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Olive Qutub: An absolute gold standard in restaurants

Olive Qutub: A multi-award winning restaurant extraordinaire. An exclusive feature by FnB columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International

The story began 20 years ago, when the people of Delhi first came upon a delightful Mediterranean haveli set in the shade of the majestic Qutub Minar. Here, dappled sunlight fell on soft armchairs in a pebbled courtyard; and laughter and conversation flowed steadily in-between courses of delicious food and fine wine. Here, food, wine, art, culture and music fuse together in a delightful melting pot, to create an unforgettable Mediterranean mosaic. Worlds collide and time stops in this Mogul mansion with a beautiful Banyan, home to warm and casual elegance.

Over the years, restauranteur AD Singh has introduced the capital to a long list of innovative, culinary firsts. The menu by Chef Dhruv Oberoi comprises a progressive European and Mediterranean cuisine that celebrates the abundance of nature. Serai, an award-winning culinary cocktail bar with house-made tequila infusions and signature sorbet GinTos by Lead Mixologist Harish Chhimwal has been in the forefront of the beverage revolution in the city. 

There is little doubt that connoisseurs across the country have recognised Olive Qutub as the gold standard in restaurants. They have been listed as one of the best new restaurants in the world by Condé Nast Traveler, and their ever-popular Sunday brunch has been rated the best in the country.  

The bar, Serai pours culinary cocktails, house-made tequila infusions, teq tonics and signature sorbet GinTos

A few firsts of the many at Olive Qutub from over the years:

Olive Qutub is a multi-award winning restaurant with chefs having won Best Western European Cuisine, Chef of the year, Best Mediterranean, Best brunch in the country, Best Pizzas and a space so stunning that the Conde Nast Traveler rated it as one of the world’s best new restaurants in the first year of its opening, 2004.

Olive Qutub has always been a trendsetter whilst being the first restaurant to introduce to Delhi:

· The farm to fork concept 10 years ago

· The concept of a pop-up with a restaurant thus working with different chefs, menus and partners

·A 16 course degustation menu (Tasting Menu) in 2006

· Molecular gastronomy; one of the hottest international food trends back in 2006 and 2007

·The Tasting Lab; a concept based on extensive research with local produce, and traditional and modern Indian techniques in Western and European cuisine

·Cult recipes like soufflé, chocolate fondant, truffle risottos, wood fired thin crust pizzas (including an ultra-thin 18” Milano pizza); and more!

Olive Qutub is a big proponent of sustainability – working with local farms, healthy produce, fresh cooking, zero wastage and minimal usage of plastic, thus reducing the carbon footprint. 

At Olive Qutub, indulgence is their specialty. A meal starts with a delicate amuse-bouche. A refreshing palate cleansing sorbet flows between courses, with joyous petit fours served at the end. All with compliments of Olive.

Olive introduced the concept of changing menus influenced by the summer and winter; seasonal ingredients, new trends and techniques as well as eating habits that change with the season.

Olive was the first restaurant to think beyond food and beverage and give a wholesome experience complete with fashion, culture and design. Thus culminating into nights around people and achievers (Med Mosaic nights), Flea by Nite, Spa Lunches, Crisp Sundowners, The Sunday Wine Picnic Brunch!

Olive has been host to the best in the world from state guests, industrialists, to glitterati and literati alike.

Olive Qutub is a charming Mediterranean restaurant. The service here is impeccable, the vibe is delightful, the cuisine delectable and the meal experience is wonderfully unforgettable! Casual elegance with its beautiful white walls, a vast Banyan canopy, and a stunning, star-lit, and a tree-top terrace bar under the shadow of the Qutub Minar makes it one of the most coveted restaurant in Delhi. Highly Recommended!

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Indian Restaurant ‘Bardez’ in Manchester adds taste to Curry Mile

Bardez is the newly opened Indian street food and grill restaurant on the famous Curry mile in Manchester. Rahul Laud finds more..

Bardez brings top of mind the beaches in north Goa , the sand, surf , fish and feni in the tourist popular Goa.  Residents of Bardez – a taluka place — are known as Bardezkars. Two such Bardezkars brothers Marcus Dsouza and Zico who are residents of Manchester have joined hands to cater to Mancunians with Bardezkar hospitality. 

If Goans are owners and Bardez is the name of the place then another naturally corollary faces top of mind is that the recipes would be Goan. Smilingly the two brothers dismiss this thought. “Yes Goan hospitality one will experience here but we have crafted a mixed bag menu so we can appeal and attract to all taste buds.” The traditional Rechad masala, the vindaloos and sorpotels and fenny and uraq are not on the bar on menu lists.

