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Let’s celebrate World Chocolate Day with a choco hunt

Head to Mad Over Donuts or order from their website from the comfort of your own home if you want to indulge in the fluffy and crispy goodness of doughnuts…reports Asian Lite News

World Chocolate Day commemorates the most beloved indulgence. So, here are some of the best places in Mumbai to celebrate the occasion:


Hitchki is more than just a fun and quirky diner with amusing Bollywood-themed dishes. The restaurant serves nostalgia on a platter through popular Hindi film dialogues and lyrics that every Hindustani heart can relate to, as the word ‘hitchki’ or hiccup itself stands as a metaphor for remembrance.

Dessert filled with cigarette candies, gems, and nuts, as well as generous scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream topped with drizzled chocolate sauce and wafer cones are a must try. Chocolate Lava Kulfi, on the other hand, suggests a delectable twist on the kulfi-and-chocolate-lava combination to enjoy the best of both worlds.

1522 Bar and Kitchen

With its chic atmosphere and festive vibes, 1522 Bar and Kitchen brings life to the city of dreams. Coming from Bengaluru, the place is accustomed to Mumbai’s pace, zest, and spirit. The multi-cuisine dine-in caters to culinary needs while providing visitors with homely comfort. Not only are its royal kebabs and finely curated cocktails prepared with premium ingredients, but so are its chocolate dessert. Ferrero Rocher Entremet comes in first place, combining crunchy wafers and roasted hazelnuts in Ferrero Rocher with the stunning French entremet. For a guilt-free indulgence, try its low-calorie Keto Choco Fudge.

Love and Cheesecake

To celebrate the occasion, Love and Cheesecake, Mumbai’s premium dessert chain, will shower you with the best chocolate cheesecakes and layered cakes. This brand, co-founded by Ruchyeta Bhatia and Chef Amit Sharma, delivers across Mumbai from its fifteen store locations. Love and Cheesecake boasts a dessert menu with over 120 different flavours. From gooey chocolate fudge cake to the unique blend of flavours in Chocolate Banoffee Cake, this bakery’s Chocolate base is limitless.

Mad Over Donuts

Head to Mad Over Donuts or order from their website from the comfort of your own home if you want to indulge in the fluffy and crispy goodness of doughnuts. Brownie Crumble, Chocolate Therapy, Double Trouble, Chocolate Decadence, and other variations on chocolate-flavoured doughnuts are available at this location. It serves bite-sized doughnuts, crunchy Belgian waffles, and eclairs, among other things, in addition to mouth-watering doughnuts with cream or melted chocolate filling.

Poetry by Love and Cheesecake

Poetry by Love and Cheesecake, a lively hangout spot, has locations throughout Mumbai. This cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in an American-European style to its customers. It not only serves delicious and nutritious meals, but it also specialises in freshly prepared desserts. On this World Chocolate Day, you can indulge in the Belgian Chocolate Waffle with marshmallows, chilled vanilla ice cream, and maple syrup, or Chocolate OD, for a more traditional yet sinful chocolate treat.

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Chocolate tasting tour to Swiss

The space also houses the world’s largest ‘Chocolate Fountain’ which stands tall at 9m at the entrance of the building, as well as the world’s largest Lindt chocolate shop…writes Puja Gupta.

Are you a chocolate fan? Did you know that your favourite chocolate brands like Nestle, Lindt, Toblerone are all Swiss? Chocolates from this beautifully diverse country are famous across the world for a few reasons. Here they are:

Sweet History

The nation has a long history of excellence in chocolate making that goes back 200 years when Francois-Louis Cailler opened the first mechanized chocolate factory in Vevey in 1819.

He put into practice all the tricks he’d learnt as a trainee in Ticino with Italian chocolatiers. That was the start of Switzerland’s love affair with chocolate that continues even today with local chocolatiers still using traditional recipes handed down from generations. Though the Swiss chocolate industry is founded on tradition, it is always looking to break new ground which is one of the secrets of its success. In 1887, after many attempts, the Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter, created the original formula for what was to become the first successful milk chocolate in the entire world. Peter called his product, “Gala” from the Greek, which means, “from the milk”. Before this, Chocolate was not considered a delicacy. It was more of a nourishing and medicinal food because of its bitter taste. Apart from this, the Swiss have taught confectioners several new and important techniques like tempering of chocolate and conching to texture and flavour the chocolate that creates a melt-in-the-mouth experience.

Passionate Chocolatiers

Last year, one of the oldest Swiss chocolatiers in the world — Lindt, launched the ‘Home of Chocolate’ in Zurich. This 65,000 sq. ft., three-floor, multi-functional museum space dedicated only to chocolate, is devoted to the history and production of one of Switzerland’s most delectable exports. The space also houses the world’s largest ‘Chocolate Fountain’ which stands tall at 9m at the entrance of the building, as well as the world’s largest Lindt chocolate shop, a Lindt cafe, and a Lindt Chocolateria for people who like to make their own chocolate creations. An ode to chocoholic’s world over, this chocolate haven is yet another reason why we all need to add Switzerland to our travel bucket lists!

Chocolate Tours

Across Switzerland, travellers can experience different chocolate tasting tours in Zurich, Bern and Basel. One of the more unique and fun chocolate tours takes guests through Lavaux. On this route, travellers can go on a hike to learn more about the history of this sweet temptation while also savouring the delights of Grand Cru pralines en-route! One can also head to the Funky Chocolate Club in Interlaken to discover the art of chocolate making. The Club provides visitors with aprons, a chef’s hat and all the ingredients needed to step into the shoes of a real chocolatier and create a personalized Choco masterpiece!

In addition to the tours, the Montreux-Berner Oberland railway has dedicated a whole train to the world’s most irresistible temptation. The Chocolate train runs between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory at Broc and is a ‘must-do’ for those who want to satiate the ‘sweet tooth’ as well as for the railway and travel enthusiasts. With such an abundance of chocolate available across the country, it is not difficult to imagine that the Swiss are the biggest consumers of chocolate than any other nation in the world. They eat a record 11kgs of chocolate a year! No wonder then that they are a happy lot. Chocolate is known to have extremely soothing properties and is a known brain stimulator. So, the best thing to take your mind off morbid news and thoughts these days would be to grab a bar of Swiss chocolate, uplift your spirit and relax!

In the meanwhile, until you plan your next holiday to Switzerland, you can tease your taste buds and take a virtual tour of the Lindt museum here:

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