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Karnataka tops list of AIF under startup scheme

The Government with an intent to build a strong ecosystem for nurturing innovation, startups and encouraging private investments in the startup ecosystem of the country launched Startup India initiative on January 16, 2016…writes Kumar Vikram

Nearly 88 per cent of the investments made by Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) under the Startups FFS (Fund for Funds) Scheme have gone to five states. Karnataka has topped the list of states with an investment of Rs 4,687 crore out of the total investment of Rs 14,077 crore spread across the country.

The Fund of Funds for Startups (FFS) Scheme was approved and established in 2016 with a corpus of Rs 10,000 crore, with contribution spread over the 14th and 15th Finance Commission cycle based on progress of implementation, to provide a much-needed boost to the Indian startup ecosystem and enable access to domestic capital.

As on December 31, 2022, under FFS, Rs 7,980 crore has been committed to 99 AIFs and Rs 3,400 crore has been disbursed to 72 AIFs which have in turn made investments of Rs 14,077 crore in 791 startups.

The government data said that while Karnataka got an investment of Rs 4687 crore for 240 startups under the scheme, Maharashtra’s 176 startups received an investment of Rs 3,426 crore and Delhi’s 138 startups got Rs 2,254 crore.

Similarly, in Haryana 60 startups received an investment of Rs 1,148 crore and in Tamil Nadu, 29 startups got an investment of Rs 826 crore.

Under FFS, the Scheme does not directly invest in startups, instead it provides capital to SEBI-registered Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), known as daughter funds, who in turn invest money in growing Indian startups through equity and equity-linked instruments.

The Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has been given the mandate of operating this Fund through selection of suitable daughter funds and overseeing the disbursal of committed capital. AIFs supported under FFS are required to invest at least two times of the amount committed under FFS in startups.

The Government with an intent to build a strong ecosystem for nurturing innovation, startups and encouraging private investments in the startup ecosystem of the country launched Startup India initiative on January 16, 2016.

The flagship Schemes including Fund of Funds for Startups (FFS), Startup India Seed Fund Scheme (SISFS) and Credit Guarantee Scheme for Startups (CGSS) support startups at various stages of their business cycle to enable startups to graduate to a level where they are able to raise investments from angel investors or venture capitalists or seek loans from commercial banks or financial institutions.

Officials said that over 50 regulatory reforms have been undertaken by the Government since 2016 to enhance ease of doing business, ease of raising capital and reduce compliance burden for the startup ecosystem.

Besides, to enable ease of procurement, Central Ministries and Departments have been directed to relax conditions of prior turnover and prior experience in public procurement for all DPIIT recognised startups subject to meeting quality and technical specifications. Further, Government e-Marketplace (GeM) Startup Runway has been developed which is a dedicated corner for startups to sell products and services directly to the Government.

The Government also implements flagship annual exercises and programs including States’ Startup Ranking, National Startup Awards and Innovation Week which play an important role in holistic development of the startup ecosystem. The Government also facilitates participation and engagement of the Indian startup ecosystem at international platforms.

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G20 environment group meeting concludes in Bengaluru

The first meeting of the ECSWG marks the beginning of constructive discussions within G20 countries for a sustainable future, led by India’s G20 presidency…reports Asian Lite News

The first G20 Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group (ECSWG) meeting concluded in Bengaluru on Saturday on a positive note with all G20 countries showing interest and commitment to constructively work towards the objective of the three priority areas of Arresting Land Degradation, Accelerating Ecosystem Restoration and Enriching Biodiversity; Promoting a Sustainable and Climate Resilient Blue Economy and Encouraging Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy.

The first meeting of the ECSWG marks the beginning of constructive discussions within G20 countries for a sustainable future, led by India’s G20 presidency. The three-day meeting of the ECSWG from February 9 to February 11, 2023, was led by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Government of India.

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change said in a statement that the meeting began with a side event centred around sharing of best practices for ecosystem restoration of forest fire and mining-affected areas followed by a visit to the Bannerghatta National Park and Kalkere Arboretum to showcase the forest ecosystems of Karnataka, ecosystem restoration and ecotourism models, as well as wildlife protection.

The second day started with an inaugural address by the Union Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs and Petroleum and Natural Gas, Hardeep Puri.

