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Russia ‘prepared for worst’ over US ties

After a break, it seems like the Washington-Moscow relations are deteriorating to its worst as both the leaders are trading jabs after the release of US intelligence report, reports Asian Lite News

The Kremlin said that it hoped for the best regarding relations between Russia and the US, yet it was also “prepared for the worst”.

President Vladimir Putin has already made it clear that Russia wished to maintain its relations with the US as this would be of advantage for the rest of the world, Xinhua news agency quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying on Friday.

Nevertheless, “we cannot fail to take into account” US President Joe Biden’s words, Peskov added.

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The Kremlin’s remarks came amid escalating Moscow-Washington tensions after a US intelligence report on Tuesday, accusing Russia of “denigrating” Biden’s candidacy during the elections to increase support for former President Donald Trump.

US President Joe Biden (Photo – @POTUS)

Peskov has stressed once again that those claims of Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2020 US elections were baseless and regretful, calling them just another pretext for additional sanctions.

On Thursday, Putin told local media that he would like to invite Biden to an online meeting to continue their discussions of bilateral ties.

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“I want to invite President Biden to continue our discussions, but on the condition that we do this actually live, as they say, online,” he said.

The discussions could be held soon, and the Kremlin is ready at any time convenient for the White House, Putin said, adding that he would give relevant instructions to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and then US President Donald Trump at the 2017 G20 Hamburg Summit

Earlier that day, Putin said that the US has to take into account Russia’s interests and Moscow is capable of protecting them.

He emphasised that Russia is prepared to work with the US in fields of mutual interest, but only on terms that are favourable for Moscow.

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