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Shaping Creative Careers

The animation and VFX industry in India is witnessing rapid growth, driven by the increasing demand for animated content in films, television, advertising, and gaming…writes Nidheesh Saxena

 In an era where technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, technology has made a remarkable impact on the field of art and design, changing not only the method employed in their teaching but also their practical applications within various industries. The convergence of design and technology has opened up a plethora of opportunities for students aspiring to pursue creative professions. From graphic design to industrial design, and beyond, the integration of technology has revolutionized traditional design practices, ushering in a new era of innovation and possibilities.

Design has always been an integral part of human civilization, encompassing various disciplines such as architecture, fashion, product design, and visual communication. However, with the advent of digital technology, the boundaries of design have expanded rapidly. Today, designers are taking advantage of cutting-edge tools and software to conceptualize, visualize, and execute their ideas with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

The practice and creation of art and design in industry contexts have been deeply influenced by technology. Digital tools and software have replaced traditional methods, providing greater flexibility and efficiency. Artists and designers now rely on digital platforms rather than physical media like paints and pencils. This allows quick creation and manipulation of elements. Additionally, the technology has created new employment opportunities for artists and designers, reflecting the evolving landscape of the industry.

UX/UI Design: User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers focus on creating intuitive and engaging digital experiences for users. They conduct user research, design wireframes, and prototype interfaces to optimize usability and functionality. According to Glassdoor India, the average annual salary for UX designers ranges from ₹600,000 to ₹1,000,000, depending on experience and location.

Animation and VFX: The animation and VFX industry in India is witnessing rapid growth, driven by the increasing demand for animated content in films, television, advertising, and gaming. Animators and VFX artists use software such as Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects to create captivating visual effects and animations. According to data from Indeed India, the average salary for animators and VFX artists ranges from Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 700,000 per annum.

Interior Design: Interior design has undergone a significant transformation in response to advancing technology and changing societal needs. Today’s tech-driven solutions have revolutionized both professional practices and educational approaches. VR and AR technologies offer immersive experiences, enriching students’ understanding of spatial dynamics. As a result, interior design education has diversified, offering specialized courses in digital, sustainable, and universal design principles. Online platforms facilitate global collaborations, expanding networking opportunities. Emerging career paths include virtual interior design, sustainability consultancy, and 3D modelling, catering to the industry’s evolving demands. Average salaries in India range from Rs. 4-10 lakhs per annum for entry-level positions, increasing with experience and expertise.

Art Director: With enough experience, you can move into an art director. Here, you will oversee creative efforts, ensuring that designs harmonize with overarching visions and goals. Collaborating closely with designers and fellow creatives, you will offer guidance and critique to uphold consistency and excellence in visual communication aimed at target demographics. Salaries for art directors in India typically range between Rs. 6 to 20 lakhs per annum, varying based on experience and the scale of projects.

Packaging Designer: This specialized field involves innovating and crafting visually appealing product packaging that attracts attention on retail shelves. In addition to product safety, packaging design serves as a powerful marketing tool, influencing consumer choices and conveying brand ethos. In India, packaging designers can expect to earn between Rs. 3 to 10 lakhs annually, depending on expertise and project scope.

Motion Graphic Designer: As a motion graphic designer, your role revolves around creating animated visual content for a variety of mediums such as videos, presentations, and multimedia projects. Leveraging graphic design, animation, and video editing skills, you will infuse static visuals with movement and interactivity, enhancing their appeal and impact. Salaries for motion graphic designers in India typically range from Rs. 3 to 8 lakhs per annum, with variations based on experience and project complexity.

As technology is reshaping the world around us, the field of design is also rapidly evolving, offering exciting opportunities for aspiring creators. Whether it’s creating visually stunning graphics, crafting immersive user experiences, or bringing virtual worlds to life through animation, the possibilities are endless in tech-driven design careers.

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Passion to Profession

Continuous learning is essential to stay competitive. Consider further education or certifications to update your skills and knowledge in your chosen field…reports Asian Lite News

Making a career change in middle age can be both daunting and rewarding. Whether you seek greater job satisfaction or need to adapt to life’s evolving demands, it’s never too late to pivot professionally.