After that, the welcome address was delivered by Secretary, MoEFCC, Leena Nandan. She highlighted that India intends to address matters of environment and climate change through an action-oriented and consensus-driven approach.

“The ECSWG will work in close collaboration with other G20 key working groups to holistically address issues relating to environment, sustainability and climate change,” she said.

The discussions during the first half of the second day revolved around methods to restore land-based ecosystems affected by anthropogenic causes and enhancement of the Global Biodiversity Framework.

In the second half, discussions were held on the creation of circular economies in various sectors including steel and biowaste and the role of extended producer’s responsibility in the creation of a circular economy.

The idea of a G20 industry coalition for resource efficiency and the circular economy was also tabled.

The sessions saw the enthusiastic participation of delegates from all countries.

During this session, the Joint Secretary of the G20 Secretariat, Eenam Gambhir, made a presentation on the proposed High-Level Principles of LiFE and the Green Development Pact as potential deliverables, being steered by the Development Working Group.

A cultural event was organized in the evening to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka and provided a unique ‘India’ experience to the delegates who had arrived from 29 Countries.

The third and last day commenced with the session focusing on the theme of ‘Sustainable and Climate Resilient Blue Economy’.

The opening remarks were made by the Secretary, the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Dr M Ravichandran.

The Oceans and Blue Economy discussions covered a range of issues including marine litter, conservation and enhancement of coastal and marine ecosystems and marine spatial planning, over three meetings and one side event. The focus of discussions was on the problem of marine plastic litter and its adverse impacts.

The Presidency presented the inception report of the technical study on ‘Accelerating the transition to Sustainable and Climate Resilient Blue Economy’ that would cover all G20 Countries and provide inputs for the development of high-level principles on ‘Sustainable and Climate Resilient Blue Economy’.

It was also mentioned that Indian Presidency would publish the 5th report on actions against marine plastic litter under the G20 Framework for Marine Plastic Litter, in collaboration with Japan.

Delegates expressed support for actions for sustainable use of ocean resources, prevention of pollution and littering and for protection and enhancement of biodiversity.

These are critical for building resilience to climate impacts and maintaining the carbon sequestration potential of oceans, besides contributing to a thriving blue economy that would support the livelihoods of local coastal communities.

Towards the concluding session, it was highlighted that the Indian Presidency plans to convene an Ocean 20 dialogue to facilitate detailed discussion on important aspects of Blue Economy.

The Indian Presidency also announced a coordinated beach cleaning event to be conducted on May 21, 2023, on the sidelines of the Ocean 20 dialogue to emphasize the importance of action on marine litter and community participation.

The importance of LiFE (Lifestyles for Environment) Principles was highlighted, as behaviour changes to encourage the use of sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, prevention of littering etc. would contribute to clean and healthy oceans.

The discussions during this meeting will be taken forward at the 2nd ECSWG meeting, scheduled for March 27-29, 2023, at Gandhinagar. (ANI)

‘Cryptocurrency is under discussion with G20 nations’

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Saturday that crypto is 99 per cent technology. It is “under discussion with G20 nations,” if all countries could achieve a standard operating procedure that will be effective while following a regulatory framework, she added.

Addressing a press meet after addressing the Central Board of Directors of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in the customary post-Budget meeting on Saturday, the Finance Minister said, “If regulation has to happen, then a different country alone cannot do anything. We are talking to all countries about whether we will be able to make any standard operating procedure. So that if everyone follows that path and we create a regulatory framework, will we be able to remain effective? All this is a topic in discussion. Discussions on this subject with the G20 countries are on.”

Responding to a question on the new income tax regime announced in the Union Budget 2023, the Minister said the simple step of trying to leave some money in the hands of the middle-class leads to a lot of inferences. “We had said earlier we will simplify and reduce income tax rates, that’s where it is,” the minister said.

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das said that interest rates have just moved into positive territory, negative interest rates for a long period can create instability. “The annual export target of USD 400 billion will be achieved,” he added.

Responding to a question on the draft Bill for National Financial Information Registry (NFIR), the Governor said that draft NFIR Bill should be ready soon. The proposal for setting up a credit repository was discussed by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman at the meeting of the Financial Stability and Development Council in September.

