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Opulent Desserts: Torte by Chef Rhea

Torte, which means cake in German, is a European cloud patisserie founded by – then – 29-year-old, Chef Rhea Wadhawan, in 2019. Opulence is synonymous with each and every dessert that’s made at Torte today, writes FnB Columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International

After obtaining a Degree in Leather Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, Rhea Wadhawan didn’t restrict her designing just to products.  Soon realising her inclination towards food and desserts, she knew she wanted to design food but it also had to taste the best. To hone her skills she enrolled herself in Scafa, a culinary school in Dubai.

As you scroll down their website, each of their creations is supremely unique with experimental flavour profiles, and high-quality ingredients yet creating a sense of nostalgia. The irony of her being diagnosed with gluten intolerance, while in culinary school, pushed her to ensure a complete care package of her food without compromising on the experience, taste and aesthetics.

OPULENT DESERTS: Torte by Chef Rhea

 “While my gluten intolerance made sure I constantly doubted my abilities to build my dessert brand, constant motivation and constructive feedback have been my driving factor to keep going,” said Rhea.

Bringing her two worlds of design and food together, Chef Rhea creates classic European desserts with a blend of modern techniques.

Living up to its name, Torte specialises in experimental yet nostalgic desserts – flavours that take you to Europe. Along with prioritizing flavour, quality and regard for tradition, it also celebrates seasonal produce.