However, this transformation necessitates thoughtful planning and consideration. Karan Mehta, Co-founder, of Toprankers – a digital counselling and preparation platform for careers – shares with IANSlife 13 key factors to weigh when embarking on a midlife career shift:

Assess Transferable Skills: Start by evaluating the skills you’ve acquired in your current career. Many competencies, such as leadership, communication, and problem-solving, can seamlessly transfer to various fields, making your transition smoother.

Explore Passion: Middle age is the perfect time to explore your passions and interests. Pursuing a career aligned with what you truly love can bring greater fulfillment and motivation to your professional life.

Lifelong Learning: Continuous learning is essential to stay competitive. Consider further education or certifications to update your skills and knowledge in your chosen field.

Networking: Leverage your professional networks and connections. Personal relationships can offer valuable insights and open doors in your new career.

Financial Planning: Changing careers may come with financial challenges. Develop a solid financial plan to weather potential hardships during the transition period.

Mentorship: Seek guidance from mentors or career counsellors. Their experience and expertise can provide valuable advice tailored to the individual’s situation.

Embrace Technology: In today’s digital world, familiarity with technology is crucial. Invest time in learning digital skills and staying updated with industry trends to remain relevant.

Flexibility: Be open to starting at a lower position initially. Embracing flexibility in roles and responsibilities can create opportunities for career growth in your new field.

Emotional Resilience: Career changes can be emotionally challenging. Develop coping strategies and resilience to navigate the emotional ups and downs during the transition.

Work-Life Balance: Consider how your new career will impact your work-life balance. Middle age often involves family responsibilities, so finding the right balance is crucial for your overall well-being.

Pass on Experience: Remember that your years of experience are an asset. Many employers value the maturity and wisdom that older professionals bring to the table. Highlight your unique strengths and the value they bring to your new career.

Evaluate Long-Term Goals: Consider how your career change aligns with your long-term goals, including retirement plans and overall life objectives. Ensure that your new path is in harmony with your vision for the future.

Keep in mind that everyone’s situation is unique. Tailor the advice to your specific circumstances and aspirations. Your career change should reflect your individual goals and values. Remember, it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and make the most of your skills and experiences.

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-Top News UAE News

HCT launches apprenticeship programs to boost Emirati careers

Dr. Faisal Alayyan, HCT President & CEO, emphasizes the inclusion of experiential learning through on-the-job apprenticeships, coupled with academic qualifications, as a key aspect of the institution’s strategy. The new scheme, as part of the “Shaping the Future” program, is expected to revolutionise the UAE’s job market, enhancing employment prospects for new Emirati graduates…reports Asian Lite News

HCT aims to achieve a graduate employment rate exceeding 90%, focusing on “professional apprenticeships” that establish crucial links between academic learning, hands-on experience, and employer associations. These initiatives have resulted in a notable increase in Emiratisation rates, particularly within the private sector, empowering students to seize opportunities in the job market.

The Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), the largest federal Higher Education Institute in the UAE with 15 campuses across the country, has unveiled an innovative initiative to enhance the employability of Emirati candidates. As part of its “Shaping the Future” strategy, HCT is introducing new pathways, diplomas, and vocational training programs, focusing on apprenticeship-based learning to address the evolving challenges in the labour market.

This seismic shift in the UAE educational system involves integrating practical, work-based learning opportunities with theoretical study, offering students valuable hands-on experience in their respective fields. Emirati students participating in these programs will acquire work experience alongside their traditional classroom education, better preparing them for the workforce and contributing to the growth of the UAE’s economy. This approach highlights the UAE’s dedication to progressive education aligned closely with industry requirements.

The newly launched strategy aims to provide inclusive higher education opportunities for all high school graduates, emphasizing inclusivity and employability while directly meeting the demands of the labour market.

Dr Faisal Alayyan, HCT President & CEO, emphasizes the inclusion of experiential learning through on-the-job apprenticeships, coupled with academic qualifications, as a key aspect of the institution’s strategy. This approach is expected to revolutionise the UAE’s job market, enhancing employment prospects for new Emirati graduates.

Aligned with the UAE’s National Future Foresight, the strategy is developed through partnerships between academia and industry, ensuring HCT graduates possess industry-relevant skills in demand. The apprenticeship program, conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization (MOHRE) and ADVETI, will be integrated into all HCT programs. Students will combine on-campus classroom and lab learning with experiential industry exposure.