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Bengaluru gears up for 1st G20 Working Group meeting on environment

The discussions will focus on the agenda ‘Promotion of Blue Economy along with Coastal Sustainability’, ‘Restoration of Degraded Lands and Ecosystems’ and ‘Enhancement of Biodiversity’ and ‘Strengthening of Circular Economy’….reports Asian Lite News

As part of the India’s G20 presidency, Bengaluru all set to host working group meeting on environment and climate sustainability. The first G20 Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group (ECSWG) Meeting under India’s G20 presidency will be held on February 9-11 in Bengaluru.

India will be holding the Presidency of G20 for one year till November 30, 2023. The forum will bring together the G20 member countries, guest countries and international organisations invited by India. Through the Sherpa Track, 13 Working Groups and two Initiatives will meet under India’s Presidency to discuss priorities and provide recommendations.
Environment, Climate and Sustainability is a working group under the Sherpa Track.

According to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, the discussions at ECSWG will focus on the agenda ‘Promotion of Blue Economy along with Coastal Sustainability’, ‘Restoration of Degraded Lands and Ecosystems’ and ‘Enhancement of Biodiversity’ and ‘Strengthening of Circular Economy’.

Leading to the first Meeting in Bengaluru, Mysuru Zoo in coordination with Central Zoo Authority organised a two-day National Conference for Zoo Directors of India on January 18-19. The Mysuru zoo was chosen as a venue to focus on best practices in zoo management. It is one of two self-sustaining zoos in India with the unique concept of adoption of Zoo animals, which started in this zoo. The conference mainly focused on ‘Master Planning and Building the National Capacity for species Management and Conservation Breeding’.

Preparations in full swing for G20 meeting in Kashmir

As many as 59 participants from 25 states and a union territory participated in this conference.

For preparedness and better coordination, a meeting between Leena Nandan, secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) and Vandita Sharma, chief secretary to Karnataka government was held on Saturday in Bengaluru. Aspects pertaining to branding, security, venue management, and cultural events showcasing Karnataka’s traditions etc and other logistic arrangements were deliberated upon.

Nandan requested the state government to provide branding spaces at prominent locations for highlighting the meeting. While appreciating the ambience of Bengaluru and its green environs, the Union Secretary also requested the Chief Secretary to facilitate an excursion tour of the G20 delegates to Bannerghatta Biological Park.

The Union Secretary, during her discussions with the Chief Secretary, highlighted and appreciated the innovative Information Technology solutions devised by the Karnataka State Forest Department to ensure faster delivery of public services and real-time monitoring of natural resources. One key initiative is e-Parihara, an online application that helps in processing and sanctioning ex-gratia claims in cases of man-animal conflicts; thus, bringing transparency and efficiency in processing claims.

Similarly, e-Gastu an Android-based platform captures forest patrolling/field activities undertaken by frontline staff of the forest department, which can be visualized by supervisory officers over satellite imageries, on regular basis. Likewise, e-timber facility provides near real-time wood stock available in government timber depots and enables e-auction facilities for timber/ other forest produce in government timber depots.

According to the official statement, the Geo-Spatial Forest Information System developed by the Karnataka Forest Department is a unique platform which uses Remote Sensing and GIS technology and provides a spatial database of all notified forest lands in the State, providing access to the forest land notifications, village maps, forest maps and digitised notified forest at the cadastral level. The Forest Fire Management System is a comprehensive solution for planning, mitigation and analysis of forest fire which provides forest fire risk zonation mapping, fire start vulnerability mapping, burnt area assessment along with a robust system for dissemination of active forest fire alerts to ensure that all fire incidences are addressed and mitigated in a time bound manner.

The G20 delegates are scheduled to visit the Kalkere Arboretum and Bannerghatta Biological Park in Bengaluru. At Kalkere, the delegates will have an opportunity to visualize and experience four predominant forest ecosystems of Karnataka state. The State Forest Department will also showcase the forest restoration models adopted in these ecosystems and the successful revival of faunal biodiversity in these areas.

The Bannerghatta Biological Park will showcase the state-of-art butterfly park and animal safaris to the delegates. The Karnataka Forest Department will also highlight the flagship ecotourism model, the Jungle Lodges Resort, which is extremely popular for nature lovers, globally.

