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DEWA’s Commitment to Customer Experience, Sustainability, and Service Excellence

DEWA provides many digital services and smart tools to help customers better understand and manage their electricity and water consumption…reports Asian Lite News

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is dedicated to enhancing the customer experience through the adoption of digital solutions and AI across its services and operations. With a focus on providing proactive, advanced, and seamlessly integrated digital services, DEWA aims to surpass customer expectations. Additionally, DEWA is deeply committed to sustainability, actively working to reduce its carbon footprint. To ensure service excellence, DEWA implements the ‘Services 360’ policy, which involves analyzing and measuring service maturity levels over a three-year plan (2023-2025), aligning with the master plan of the General Secretariat of the Executive Council of Dubai Government.

Implementing the ‘Services 360’ approach has led to tangible results: service automation reached 100%, self-services that do not require physical presence reached 100%, digital adoption of DEWA’s services reached 99.2%, customer happiness reached 98.3%, and service quality reached 95%. In 2023, DEWA’s digital services achieved savings of AED 470 million for customers and AED 35 million for DEWA, in addition to avoiding 41,470 tonnes of carbon emissions.

“In line with our ongoing efforts to serve customers and make them happier, we are keen to provide innovative digital services that allow customers to conduct their transactions anytime, anywhere. This saves their time and efforts and supports DEWA’s strategy for sustainability and environmental protection by reducing the consumption of natural resources. DEWA has achieved notable success in implementing the ‘Services 360’ approach. In the first phase of the implementation, 15 out of 22 services met all standards, exceeding 300% of the targets of the first phase for 2023. The ‘Services 360’ policy provides a roadmap and work plan for government departments in Dubai to provide seamless, proactive, and integrated services that focus on the customers, meet their needs, and enhance their experience in receiving the services, supporting the ‘one government’ concept,” said HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA.

Digital services and smart tools

DEWA provides many digital services and smart tools to help customers better understand and manage their electricity and water consumption. DEWA’s ‘Smart Living’ dashboard enables customers to monitor their daily, monthly, and yearly consumption; ‘My Sustainable Living Programme’ allows them to compare their consumption with similar highly efficient homes and provides customised tips to manage their consumption efficiently; ‘Away Mode’ allows customers to receive consumption reports when they are not at home; and the ‘Consumption Assessment Tool’ provides a detailed report after filling out the consumption assessment. In addition, DEWA provides a wide range of special offers and discounts to its customers through the DEWA Store, in collaboration with many public and private sector companies. The offers encourage customers to adopt a smart and sustainable lifestyle and help transform their houses into smart homes.

‘Services 360’ policy

The ‘Services 360’ policy focuses on eight main principles that unify work streams in providing services across government entities. The principles include a digital-first experience based on the provision of digital and real-time services, as well as adopting a digital identity (UAE Pass) as a unified entry system, while providing full support to the customer. They also include proactive services that enhance communication with customers to anticipate their needs for the services and respond accordingly, ultimately reducing the efforts made by the customers. Additionally, the policy entails an integrated data and services system that minimises data requirements from the customer and facilitates services by connecting databases among government entities, as well as unified and customised channels built based on the customer’s preference and made available 24/7.

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