Dr Alayyan highlights the importance of strategic collaborations to bridge the gap between students’ educational experiences and the real-world work environment. This is exemplified by 11 agreements signed to generate over 4,000 new employment opportunities and an additional 4,000 training prospects for students shortly.

The inaugural four-month apprenticeship period began in September 2023, with students incorporating hands-on training into their education requirements.

Dr Alayyan says that the successful completion of 4,679 apprenticeships between the fall and spring semesters, showcased the effectiveness of this system in improving the employability rate of Emirati youth.

HCT aims to achieve a graduate employment rate exceeding 90%, focusing on “professional apprenticeships” that establish crucial links between academic learning, hands-on experience, and employer associations. These initiatives have resulted in a notable increase in Emiratisation rates, particularly within the private sector, empowering students to seize opportunities in the job market.

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Planning for a Successful Study Abroad Experience?

Most leading banks and financial institutions offer educational loans against certain interest rates, guarantees, and payment terms…reports Asian Lite News

Studying abroad is a transformative decision, catapulting a student’s education and career graph many notches higher. It’s no surprise that many youngsters today consider overseas education for higher studies. According to the Union Ministry of Education, 7.5 Lakh Indian students traveled overseas for higher education in 2022. Associated data sets show that Indian students formed the biggest group of immigrant students in Canada, and the second biggest group in Germany and the United Kingdom last year.

The benefits of global education range from exposure to new-age courses, participating in the latest research and innovation; and enhanced job prospects. While all this makes sense, many crucial steps need to be taken in advance to make this experience worthwhile. Study abroad counselors from MSM Unify – a leading global higher education platform offering 50,000+ courses from 1,400 institutes over 20 countries – shared the top five aspects that every student must consider when planning international education. Here they are:

Step 1 – Research about the course, country, and culture

These three C’s define the success of your study abroad experience. The checklist should begin with:
– Understanding your academic inclination
– Finding an appropriate course in your chosen field
– Selecting an appropriate top-rate institute
– Choosing the Country for Higher Study
– Understanding the host country’s geo-political situation and culture at large

Each of these steps has multiple checklists. While a student’s career may not be limited to his area of study, choosing a course in alignment with academic interest offers the necessary kickstart for jobs. When choosing the courses, consider the present job prospects and a future outlook too. For example, jobs related to automation, data, and analytics will continue to be in demand even after five years, as per industry estimates.

When selecting an institute, it’s important to directly speak to institute representatives and clear all doubts in advance. For example, at MSM Unify students can directly interact with institute representatives. It’s important to have all the details about effective fee structures, scholarship options (if applicable), yearly academic roster, department lecturers, placement support, and academy-industry connections. All such queries determine how worthwhile the study abroad experience can be.

When choosing a host country, it’s important to consider its geopolitical standing. Additionally, take the time to learn about the popular customs, traditions, and cultural norms of the country to ensure a smooth transition.

Step 2 – Understand visa and immigration requirements

Make sure you understand the visa and immigration requirements for studying in your chosen country. Familiarize yourself with the application process, required documents, and any restrictions or limitations that may apply. Seek guidance from our experts. Applying for a visa can be challenging, but well-established consultants such as MSM Unify use their wide network within partner countries to simplify the process for you! Following are the generic documents required for a student visa, more documents can be required as per host country specifications:
– Passport with at least two blank pages and an expiry date beyond 180 days
– A formal admission letter from the university
– A printout of your online application
– Evidence of language certification (if needed)
– Evidence of financial means
– Passport size photographs
– Previous education record
– Vaccination results (if required, it varies by the country)

Step 3 – Plan Your finances in advance – Education loans, scholarships, and more to explore

Studying abroad is an expensive affair, hence resistance from many students. When considering to study abroad, start with making a budget. Consider all expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation charges, living expenses, travel costs, medical insurance, insurance for your devices (laptop/mobile phone, photography equipment), and any additional expenses that may arise.

Most leading banks and financial institutions offer educational loans against certain interest rates, guarantees, and payment terms. Again, well-established study abroad consultants such as MSM Unify provide multiple options to explore financial options. The firm offers multiple financing options from leading providers such as ICICI iSMART education loans, MPower Financing, and other international partners to make it easy for students to choose from the most competitive offerings.
If you plan on applying for an educational loan, you should begin the student visa application process 6 months before the start of your first semester. So, you would have enough time to manage your finances and education loans.

