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First UAE Conference for Medical Education begins

The conference included three working sessions: clinical competence in the medical education sectors; definition of criteria and activities for professional development, and methods for health professionals to develop pedagogical practices…reports Asian Lite News

The first ‘UAE Conference for Medical Education’ was launched in Abu Dhabi. The conference is being hosted by the National Institute for Health Specialties (NIHS) attached to the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU).

The event is being organised in cooperation with the Accreditation Council for American Graduate Medical Education (ACGME-i), and in strategic partnership with the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

The conference was attended by Hussain Al-Rand, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health and Vice Chairman of NIHS Emirati Board of Directors, Prof. Ghaleb Al Breiki, UAEU Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Aws Al-Shamsan, Secretary General of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, Dr. Mohammed Al Houqani, NIHS Secretary General, Deans of Medicine from universities across the country, and representatives from the UAE’s health sector, government, and medical education organisations.

In his opening welcome speech, Dr. Hussein Al-Rand placed emphasis on the significance of the first medical education in the UAE, pointing out that it is an important achievement for the UAE health sector.

He said that it provides an exceptional platform for decision-makers, leaders, Deans and graduates of Colleges of Medicine to exchange knowledge with experts in the field of medical education. It contributes to enhancing knowledge and practices in line with contemporary standards and to the development of the health sector. It helps prepare medical education organisations for external evaluation and institutional and programme accreditation processes. This ensures the continuous scientific and professional development of medical professionals across different health specialities.

Dr. Wadia Mohammed, Director of Medical Education and Research at DHA, explained the importance of the conference as an opportunity for medical education professionals from the public and private sectors to present contemporary effective practices in the field of medical education, to exchange knowledge and experiences, and to evolve medical education in line with the highest international standards.

Dr. Mohammed Al Houqani, added, “Providing world-class healthcare is one of the six pillars of the UAE’s National Agenda, and represents the Government’s continuous efforts to promote the well-being of the UAE community. We are pleased that NIHS has an important role in supporting the Government’s strategy for raising scientific and professional standards in the health sector and enhancing the outcomes of medical and clinical education and training programmes.”

Dr. Ghanim Al Hassani, SEHA Director of Academic Affairs said, “SEHA pays great attention to medical education to ensure that we progress in line with the vision of the UAE’s leadership that the UAE should be at the forefront in all fields, including medical education. Our challenge is to keep pace with remarkable acceleration of development and innovation in the global health sector. Medical education and scientific research must now embrace technology, the delivery of hybrid training programmes, simulated learning, the use of educational robots, and fields of increasingly specialised precision. The field of medical education is the basis for providing optimal healthcare to the community.”

The conference included three working sessions: clinical competence in the medical education sectors; definition of criteria and activities for professional development, and methods for health professionals to develop pedagogical practices.

The conference also hosted a workshop for representatives of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties to review its experience in formulating training requirements in the field of nursing.

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SPECIAL: 6th Annual World Music Conference

The conference featured the winning poster, poetry, and drawing entries submitted by young people from across the globe in relation to the conference theme…reports Asian Lite News

Music to promote physical health in children and adolescents.”- a global initiative to raise awareness of obesity and build a platform for positive child health outcomes through music.

The 6th Annual World Music Conference received the blessings and good wishes from His majesty King Charles III.

The World Music Conference (WMC) organised by the British Carnatic Choir is the flagship event in the Midlands. It brings together professionals of all age groups, race, and career backgrounds, to share values, practices, and knowledge, with the aim of promoting peace and unity.

Childhood Obesity is a common risk factor for numerous non-communicable diseases, The global incidence of obesity in younger individuals, is on the rise, despite the modifiable nature of the disease-causing behaviours and habits. As such, obesity is a growing public health concern.

The aim of the conference is to help raise awareness of childhood obesity incidence and increase awareness of creative education to tackle this, i.e., using music to empower young individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices, reducing the incidence of obesity, and obesity-related disorders. The conference theme focused on the impact that music can have on obesity prevention and control, considering the three main modifiable risk factors

  • Psychological factors
  • Physical Activity
  • Diet and Nutrition

We wanted to encourage kids to make autonomous choices that will improve their health for a lifetime. Music, movement, and dancing are fun ways to help them learn. This was achieved using an interdisciplinary platform of leading musicians, healthcare professionals, teachers, and most importantly, children, to share and exchange experiences and information surrounding the conference theme. The conference featured Keynote speakers and guest speakers – Miss Sruthi Ramakrishnan, FRAS, Dr. Shagun Bindlish, Dr. Akil Taher, Professor Samuel Quinto, FRSA, Dr. Pallavi Vedantam, Ms. Riddhi Doshi Patel, Professor Sandeep Ranote, FRCPsych; they emphasised the importance of healthy lifestyles in young people and how music can help in achieving this.