The commissioner of Tourism stated that the rich legacy of Karnataka handicrafts and textiles would be showcased through the pavilions at the venue. The secretary, Culture stated that the artistic depiction of Karnataka by nadeswaram, performance by the Ayana Dance Company and the flute recital by Sumukha Rao are planned.

These events will showcase the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Karnataka, ensuring that the delegates carry a flavour of Karnataka with them. (ANI)

c heritage of Karnataka, ensuring that the delegates carry a flavour of Karnataka with them. (ANI)

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Bengaluru kicks off Millets & Organics Int’l Trade Fair

Millets & Organics 2023 – International Trade Fair started at Thripuravasini in Bengaluru on Friday.

The three-day event has been divided in multiple segments including Exhibition, Pavilion and B2B networking.

The trade fair is a platform for farmers, farmer groups, domestic and international companies, central and state institutions in organic and millet sector to connect and explore opportunities in agriculture, horticulture, processing, machinery and agri-technology.

The inauguration of the international conference was done by Shobha Karandlaje, Union Minister of State, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare.

In her address to the farmers and other participants, she called for cultivation of quality millets with optimal use of pesticides that can be taken to international platform which would help them in gaining competitive prices for their produce. The Government’s commitment to increase farmers’ income can be seen through significant rise, witnessed in agriculture exports.

Some of the key highlights from the fair included more than 250 stalls, millet and organic food court, buyer seller meets, international expo and conference, consumer connect, farmers workshop, cooking, drawing and quiz competitions, demonstration of millet recipes, among others. The key products on display during the fair were millets, organics and natural range, certified wild harvest produce, millet processing machinery, organic cereals and pulses, bio-degradable packaging, eco-friendly products, etc.

The exhibition segment of the event was inaugurated by Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

The Government of Karnataka has been a leader in promotion of millets – The first Organics and Millets Fair was held in 2017, the second and third editions in 2018 and 2019 in Bengaluru.

Speaking on the occasion, Kailash Choudhary, Union Minister of State, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare said that the budget allocation towards farmers has increased 6 times under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Additionally, he also said that the country is focussed on developing 10,000 FPOs and aiding farmers in setting up sorting and grading units, along with production of value-added products which are export ready. He emphasized that consumption of millets is the solution to malnutrition, which will also benefit farmers to get better livelihood and increased income.

Ms. Shubha Thakur, JS (Crops), Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare appreciated the model of Karnataka State Government in millets promotion. She said, “Karnataka has been distributing millet grains through the PDS system, organising district-wise kisan mela. Further to that, farmers in Karnataka have helped boost food production, especially during the covid pandemic, by cultivating millets.” She also added that, in the coming year, National Food Security Mission (NFSM) programme will be reconstituted to the National Food and Nutrition Security Mission, paving the way for millets to reach the global forum.

With the aim to generate mass awareness, increase production, productivity and strengthen the value-chain towards promote ‘golden grain’ Millets as the avenue to food & nutritional security, accepting Government of India’s proposal, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets (IYM) – 2023. The declaration has been instrumental for the Government of India to be at the forefront in celebrating the IYM 2023 in a grand manner. Honourable PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi has also shared his vision to make IYM 2023 a ‘People’s Movement’ alongside positioning India as the ‘Global Hub for Millets’.

‘Millets’ were among the first crops to be domesticated in India with several evidence of its’ consumption during the Indus valley civilization. Various types of Millets, currently being grown around the world, were first cultivated in India. Being grown in more than 130 countries currently, Millets are considered traditional food for more than half a billion people across Asia and Africa. In India, millets are primarily a kharif crop, requiring less water and agricultural inputs than other similar staples. Millets are important by virtue of their mammoth potential to generate livelihood, increase farmers’ income, and ensure food & nutritional security all over the world.

Towards this endeavour, through a collaborative approach, the Government of India urges everyone including the Indian embassies, International Organizations, Academia, Chefs, Media, Indian Diaspora, Start-up communities, Civil Society, and all others in the Millets value-chain; to come forward and join hands to revive the forgotten glory of ‘Miracle Millets’ through the grand celebration of International year of Millets – 2023.

(India Narrative)

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Chandru is new Deputy High Commissioner for Karnataka and Kerala

In his role as Deputy High Commissioner, Iyer is responsible for all aspects of the U.K.’s engagement in the two South Indian States…reports Asian Lite News

Chandru is new Deputy High Commissioner for Karnataka and Kerala

Chandru Iyer has been appointed as Deputy High Commissioner to Karnataka and Kerala, said a release from the office of the British Deputy High Commission on Tuesday.