Step 4 – Find accommodation options

Research the various accommodation options available in your host country. Consider factors such as cost of accommodation, proximity to your educational institution, safety, and amenities provided. The usual options include university dormitories, shared apartments, homestays, or private flats, depending on your preferences and budget. If you decide to live in an apartment, you will also need to pay for tenant’s insurance as well as additional utility costs like power, internet, and water use. Confused about finding accommodation? MSM Unify’s partners such as University Living, Housemates Unilodgers, Casita, Gobritanya, and others offer a variety of options to choose from.

Step 5 – Transit services

Make sure to reserve your airline tickets in advance. To track price changes and buy at the cheapest prices, consider looking at the alternatives with plenty of time to spare. Also, familiarize yourself with the transit services available in the host country. Research public transportation options such as buses, trains, and subways, their popular routes, schedules, and fares. Additionally, look into student discounts or passes that may be available to help you save money on transportation costs.

Remember, studying abroad offers multi-dimensional experiences. The only way to make this worthwhile is by being prepared in advance. Speak to other students who also plan to study abroad or others who have had this experience helps in adding more perspectives.

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‘We Are the NHS’

Senior NHS staff encourage South Asians to consider a career in nursing ahead of National Careers Week

This National Careers Week, the ‘We Are the NHS’ campaign is highlighting the inspiring stories of senior South Asian staff and the exciting and varied nursing roles available across the NHS.

When Asha Day’s younger siblings were born prematurely, she knew she had to step up to help her mother.

“There were always hospital appointments we needed to take the twins to. Despite only being 10 years old, I knew how important a good healthcare system was to their survival,” says Asha. It was this early experience that inspired Asha to join the NHS.

She describes how the care, compassion, and kindness shown to her siblings by the NHS nursing team made her want to pursue a career where she could help people too.

Now after 40 years of working as a nurse in the NHS, Asha can’t see herself anywhere else. “I’m currently in a senior nursing role that I never imagined reaching at the start of my career,” says Asha, who is Head of International Recruitment, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust / Head of Nursing, Midwifery & AHPs Inclusion, LLR ICB. In her day to day role, Asha supports internationally recruited nurses start their career with the NHS. “As part of this, I provide them with clinical training, mentoring, and both emotional and pastoral support,” she says.

Today, Asha is not only in a job she loves but is helping others pursue their dream job at the NHS too. “When I first went into public health, I did notice disparities but there has been a lot of positive change since,” says Asha. “Look at all the fantastic international nurses we now have strengthening our workforce!” she says proudly.

Dr Navina Evans, Chief Workforce Officer at NHS England, agrees. Navina began her career as a psychiatrist within East London Foundation Trust, progressing to consultant psychiatrist, before taking on senior management responsibilities. She worked her way up to clinical director and is now the first Asian woman to lead Health Education England.

Navina sees the task of correcting racial inequality in the NHS as far greater than a mere box-ticking exercise. “Diversifying leadership is a start and repeated studies have shown diverse leaderships often perform better,” says Navina. To be successful in the NHS, Navina believes in building a meaningful connection with patients and staff, engaging with staff at all levels of the organisation and keeping patient care at the core of decision making.

“Nurses are the backbone of the NHS and will always be in high demand” says Navina. “The pandemic has highlighted the need for greater versatility and adaptability within healthcare, and we must prioritise senior nursing roles that will help us plan for the long term. Right now, there’s a great opportunity for people with the right skill-set and values to join the NHS.”

Like Navina, Asha’s family have been extremely supportive of her career. “My family had experienced medical emergencies and understood the importance of nursing so they fully supported my decision as they saw the positive impact I could make,” says Asha, who thinks nursing is a great career option for those thinking about what to do next.

“Patients often remember the nurse; the encouraging words often spoken, and the daily acts of kindness and compassion shown to them has a lasting impression,” says Asha. “The NHS has a range of positions available and plenty of opportunities for you to excel. We are the largest employer in the UK and there is a role here for everybody.”

