improve your general muscle and bone health, as well as your sleep,” he added.

A study limitation is the researchers’ use of a self-reported sleep questionnaire to assess sleep rather than objectively monitoring sleep. (ANI)

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Bugsy Malone Coming to Birmingham

Bugsy Malone is a masterclass of musical comedy with one of the most joyously uplifting finales in musical theatre. Its  based on the 1976 movie of the same name. Songs include the likes of “You Give A Little Love”, “My Name is Tallulah”, and “Fat Sam’s Grand Slam”. Busy Malone runs at Birmingham Rep 27 Jul – 14 Aug 2022. To book tickets visit, call 0121 236 4455 or visit the box office during opening hours

Don’t miss your chance to come and see Bugsy Malone, Alan Parker’s world famous musical, which is coming to the Birmingham REP later this month.

Family musical, Bugsy Malone, coming to Birmingham

The cast features a young company of 39 actors, including three teams of 7 kids, reflecting the multicultural make-up and sheer diversity, in its broadest sense, of the United Kingdom. Actors include Shaun Sharma, Amar Blackman, Mia Lakha, Isham Sankoh, Rayhaan Kufuor-Gray and Charlie Burns – to name just a handful.

Famous for casting children in adult roles, the musical is set in prohibition era New York and features a gang of mobsters, showgirls, a penniless boxer, a seductive songstress and a plethora of flying custard pies.

Family musical, Bugsy Malone, coming to Birmingham

Bugsy Malone is a masterclass of musical comedy with one of the most joyously uplifting finales in musical theatre. Its  based on the 1976 movie of the same name. Songs include the likes of “You Give A Little Love”, “My Name is Tallulah”, and “Fat Sam’s Grand Slam”. Busy Malone runs at Birmingham Rep 27 Jul – 14 Aug 2022. To book tickets visit, call 0121 236 4455 or visit the box office during opening hours.

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Things to keep in mind while visiting a new-born

Newborns are sensitive to touch, smell, and light. They are best left in their comfort zone which is with their mother. Besides, with their immunity still building, the new parents may be worried about their newborn catching any infection from the visitors coming in to see the baby…reports Asian Lite News

While one may be thrilled at the thought of cuddling a new life in their arms, remember that the new mother may have her own set of apprehensions while welcoming visitors to her home.

Recovering from the grueling hours of birth, adapting to the round-the-clock demands of breastfeeding while striving for a minimalistic sleep, a family with a newborn may have their own ground rules set for friends and family visiting them.

Dr Vanshika Gupta Adukia, Pregnancy/Childbirth, and Lactation Specialist share five and their family:

. Make that call before you leave!: Always check in with the family to ensure your visit hours do not pose an added stress for them. They could be napping, or feeding or may have just had a rough previous night! Adjust to the schedule of the new mother & baby, rather than just showing up at their door at an hour that may truly be inconvenient to them.

. Do not expect to hold the baby: Newborns are sensitive to touch, smell, and light. They are best left in their comfort zone which is with their mother. Besides, with their immunity still building, the new parents may be worried about their newborn catching any infection from the visitors coming in to see the baby.

. Don’t make it about you, it’s about them: This visit should not be about you sharing your parenting journey or your newborn care tips. Instead of giving advice or being reactive, lend an ear and be mindful of the emotional and physical needs of the new family. Spend some time simply letting the new mum vent out her emotional build-up, if any. Postpartum anxiety is real, help ease her discomfort.

. Offer to assist instead of expecting a scrumptious welcome: This is not a time to have the new family look after you on this visit. Instead, step up and offer to lend a helping hand in any way possible. In case of a nuclear setup, ask if you could bring them some food/snacks, offer to do their groceries, or drop off their laundry. Check if they need some assistance with their older child or pet! If you aren’t comfortable with any of these, don’t feel offended if you enter a partially cleaned home or are offered a cup of tea with simple biscuits!

. Be mindful of basics around a baby: Don’t visit if you’re sick, even an otherwise harmless cold would count in this case. Avoid wearing any perfumes, colognes, aftershaves, heavily scented body creams, among others that could irritate the baby. Wash your hands if you are to interact with the baby. Keep your volume down and your tone soft. Never kiss the baby. It is the easiest way to pass on germs and infections. Never click any pictures without the parent’s permission & never post any of those pictures on any social media platforms.

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Workout to focus, relax and to build strength

Nutrition expert Garima further shares simple yoga exercises to help build strength, agility, meditation, relaxation, and focus…reports Asian Lite News

One of the best times of year to witness nature’s full splendor is during the monsoon. However, monsoons are notorious for their never-ending spells of sickness and cold. One’s immune system is tested though the entire season.

And it doesn’t stop there. There is always the possibility of contracting cholera, dengue fever, or other distressing ailments. So, how can one enjoy the monsoons as they should be while being safe and healthy? Good eating habits, exercise, and adequate rest are a few factors that can keep you safe during the rainy season.