The conference featured the winning poster, poetry, and drawing entries submitted by young people from across the globe in relation to the conference theme.

“Participants, including young people, were encouraged to learn and gain insights into the importance of music and its role in adopting a healthier lifestyle and how helps us all to establish a strong sense of personal identity. We are delighted to receive the excellent support from various professional organisations from across the U.K. and elsewhere to address and convey this important message to far and many.”

Dr Chithra Ramakrishnan, MBE, FRSA, FRAS, Founder, Director, British Carnatic Choir, Founder, Curator, World Music Conference             

Dr. Chithra Ramakrishnan, MBE, FRSA FRAS – Founder Director, British Carnatic Choir.

“Another 12 months has passed us by so quickly and the time has come to celebrate this year’s wonderful annual World Music Conference. The focus as always is on younger members of our community, but with a particular emphasis this year on physical health, mental well-being and the power of music and dance to motivate children to make sound lifestyle choices. I know that this will be a reliably inspirational event and I send my very best wishes to everyone involved.”

Mr. John Crabtree, OBE, His majesty’s Lord lieutenant of the West Midlands

His Majesty’s Lord lieutenant of West Midlands, Mr, John Crabtree, OBE

The conference is organised by the British Carnatic Choir, under the patronage of the UNESCO UK, in partnership with Consul General of India in Birmingham, West Midlands Combined Authority, Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, ABCC, and a host of premier institutions and corporates from across the UK and abroad. The UK National Commission for UNESCO is proud to support this year’s World Music Conference and the important mission of its 6th event – to promote the impact of music on weight-related child health.

We warmly commend the organisers & participants in supporting this global movement about the influence of music on health and its powerful potential to communicate these ideas positively. UNESCO’s role is to help build understanding between people and countries and the World’s Music Conference clearly contributes this goal.”

James Bridge, Chief Executive and Secretary General, UK National Commission for UNESCO

MS. Riddhi Doshi Patel- Guest Speaker

I am delighted that Dr Chithra Ramakrishnan has organised another excellent conference to raise awareness of obesity and build a platform for positive child health outcomes through music on 10th December 2022. I congratulate Dr Ramakrishnan and her team for organising this excellent conference in addressing the huge challenges faced by young people and using music as a medium to promote physical health in children and adolescents. I wish the event a great success.”

Dr Paul Sabapathy, CVO CBE, Her Majesty’s Former Lord Lieutenant of West Midlands, Patron, British Carnatic Choir

The conference also hosted the virtual annual awards ceremony: 8th British Carnatic Choir Awards for Arts and Culture 2022. The British Carnatic Choir (BCC) Arts and Culture Awards reflect the wealth of great art and culture around us and the people who add more value and bring a positive change in our society. The awards are designed to recognize artists, scholars, art organisations and individuals in support of museum, heritage sites and cultural entrepreneurs who have excelled through their creativity and commitment.

The distinguished awardees for 2022 are:

  1. Mr. Alfons Karabuda –accomplished Swedish composer with more than 30 years of experience in the music industry. He is the President of the International Music Council and chairman of the Polar Music Prize Award Committee and member of the board.
  • Professor David Wilson – Director of Bradford UNESCO City of Film and is an expert advisor to the UK Commission to UNESCO on the development of creative cities. He is an international ambassador for the creative cities programme, regularly speaking and presents at film, business and community events on culture and sustainable development.
  • Conductor Charalampos Makris – Conductor and Director of Studies at Palli Philharmonic School of Music, Cephalonia, Honorary Conductor of the Korean K Orchestra, member of the coordinating committee of the Hellenic Philharmonic Society, and advanced theory Professor at the Conservatory of the Holy Metropolis of Peristeri in Athens.

“The World Music Conference is the flagship music conference of the West Midlands, music to promote wellbeing in youngsters and adults and looking particularly how music can be part of a lifestyle to address obesity in young people. The conference has had acclaim across the world and international leadership, as well as music practitioners

 I wish everyone involved in this year’s event all the very best.”  Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands, “As a Patron of the British Carnatic Choir, I wish great success to all the members and the panel involved with the World music Conference.” Cllr Maureen Cornish, Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

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