Search ‘Nursing Careers’ for more information or visit:

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Arjun feels lucky to get great tracks in career

Arjun’s chemistry with Tara Sutaria in ‘Ek Villain 2’ has become a big talking point…reports Asian Lite News

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor is happy with the appreciation all the songs from his upcoming film ‘Ek Villain Returns’ is getting. He calls himself lucky to get great tracks all through is career.

Arjun says: “I have been lucky to get great songs all through my career and ‘Ek Villain 2’ soundtrack has just added some incredibly beautiful songs to my filmography. Starting from my first film, ‘Ishaqzaade’ in which I had ‘Chokra Jawaan’, ‘Jhalla Wallah’ and ‘Pareshaan’, to ‘Two States’ in which I had ‘Mast Magan’ and ‘Chaandaniya’, ‘Tune Maari Entriyaan’ in ‘Gunday’, ‘Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga’ and ‘Baarish’ in ‘Half Girlfriend’, ‘High Heels’ in ‘Ki & Ka’, ‘Tere Liye’ and ‘Proper Patola’ in ‘Namastey England’, ‘Hawa Hawa’ in ‘Mubarakan’, I have had amazing songs – dance numbers or soulful romantic tracks!”

He adds: “These songs became chartbusters and caught the fancy of people nationwide. In all these songs, I have had the pleasure of pairing up with great co-stars and thanks to the music, our pairing and chemistry have entertained everyone and it has been a talking point for the film.”

“So, I’m thrilled that Ek Villain 2 has an incredible album featuring songs like Galliyan Returns, Dil and Shaamat and I’m happy that people are already appreciating my chemistry with Tara, with whom I have never been paired.”

Arjun’s chemistry with Tara Sutaria in ‘Ek Villain 2’ has become a big talking point.

He says: “I have always believed that the longevity of a Hindi film actor is hugely dependent on the songs that he or she gets because songs make an unforgettable impact in the minds of people. With ‘Ek Villain 2’, I hope to make a little more place in the hearts of audience, thanks to the breathtaking music which is resonating with the youth of the country.”

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Know the pulse of career trends

In a world changing so fast, successful companies are always creating new value for their customers…writes Siddhi Jain.

Pandemic has really shaken the world of job opportunities, that eventually hit the life and career ambitions of many. As the world of education and work makes a gradual recovery from the effects of Covid-19 pandemic, experts foresee the new trends and dramatic changes that will impact the careers of graduates who venture out in the market in 2021-22 and onwards.

A new technology-driven focus, according to Marwadi University Provost Sandeep Sancheti, would emerge in the jobs that are likely to be in demand in the coming times. In the medical and health field, he lists some of these trending jobs to be: Health-care supporting staff like intake specialists, pharmacy technicians, and certified nursing assistants. This field also has roles such as mental health specialists and health and fitness coaches to be on the rise.

In the IT and Computer space, he foresees demand for data science specialists, data management analysts and data mining experts, along with artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers, user experience professionals like UI/UX design specialists, product design consultants, game developers, full stack developers and cloud engineers and architects, and cyber security experts.

“Among everything else, one thing is for sure, remote work is here to stay. The millennials and GenZ will be the trendsetters with Zoom and Google workspaces as the ruling platforms for remote work and the year 2021 will see more opportunities and prospects for dynamic and multi-tasking professionals with analytical, programming and marketing skills,” he says.

As per Sandeep Shastri, Vice Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University, the career trends currently being offered in the 2nd decade of this century are the most diverse ever available in human history. The fields are demanding super specializations and individuals are training to fill the gaps.

“The digital revolution has shown its effects in the hospitality sector in the form of automation of a huge chunk of repetitive tasks. Public policy traditionally being a blend of political science, law and sociology now has added data analytics to the mix. In areas like accounting and finance, new and extended career roles are outsourcing services, big data analytics, fintech, artificial intelligence, cloud accounting and block chain technology. Post-Covid era brings huge job opportunities in financial institutions like stock exchanges, depositaries, stock broking firms and investment banks etc which are employing tech-savvy economists en masse,” he says.

Digital content creators like podcasters, bloggers, influencers, video creators, and voice-over artists will be in demand in the future.

According to Sahil Aggarwal, Co-Founder and CEO, Rishihood University, “with increasing options, access to information, and technological changes”, the current generation of students faces a different aspect of career growth.