In addition, he is also Deputy Trade Commissioner for Investment for South Asia with a mandate to further strengthen and promote the U.K. as a preferred destination for foreign direct investment from India and the wider region.

In his role as Deputy High Commissioner, Iyer is responsible for all aspects of the U.K.’s engagement in the two South Indian States. The role includes promoting business and trade links, strengthening scientific, technological and education cooperation and working with partners to tackle climate change.

Iyer previously worked with leading global professional services firm Grant Thornton as Head of Business Development for its South Asia Group. He is an international business development specialist with extensive experience in international trade and investment.

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K’taka Cabinet clears ordinance hiking reservation

As many as 103 communities classified as SCs and and 56 communities among STs would benefit from the hike in reservations….reports Asian Lite News

The Karnataka cabinet, chaired by Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, on Thursday decided to promulgate an ordinance to raise reservations for Scheduled Castes (SCs) by 2 per cent and for Scheduled Tribes (STs) by 4 per cent.

“Today, my cabinet has taken an historic decision of approving the ordinance on hiking the reservation for my brothers and sisters from SC/ST community from 15% to 17% and 3% to 7%, respectively. This historic decision will bring light and shine into their lives and uplift them by providing adequate opportunity in education and employment,” Bommai said.

Briefing media after the cabinet meeting, state Law and Parliamentary Affairs minister J.C. Madhuswamy said the file on reservation would be submitted to Governor Thaawar Chand Gehlot for approval.

As many as 103 communities classified as SCs and and 56 communities among STs would benefit from the hike in reservations.

Madhuswamy opined that the courts would rule in favour of the government in the event of the cabinet’s decision being legally challenged. The move to increase the reservation for SC/STs by the state government will mean that reservation will cross the Supreme Court’s 50 per cent limit and touch 56 per cent in Karnataka.

The BJP government in Karnataka decided to increase the quota based on a report prepared by a committee headed by retired High Court judge H.N. Nagmohan Das.

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Rumours of CM change rattle Karnataka BJP

He said that the leadership change has been carried out before by the high command even though there is only a short time left for the assembly elections…reports Asian Lite News

The ruling BJP in Karnataka is in damage control mode following rumours of Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai being replaced. The BJP which is yet to recover from the wrath of party workers and Hindu activists following the murder of Praveen Kumar Nettare, a BJP Yuva Morcha member, now has the task of clarifying over the leadership issue when assembly elections are just 8 months away.

Sources in the BJP stated that the issue cropped up with the statement of Suresh Gowda, former MLA from Tumakuru constituency. Gowda, known as the blue eyed boy of Union Minister for State Shobha Karandlaje from Karnataka hinted that there could be changes in the leadership before August 15.

He said that the leadership change has been carried out before by the high command even though there is only a short time left for the assembly elections.

Following this, the opposition Congress which has gained momentum after the massive birthday bash of Siddaramaiah organised by the party, hit out at the Karnataka BJP over the leadership change issue.

The Congress on its social media handle stated that Karnataka will see its third CM soon as it had seen in the previous tenure of the BJP government. It said that senior leaders and cabinet members have chosen to be tight-lipped after the visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah to Bengaluru recently for the same reason.

Sources in the BJP revealed that Bommai does not enjoy the support he once used to. Amit Shah had declared that the assembly elections would be fought under the leadership of Bommai to the chagrin of many CM aspirants.

It is an open secret here that many hardcore Hindutva proponents within the party dislike Bommai and want a change in leadership. However, the high command is treading cautiously over the issue, sources said.

Former Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa stated on Wednesday that there are rumours that there will be changes in the CM’s post. Such a question does not arise. Basavaraj Bommai will continue as CM for another 8 months, he clarified.

Minister for Revenue R Ashok said that Bommai will be the face of the saffron party going into the assembly elections. “If you (Congress) have the capacity declare the CM candidate before elections,” he said.

BJP state president Nalin Kumar Kateel also backed Basavaraj Bommai and stated that he would be the CM till the end of his tenure and there is no question of a change in leadership.

