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Pure Periodontics: Trusted Destination For Top-Tier Periodontal Care In London

Dr. Neesha Patel, the esteemed Clinical Director at Pure Periodontics, stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of periodontal care in London. Widely acclaimed as one of the city’s premier specialists in periodontal disease, she has garnered recognition for her exceptional skills and commitment to advancing oral health. With Specialist status in Periodontics conferred by the General Dental Council, Dr. Patel has solidified her reputation as a leader in the field. A feature by columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International.

This esteemed recognition underscores her comprehensive knowledge and expertise in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases affecting the supporting structures of the teeth.

Dr Neesha Patel previously served as a Consultant Periodontist at King’s College Hospital, where she played a pivotal role in educating and mentoring emerging professionals in the dental field.

Dr Neesha Patel

Dr. Patel’s journey is punctuated by a series of accolades, with numerous awards in restorative dentistry and oral surgery adorning her illustrious career. These accolades are a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence and her continuous pursuit of advancing dental practices.

As the Clinical Director at Pure Periodontics, Dr. Neesha Patel leads with a vision for personalised, patient-centric care. Her clinic is renowned for its commitment to excellence, innovative practices, and a compassionate approach to periodontal health. Under her guidance, Pure Periodontics has become a beacon of comprehensive, cutting-edge care, setting the standard for periodontal services in London.

Dr. Patel’s expertise extends beyond the clinic. Her dedication to patient education empowers individuals to take an active role in their oral health, emphasising preventive measures and long-term strategies for overall well-being. Dr. Neesha Patel’s influence in periodontal care not only reflects her present standing as a leader in the field but also anticipates a future where optimal oral health is achievable for all.

Pure Periodontics, situated in the heart of the City of London, stands as a beacon of excellence in periodontal care. As a specialist practice, the clinic prides itself on its patient-centric approach, ensuring exceptional outcomes and a focus on long-term oral health. Led by a team of experienced and dynamic professionals, Pure Periodontics goes beyond traditional gum-focused treatments.

Embracing a holistic approach, the well equipped clinic addresses the prevention and treatment of oral periodontal disease. This comprehensive strategy equips patients with the tools and techniques necessary to maintain optimal oral hygiene and uphold the results of their treatments over the long term.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of Pure Periodontics’ philosophy. The clinic
works closely with referring practices, considering itself an extension of
their teams. This collaborative ethos ensures seamless and integrated care for patients, reinforcing the clinic’s commitment to excellence.

The expert team at Pure Periodontics maintains an unwavering dedication to clinical standards. Constantly striving to remain at the forefront of
emerging evidence and technical advancements, the clinic ensures that
patients receive the most innovative and effective treatments available.

One of the distinguishing features of Pure Periodontics is the diversity in clinical backgrounds within the team. This diversity allows for a multi-faceted approach to patient care, drawing on the varied expertise of each
discipline to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Furthermore, the majority of the team members at every level are educators in their own right, conducting courses in their respective areas
of expertise. This commitment to education not only reflects the team’s passion for continuous learning but also provides patients with the
assurance that they are in the hands of professionals who are leaders in their field.

Pure Periodontics embodies a commitment to excellence, collaboration, and ongoing education, making it a trusted destination for top-tier periodontal care in the City of London. Great and supportive staff, comfortable environment and set up, easy access to transport links, seamless appointment booking processes, great care; all in all- Highly Recommended!

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