What is still so exciting? That has grabbed the attention on the Curry Mile. Opened a few weeks ago the place is packed on all days which come as a pleasant surprise to the local trade. Narrating the secret and magic of the place, Marcus says, “Food is the King. Three chefs joined hands with us and are business partners. This is unique in the industry here and these chefs curate exotic recipes as their business interests keep them motivated constantly.”

The Bardez team spent a whole one year to set up the ambience, design and curate special recipes and the formerly Turkish grill eatery was converted into an authentic Indian street and grill food casual dining hotspot. Chef team lead by Suraj Singh, and two others tandoori specialists Balwir Singh and Darmiyan Singh bring to the table some never –heard-before starters. Beetroot tikki, Crisp Paneer kofta with cheese in it have caught connoisseurs eye, Suraj Singh has been in Manchester over two decades and for the first time has ventured into business partnership with Marcus and Zico. 

Among the Garhwali chefs who run probably most Indian restaurants’ kitchens, Suraj Singh commands huge respect for his expertise, style, taste and sincerity towards North Indian cuisine. Zico brings huge experience running restaurants and shacks in Goa and Marcus is well known in Manchester having worked in several restaurants before as Front office and FandB manager. Thus these owners claim that their “Five men army” is a formidable team to conquer Curry Mile.

Those vegetarians have found the Dum Pukht biryani unbeatable. “It is reminiscent of Lucknow biryanis,” said Mamit Agarwal who hails from that city in Uttar Pradesh. The crispy paneer kofta is unique in its flavour and attracts the Caucasians who find it mildly marinated and delicious. Non vegetarians have found “the chicken chops scrumptious,” said an Egyptian doctor Nawabi – now a regular at Bardez. Usually lamb and mutton chops are common but Bardez Chefs have created unique flavoured chicken chops that any tandoori lover cannot resist to eat.

Excited and happy Marcus says “It’s a dream come true for us. It is not easy as one has worked for several years and starting one’s own business requires huge courage, strength and risk taking ability.” He said the focus of Bardez,”is on excellent taste and good food thus we refrained from any Goan dish as the strength of our Chefs is North Indian food. Our cuisine is pan Indian and fish lovers come repeatedly to taste our Malabar and Malvani fish curry that has freshly grounded masalas in our kitchen to match the original taste.”

Vegans will get tasty Indian recipes he assured. Located near Manchester and Metropolitan Universities to cater to student population pocket friendly Tapas dishes are served during lunch with soups. At an average price of 5.50£ per dish a student can have a meal that can match his hunger and pocket. Rajma Chawal, keema and omelette pav, vada pav and several other recipes popular on Indian streets have attracted the student community.

Bardez has two full-fledged bars in its two storeyed premises. The upper floor is designed for a party space that can host 40-50 guests. Indian soft drinks Thus Up, Limca and the popular Goan Cashew Feni are available to those who enjoy Indian drinks.With a stylish ambience and a warm, enthusiastic, typical Goan style bubbly and lively Marcus and Zico – these two brothers to receive you Bardez glows bright golden like its signage on the street. Indian authentic food is here to stay. Middle Eastern food with its shishas and falafels will not succeed in driving away Indian food from the curry mile.

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SKVP: A delectable variety of Mumbai Street Foods in UK

Review Feature by columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International

The range of cuisines that can be tried in the maximum city of Mumbai in India, surely can be a gastronome’s dream come true! Just like the city is an eclectic mix of cultures and people, the food variety is also a delectable mix of delicacies from all over the subcontinent.

The team at Shree Krishna Vada Pav in UK serve Maharashtrian delicacies as well as other delish dishes from all over India. They serve freshly prepared, vegetarian food that is highly customisable to suit a range of taste buds and is reasonably priced. SKVP team is known for the mouth-watering dishes they serve.

They started their brand on the 15th of August, 2010 as a small sub-let space on Hounslow High Street. With their dedicated team and the support they ascribe to their patrons, today SKVP are a fully operational cafe/restaurant with multiple branches. “Each day has posed new challenges but seeing our guests enjoy our food drives us to exceed their expectations” said the brand founders Sujay Sohani and Subodh Joshi.

Sujay is the co-founder of “SKVP”, a home grown QSR chain representing cuisine inspired by the alleys of Mumbai. “My philosophy & approach are simple, connecting likeminded investors, operators & brands to define concepts, successful portfolios & continue to expand our chain.”

Subodh, co-founder SKVP says that he is “Privileged to lead a multi faceted profile of QSR venues, incorporating award winning Indian street-food concepts.” He further says that “I have a relentless pursuit for excellence”.

SKVP provide quality catering for events, be it small get-togethers at home or large scale corporate events or celebrations. The food is reasonably priced, tastes good, is packed or presented well, it’s authentic in flavours and is finger licking good! Highly recommended for vegetarian and vegan food. 