Sources in the BJP stated that anything can happen as Yediyurappa is fully focused on launching his son B Y Vijayendra. The high command is totally focused on winning the assembly elections on a Hindutva plank.

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Karnataka to expand cabinet by Aug first week

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai would visit Delhi on Sunday (July 24) and top leaders are expected to give green signal to the exercise of cabinet expansion…reports Asian Lite News

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Karnataka has finally decided to take up the long-pending task of Cabinet expansion. According to party sources, the high command has taken a call on the issue, and the expansion is likely to be done by the first week of August.

Former ministers — K.S. Eshwarappa and Ramesh Jarkiholi who had resigned following serious allegations, are most likely to get cabinet berth, party sources said.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai would visit Delhi on Sunday (July 24) and top leaders are expected to give green signal to the exercise of cabinet expansion, according to BJP sources.

The “aspirants” are demanding the expansion in the view of upcoming state assembly elections of 2023, which is less than 10 months away.

Even as there was a wait for Rajya Sabha elections to get over, and some leaders were asking to wait until the elections of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, the party has taken a call in this regard, say sources.

There are 5 vacant cabinet berths in the state cabinet and the party is willing to accommodate 10 new faces.

Though there were talks on complete overhaul of the cabinet, since assembly elections are nearing, the party leadership will settle with filling vacant cabinet posts.

Former minister Eshwarappa who had resigned over the contractor suicide has now received a clean chit.

Besides, Jarkiholi who had stepped down from his ministerial position over a sex CD scandal also received a clean chit from the Special Investigation Team.

The BJP, looking forward to attain majority in the upcoming assembly elections and also repeat the feat similar to 2018 Lok Sabha elections of winning 25 MP seats out of 28 is likely to accommodate senior leaders, sources said.

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Indian Coast Guard rescues 15 Syrian mariners off Karnataka coast

Responding promptly to an SOS call, the Indian Coast Guard rescued 15 crew members of a merchant ship that had run aground off New Mangalore…reports Asian Lite News

In a prompt and swift search and rescue mission, the Indian Coast Guard saved the lives of 15 Syrian nationals working on the foreign flag ship MV Princess Miral, which ran aground off New Mangalore on Tuesday.

The rescue mission was coordinated by Indian Coast Guard ships ‘Vikram’ and ‘Amartya’ braving the rough weather condition. The crew of the grounded vessel has abandoned the ship due to breech in hull and ingress of water in holds. The vessel was bound for Lebanon from Malaysia.

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The successful operation reaffirms Indian Coast Guard’s capabilities as the nodal agency for search and rescue operations in the Indian Ocean Region, a note issued by the ICG stated.

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Diaspora Meet and Greet with the Education Minister of Karnataka

Dr. Ashwath Narayan highlighted how Karnataka, in particular Bengaluru, is leading on different fronts, attracting the country’s best talent and domestic & foreign direct investments, reports Ragasudha Vinjamuri

A community Meet and Greet was organised by KannadigaruUK recently with Dr. C. N. Ashwath Narayan- ex-Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, and current Minister for Higher Education & IT-BT, and Nikhil Kamath-Co-founder of Zerodha and True Beacon. The event took place at The Bhavan in West Kensington and was attended by prominent members of the Indian Diaspora.

Minister Dr. Ashwath Narayan delivering his note

At the outset, Vanishree Hegde has extended a welcome to all and has invited Ganapati Bhat to further outline the work of the organisation, especially initiatives such as teaching the Kannada language. Kishen Shastry then briefly spoke about establishing the Kannada Student Society at Cambridge University, which is a milestone for the diaspora segment. Dr. Nandakumara has spoken about the importance of Vidya and knowledge.

Addressing the members of the diaspora, Dr. Ashwath Narayan highlighted how Karnataka, in particular Bengaluru, is leading on different fronts, attracting the country’s best talent and domestic & foreign direct investments. He has highlighted how the state is working in tandem with the central government’s goals and ambitions in improving governance to become the best leader in the world.

Nikhil Kamath spoke of the qualities of the Kannada people that enabled the rise of the city and the state and opined that the reverse migration and expertise of Kannadigas may further enhance and enrich the state.

Both the minister and Nikhil Kamath were felicitated by Kannada Balaga U.K. and KanandigaruUK. The event was supported by Scrumconnect Consulting.