It doesn’t end there. There is always the risk of contracting cholera, dengue fever, or other dreadful diseases. So, how can one truly enjoy the monsoons while remaining safe and healthy? Yoga and nutrition expert Garima Goyal recommends doing a workout session of 60 minutes a day to help you stay active and fit during the season. Garima further shares simple yoga exercises to help build strength, agility, meditation, relaxation, and focus.

Padangusthasana (Big Toe): Padangusthasana is a foundational asana in Ashtanga Yoga. It is a basic standing position that incorporates forward bending. The asana is classified as beginning due to its easiness. Padangusthasana stretches every muscle in the body from head to toe. It relaxes the body and soothes discomfort. It is beneficial for flat feet, among other things. Padangusthasana is an excellent place to begin your yoga experience.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose): Trikonasana is derived from the Sanskrit terms ‘Trikona’ (three corners) and ‘Asana’ (posture). In trikonasana yoga, the practitioner spreads their legs apart without bending their knees, with their hands extended apart, producing a 90-degree angle between the upper and lower bodies. Trikonasana yoga, also known as Triangle position exercise, is a standing posture that improves strength, balance, and flexibility. There are several variants in the trikonasana stages or processes. In general, it is divided into three types: Baddha Trikonasana, Parivrtta Trikonasana, and Utthita Trikonasana.

Utkatasana (Chair Pose): Chair posture, also known as “awkward chair pose” and “fierce stance” in Sanskrit, is a form of asana or yoga practice. Begin in a standing stance and bend your knees to lower your body as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair. This standing forward bend is part of the Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga Sun Salutation routine. Chair posture strengthens your legs, upper back, and shoulders while also improving balance and flexibility. The chair position is a standing yoga practice that works the core. This strong stance may help you strengthen your legs, back, and shoulders.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Post): Bhujangasana is derived from the words bhujanga (cobra or snake) and asana (position). Cobra Stretch is another name for Bhujangasana. Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutations Position) and Padma Sadhana incorporate this pose. Do you wish to tone your stomach but lack the time to go to the gym? Are you exhausted or anxious as a result of an excessive workload? Bhujangasana, also known as Cobra Stretch, is a great way to cure these and other issues while sitting (or lying down) at home! Bhujangasana, also known as the Cobra Pose, is performed while laying on your stomach. It stretches your body (particularly your back) and rapidly melts your tension away!

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose): Vrksasana is a Sanskrit noun that combines the terms Vriksha and Asana. The Sanskrit term for a tree is Vriksha, whereas the Sanskrit word for posture is Asana. As a result, this is known in English as Tree Pose. Vrikshasana is a standing fundamental yoga position. Furthermore, in Hinduism, Sages utilised this stance as a form of austerity or Tapasya. In a seventh-century CE rock temple in Mallapuram, a man performs a position akin to Vrikshasana. As a result, this is an old yoga stance.

Shishuasana (Child Pose): A child’s pose, also known as balasana/shishuasana, is a beginner’s position that aids in the relaxation of the mind and body. Balasana is derived from the Sanskrit words Bala, which means “young and childlike,” and asana, which means “seat or sat pose.” It is a vital resting posture that helps to quiet your senses. It is a fundamental yoga stance that teaches us that inactivity may be as helpful as action and doing. It’s a chance to take a breather, assess your circumstances, and prepare to move on.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose): While Tadasana is one of the most fundamental yoga asanas, it is a challenge for all levels and delivers various physical and emotional advantages. Tadasana calms your body and mind, promoting inner tranquility. Maintaining alignment and body awareness is an ongoing effort. Standing firm, stable, and focused in Mountain Pose helps to improve posture, alignment, and balance. This can help with other yoga positions as well as your regular activities. Keep your practice new by always thinking of ways to change the stance.

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Importance of Hybrid Workplace

Additionally, 25 per cent of the firms said they were interested in learning more about the trends in the engagement scores over a certain time frame…reports Asian Lite News

Due to shifting demands on both employees and employers since the start of the pandemic, the significance of employee engagement has increased dramatically. Organisations have understood they must develop employee engagement tools and procedures in accordance with this growth because the hybrid work paradigm has become standard across many large firms.

Organisations in a variety of industries are aware of the benefits that employee engagement can provide, including access to better talent and employee retention. Although they may have various ends in mind, they all end up there.

Work Engagement & Hybrid Workplace Report 2022 by Leena AI, an innovative technology solution revolutionising the employee experience, was just published. The bi-annual research provides insight into employee engagement at more than 250 businesses throughout the world, including those in India and the US.

Annual surveys: still the norm!

Although yearly surveys of employee engagement have long been the norm for firms, half of the respondents to the report predicted a rise in the frequency of such surveys. Only 8 percent of firms said they conducted employee engagement surveys on a monthly basis, whereas 25 percent said they did so.