Click on the photos to view in full screen

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Coolest dining destination in Goa

Taking its name from an exotic Spanish word that translates into ‘conversations between friends at a salon, restaurant or bar’, it has fetched multiple awards and accolades from publications and patrons over the years…reports Asian Lite News

Goa conjures up joy when you think of it. Goa immediately brings to mind beaches. Terttulia’s newest location is India’s party capital. Its delectable cuisine has earned it many fans in Mumbai and Pune. A vast 6500 square feet of striking space, Terttulia Goa is tucked away in the center of Panjim City and can accommodate 120 guests at once. It is a 24-hour diner that combines the character of a restaurant, cafe, and bar into one unique setting.

Goa’s coolest new dining destination.(photo:IANSLIFE)

It has been designed by ‘Otherworlds’, a multidisciplinary studio that specialises in creating unique spatial and visual domains in the real world as well as virtual domain. The restaurant has been crafted with intricate attention to detail, envisioned as one extended balcao under an overgrown bamboo canopy. The entire place is woven with a dual tone texture, and is planned to grow out and round the central bar. You could browse through its liquor and literature library for a book and a beer in the afternoon, or soak in the exuberant energy of its centerpiece chandelier by the time the sun sets. Each and every part of Terttulia Goa exudes vibrant energy in the morning and a bustling vibe by night time.

The menu is a diverse and dynamic collection of options that change periodically. You could taste the crowd favourite Eggs Benedict for breakfast, gorge on a Smoked Salmon Sandwich for lunch, or enjoy dinner with the lip smacking Tiger Prawns. A wide selection of breads including whole wheat, rye, five-grain, baguettes, brioche, croissants, muffins and bagels will impress the diehard dough lovers. A world class variety of soups, sandwiches, salads, appetizers, tapas and main course are also on offer. If an exquisite spirit is what you seek, head to Terttulia’s glorious bar and pick your poison from an exclusively curated array of wines, beers, cocktails as well as sangrias and mock-tails.

Taking its name from an exotic Spanish word that translates into ‘conversations between friends at a salon, restaurant or bar’, it has fetched multiple awards and accolades from publications and patrons over the years. With the endearing tagline of ‘Eat.Drink.Love’, it believes in creating a warm and wholesome dining space where guests can not just eat delicious food and enjoy delightful drinks, but also strike happy conversations and weave picture perfect memories.

The brainchild dynamic entrepreneurs Imrun Sethi, Sunny Sara, Ritik Bhasin and Ranbir Batra, the restaurant has a warm set of employees, talented of chefs for an unforgettable experience.

Address: Tettulia, Opposite Mcdonald’s Roopali Bungalow, Miramar , Near Gymkhana Ground, DM Marg, Campal, Panjim, Goa

Time: 12 p.m. onwards

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Manchester restaurateurs sign MoU with Pune catering college

Ziya and Bhaji Pala restaurants partners Devang Gohil and Chef Pradip Nale are on a roll … Rahul Laud reports

The Maharashtra State Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Pune signed a MOU with one of the UK’s Manchester based leading Vegan Restaurant – Pune based BhajiPala last week. 

Chef Pradip Nale at the college

Brand BhajiPala is owned in Manchester by partners Devang Gohil and Chef Pradip Nale who had opened their Pune branch at Baner – their first in India last year. BhajiPala is a unique vegan restaurant that offers exclusive Indian vegan food which gives it an edge over other vegan restaurants in the UK and Pune.

BhajiPala has picked up their recipes from traditional Indian food prepared in authentic Indian style and it has managed to attract both the British and the Indian palate. Gohil and Nale also own the popular restaurant Ziya located on the famous Curry Mile in Manchester city that serves authentic Indian street food, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Devang and Pradip informed, “This MOU with Pune College will help the students with enhanced opportunities, visits to the UK and acquiring knowledge of the latest food and beverages trends.”

Devang Gohil received at the Pune catering college

BhajiPala’s Indian Partner Prasad Gunbote shared that these college students will be given an opportunity to work as apprentices at the Bhaji Pala Pune branch. Thus the engagement will be very active with the college.” On signing of the MoU occasion the final year students of the catering college conceptualized and executed a theme lunch, ‘La Petite Fête’, where Traditional French Cuisine was served with a contemporary touch.

Kaustubh Naik from Retox cocktails, along with Nikhil Prabhu the HR manager and L&D of Novotel Hotels Pune and Mandar Chitale and Radhika Chitale from Shreyas Hotel were present and encouraged the students.

Devang and Pradip also shared that from their Pune branch two chefs have been offered visas and given an opportunity to travel and work in their Manchester based flagship restaurant Ziya thus making the Indo UK business bond stronger.

Ziya, Bhaji Pala partners with mgmt team of college

The partners are part of the business Indian diaspora in the UK, are testimony to the fact that Indo UK relationships are fostered strongly by these builders of the “living bridge” between the two nations.  