Here are some tips on capitalising on these career trends:

Entrepreneurial mindset

Employers are increasingly looking for employees who are self-driven. The best employees align with the company’s objectives, find new tasks, and work with teams to achieve. Those who work as if it is their own company are more likely to succeed than those who wait to be given a task list.

Interdisciplinary talent

Graduates who demonstrate an understanding of varied domains are appreciated more than those who are narrowly focused.

Creative potential

In a world changing so fast, successful companies are always creating new value for their customers. Employees who have creative potential are far more valuable than those who stick to the routine.

People skills

It is often repeated, and rightly so, that beyond a point, a person grows or stagnates based on how well one can work with others.

Learning to learn

Once we stop learning, we are replaced by other humans or machines. The mindset of learning is key to succeed in the 21st century.

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Mrunal not bothered about medium

The actress adds that the medium has never really mattered to her…reports Asian Lite News.

Digital platforms got wide acceptance amid this pandemic era. Actress Mrunal Thakur, who has the films “Toofan”, “Jersey” and “Aankh Micholi” lined up, says that she has always taken projects which will help her survive longer in the industry.

The actress says that she has always focused on giving her best performance in every role.

“I am glad that cinema is reaching a wider audience. There were people and filmmakers who asked me to do a couple of films in order for me to be famous. But I never choose my films thinking that I will be a star. I want to survive longer here. One thing that lasts longer is talent and performances,” she told.

The actress adds that the medium has never really mattered to her.

“No matter where my films come, they need to be good. If you ask me personally my job is just to be a part of the movie. That’s what my dream is. Thanks to OTT, in the midst of a pandemic, as an artist if I can entertain then that is only through OTT,” she says.

However, she does feel insecure due to the current situation.

“There is a bit of insecurity also because of the time that we are living in. I am not apprehensive, I am just worried that a film should get the recognition it deserves. Things have slowed down and this has affected the entertainment industry,” the actress added.

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‘Taking smart and fast decisions is very important

Every woman there had a unique journey, their projects and work in their societies truly inspired me the entire year to do more and be more…Adline interacts with Puja Gupta.

Beauty pageants are direct ways to the movie industry, to most ambitious actors. 22-year-old Indian model, Adline Castelino, emerged as the third runnerup at the 69th edition of Miss Universe 2021, held in the US. It has taken India 20 years since Lara Dutta won the title, to gain a position in the competition which saw 74 participants from across the globe.

One being asked the reason why she might not have won the title, the Kuwait-born model tells: “No reason to feel that way, every woman out there gave their best in the limited resources and challenges this year has placed.”

Read her full interview:

How did it feel to be at the Miss Universe contest?

Inexplicable emotions and gratitude for the love and admiration people have showered unconditionally, even during these challenging times people have come forward to express their delight and acknowledged our achievement at Miss Universe.

You had Covid. How did you manage your training?

Being in last leg of the preparations, honestly very challenging mentally and physically not only for me but for the team to get everything arranged. I kept my mind positive which become incredibly hard to do due to isolation and medication. Focused on the task in hand, fighting fears and on taking one step at a time. It feels like a miracle but we made it! It was truly meant to be!

How did you face the competition there?

I think being present and taking smart and fast decisions is very important at a pageant while at the same time enjoying the journey positively. This can only happen if you have prepared well and completely before the pageant

What did you learn from your fellow contestants?

Every woman there had a unique journey, their projects and work in their societies truly inspired me the entire year to do more and be more. Meeting them in person increased my admiration for them and I’m glad to call them my friends now.

Why do you think, the crown was not given to you?

No reason to feel that way, every woman out there gave their best in the limited resources and challenges this year has placed. I feel the winner is very deserving and I will be supporting her in her journey this year and hope women globally don’t look at each other as competitors but as team member helping each other to get ahead.

Your message to the next Miss Diva winner?

She has my support and guidance. The message that I would want to pass to her, something that our Miss Universe Lara Dutta told me “Give it your best, you can control what you do and not what happens”.

Is Bollywood the next move?

Absolutely yes! Looking forward to meaningful projects that I could contribute to, also at the moment I’m trying to learn more about logistics to be able to start up my agro bussiness.