In the workplace, where shorter and more regular pulse surveys have become the norm, there is an increasing need for an active listening approach in India and the rest of the world. Continuous listening has been shown to be crucial in a mixed work style where employees are frequently scattered.

Technology: a distant dream

The necessity for advanced technologies and technology techniques in the workplace has also been influenced by the rise in the frequency of employee engagement surveys. According to the data, more over 50 percent of respondents acknowledged using straightforward questionnaires and feedback forms to determine employee engagement, while 25 percent said they only used manual techniques.

The necessity for technological tools to identify employees’ demands and requirements, such as potential areas for improvement in their organisations, steps that their workplace should do to promote inclusion and mental well-being, etc. was also highlighted by a sizeable 30 per cent of organisations.

Additionally, 25 per cent of the firms said they were interested in learning more about the trends in the engagement scores over a certain time frame.

Rewards and recognition = Employee engagement

In the hybrid workplace, rewards and recognition are still one of the most well-liked and effective tactics. Nearly 50 per cent of the respondents, according to the research, acknowledged relying on this strategy to engage their individual staff.

HR: owner of employee engagement initiatives

Even though it is crucial for influencing an organisation’s culture, the HR department cannot be considered solely responsible for employee satisfaction. The majority of firms currently silo their employee engagement activities, especially now that remote working is the norm. Employee productivity has been found to rise in businesses when CXOs set the groundwork for establishing a more favourable work environment.

Employee engagement to attract talent

Organisations can profit by reviewing their employee engagement rules, developing a more inclusive work environment, forecasting attrition, and other practises with India on the verge of its Great Resignation period.

Employee engagement is used by 42 percent of businesses in the IT and software sectors to enhance the employee experience in a hybrid work style.

Adit Jain, Co-Founder and CEO, Leena AI, commented, “While the pandemic brought about some uncertainties, it also facilitated in shifting our focus to the core of every organization i.e. its employees. It is interesting to observe whether organizations manage to engage their employees regularly and actively. For a while now, employee engagement has been considered a secondary activity conducted on a need-only basis. However, in the post-pandemic world, employee engagement’s importance has skyrocketed with the changing needs of both employers and employees.

“Today, organisations must implement an effective HR strategy to build a positive work environment and retain valuable talent. This report has been developed to identify patterns that employee engagement initiatives face around the world, whether the right tools are being implemented, whether the final impact is successful, and so on. We endeavor to support organiSations, thought leaders, and decision-makers to make informed decisions towards a successful employee engagement strategy.”

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Its sports star Hardik’s super fun exercises 

Regular hurdle drills help improve core strength, facilitate increased mobility, and improve overall body coordination. And what is life without a little HIIT cardio…reports Asian Lite News

Ace cricketer Hardik Pandya ensures he maintains his physical and mental fitness to stay flexible and alert during a game of cricket.

The Indian captain for the Ireland T20 trip, Pandya, shared his exercise routine on TakaTak by Moj, launching the #GetFitWithHardik campaign in an effort to inspire people to lead healthier lives. In particular for aspiring sportsmen, this series enabled Hardik to demonstrate how fitness is a crucial component of his life in order to perform at the top level. Pandya shares five super fun exercises he swears by:

Warm-ups: Firstly, warming up is of prime importance before any sort of workout. Besides preventing injuries, a proper warm-up activates one’s muscles, allowing them to move better while reducing the risk of injury. It also helps increase one’s flexibility, making our workout more efficient.

Side lunges: Lateral lunges help develop balance, stability, and leg strength that are beneficial for day-to-day activities and prevent falls and injuries. It also contributes to an improved form when exercising.

Reverse lunge, Overhead press: It helps strengthen the core and engages stabilizers in one’s shoulders, including the upper and lower trapezius. It forces one’s core muscles to lengthen and fully contract, ultimately boosting the metabolism. Targeting multiple muscle groups, it increases muscle power and strength, resulting in sculpting one’s entire body.

One-arm kettlebell swing: Often referred to as the single-arm kettlebell swing, this exercise improves grip strength and strengthens the core and upper back. It also helps in improving body posture to a great extent.

Hurdle drills: Regular hurdle drills help improve core strength, facilitate increased mobility, and improve overall body coordination. And what is life without a little HIIT cardio?

Emphasizing the importance of fitness and working out, Pandya, stated, “As a professional cricketer, fitness drills have been integral in improving my game and have helped me become an impact player. My fitness regime has added impetus to my performance and allowed me to play each game with high intensity and faster recovery. I am glad I had the opportunity to collaborate with TakaTak by Moj for #GetFitWithHardik. My goal was to encourage my fans to imbibe fitness and regularly work out as a part of their daily routine. I hope, with this initiative, they get inspired to start their fitness journey and be champion ready to drive India towards becoming a healthier and fitter country.”

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