How did your parents react when the result was announced?

They are the best partners to ever have! They are excited, they have never doubted my ability to excel and continue to support me.

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Have a brand new beginning with these books

‘Brand New Start’ teaches you that a lot of success at the start of your career hinges on how well you understand, articulate and present the most important brand you can work on you…writes Siddhi Jain.

Of course, this is a break time for people to think and move forward with brighter steps. From navigating career misadventures in the corporate world to building a personal brand or navigating one’s own thoughts and feelings on the prolonged ‘new normal, here is a list of titles to choose from, while you stay at home.

‘Brand New Start’ by Mainak Dhar

Studying in college or business school and wondering what it takes to land your dream job? Early in your career and wondering how to set yourself up for success? Feeling off-track after just a couple of years of working and wondering how to find an opportunity that fits you better? If you find yourself nodding to any of these questions, then this is the book for you. ‘Brand New Start’ teaches you that a lot of success at the start of your career hinges on how well you understand, articulate and present the most important brand you can work on. You.

Combining the wisdom and experience of a CEO gained over two and a half decades in the corporate world with the accessible and engaging storytelling of a bestselling novelist, the book is unique. It will make you reflect, smile, rethink some things you’ve taken for granted, and ultimately equip you with practical advice on how to build a more authentic, more compelling and more differentiated personal brand as a cornerstone of success in your career.

‘The Hopeless Romantic’ by Arnab Chandra

It is a collection of poems and short stories where each piece gives you a glance into the author’s world of imagination. Each poem describes a feeling which is not often talked about or sometimes too much. A book without a sense of direction just to justify the statement, ‘Art is chaos and chaos is art’, it narrates a journey of a soul who is hopeless enough to question life and its dark necessities. Life can be tricky sometimes and it can beat you down, but then, never forget to mourn, to suffer, to cry before you get back up and ‘smile’.

‘Career Misadventures And How To Avoid Them’ by Anjali Ahuja

Many aspire to have a successful corporate career, but in the grueling journey to the top, most of them get stuck at a point and never grow thereafter. Why? Do they lack the ability? Not always. There are invisible black holes along the way that gobble up dreams and careers. Anjali Ahuja is here to shed light on them. Anjali joined the corporate world in 1992 and has since worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies for over two decades. As an HR professional, she had an opportunity to witness the journey of people at various stages of their career. The lessons she shares are backed with intriguing stories of successes and failures, some that of her own, and some that she has witnessed over her journey to the top. If you have recently started a corporate career, or reached a stage ahead but clueless how to navigate your career further, this book has some valuable guidance for you.

‘Little Me in Everyone’ by Eddyee Singh

Every human is born with a “genius”, a guardian spirit allocated at birth. Our whole life is inside our mind, which is a prism refracting the light of everything around and within us. Caged in this mind is the ‘Little Me’ helping us, talking to us, questioning us, and nurturing us all along the way. Every time we indulge in self-doubt and self-pity, the ‘Little Me’ loses a little bit of its brilliance but eventually it thrives on the knowledge we acquire in life and assists us to transform it into wisdom. In pursuit of maintaining our outer self we get so engrossed that this little me gets abandoned in the wilderness of darkness created by us. In this book one will find the reflections of everyone’s ‘Inner Self’ and ‘Little Me’, thus guiding us to learn and rejoice every moment of being alive despite the perplexities of life.

‘To, the Bravest Person I Know’ by Ayesha Chenoy

From growing up with dysfunctional families to coming of age, from dealing with heartbreak, pain and grief to learning to accept and forgive, ‘To, the Bravest Person I Know’ is your guide through every difficult situation. It is modern therapy delivered to you through a series of poems and a letter in verse that runs as a footnote from the beginning to the end of the book. The poems explore the whole construct of ‘normal’, of that which was created to make people feel less normal if they don’t fit in, to make them feel ‘abnormal’. The book tells us that depression is normal, as is fear; feeling insecure is normal, as is hurting people. And bravery is about facing all of this–it’s about facing everything life throws at you every day. ‘To, the Bravest Person I Know’ cuts through rainbows and self-righteous dross to provide a vaccine of truth, liberating and reminding us that we are all in a tunnel, and that it’s normal to feel like we may never get out. But there is light at the end of it.

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