Gohil and Nale are on an expansion spree in the UK. They are planning to start a multi cuisine vegan restaurant following the success of Bhaji Pala in Manchester and have under their umbrella hotels to manage in Blackpool. Authentic Indian street food and curries and vegan cuisine is definitely here to stay.

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Best Indian restaurants for London business meet ups

Gymkhana is modelled after the affluent clubs in India where people from the upper class socialise, dine, drink, and engage in physical activity. Gymkhana has two different looks and is divided between two floors…reports Asian Lite News

There will once again be in-person business talks. Meetings can be successfully held in restaurants. But for everything to go off without a hitch, it’s crucial to have the appropriate ambiance, cuisine, seating, and setting.

In addition to being one of the world’s top business hubs, London is home to some of the finest restaurants serving cuisine from around the world. In actuality, there are over 15,000 dining choices in London, including 71 restaurants with Michelin stars. Given that there are more than 850 Indian businesses operating in the UK and that the Indian diaspora makes up the biggest ethno-national group in London, it is not surprising that Indian restaurants are extremely popular there.

A list of the best Indian restaurants in London that are excellent for business meetings has been compiled by London & Partners, the city’s business development and destination agency:

Kanishka, Mayfair

Every area of India has its own distinctive cuisine, complete with categorical signature dishes and cooking techniques. Regional differences are honoured at the thriving Pan-Indian Kanishka. The chefs at this restaurant combine many of the most popular dishes using a carefully curated collection of premium ingredients, giving each dish a modern twist. The restaurant’s spacious, 180-seat area and its striking, bright blue interiors provide a bright, well-lit setting ideal for both daytime and evening meetings.

London’s top Indian restaurants for business meetings.(photo:IANSLIFE)

Amaya, Belgravia

Amaya is a restaurant with one Michelin star that serves Indian dishes that are grilled and tandoor-baked, infused with delicate, complex flavours, and prepared in a showy open kitchen. The restaurant’s rosewood tables, terracotta statues, contemporary paintings, and of course its food, never fail to please customers! A private dining room at Amaya is perfect for an intimate luncheon with up to 14 guests.

Trishna, Marylebone

Trishna provides a sample of modern Indian coastal cuisine. This one-Michelin-star eatery in London’s Marylebone neighbourhood has undergone a makeover with casual, understated interiors, a varied menu that includes both meat and vegetarian dishes, and a wide range of wines. The restaurant’s upscale, sophisticated atmosphere is ideal for business gatherings. The eatery also has a 12-person capacity private dining room. The best way to start a conversation is with Trishna’s extensive wine selection!

Dishoom, Across Six London Locations

Dishoom, one of the most popular Indian restaurants in London, is modelled after Irani cafes from the old Bombay and serves Indian street cuisine. Each location has a unique story to share and is decorated with antique furniture, lighting, and decorations from Mumbai’s antique shops. Dishoom is the perfect restaurant to conduct meetings with both coworkers and younger people due to its lively atmosphere.

Gymkhana, Mayfair

Gymkhana is modelled after the affluent clubs in India where people from the upper class socialise, dine, drink, and engage in physical activity. Gymkhana has two different looks and is divided between two floors. Since 2014, the eatery has been recognised with a Michelin star for its traditional and modern Indian fare. Hunting trophies from the Maharaja of Jodhpur are displayed on the walls, along with a barometer that belonged to Grandmother Sethi, the trio of Sethi brothers who now manage the establishment. Private dining areas in Mayfair include two cellars with banquette seating for 10-12 people. Gymkhana is the spot to go if your business associates want to hang out in a vintage setting with delicious food!

Veerasamy, West End

One of London’s earliest Indian restaurants, this Michelin-starred establishment is located on Regent Street. The restaurant, which has been serving the best Indian food since 1926, takes great pleasure in its traditional Indian dishes, which are carefully made in a very professional kitchen. The furnishings are awash in hues that give the area a cheerful, lively appearance. Additionally, the eatery has a palmer room with Mughal architecture that can accommodate up to 22 people.

London’s top Indian restaurants for business meetings.(photo:IANSLIFE)

Jamavar, Mayfair

With 180 seats available, Jamavar is a luxurious fine-dining concept with food inspired by the varied and rich culinary customs of India and colonial-style decor. Its rattan chairs and brass accents are the ideal complement to the sculpted bar made of Ganjifa artwork and Indian print block designs. Culinary Director and Executive Chef Surender Mohan carefully crafts the Pan-Indian dishes for the Michelin star winner using the most genuine Indian culinary methods and the freshest British ingredients. The eatery is a top choice for business meetings in the city because of its professionalism.

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Delectable Pan-Indian Cuisine with a modern twist

Stationed within the entrance of the heritage hotel- the Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel, The Saffron Boutique fine dining restaurant in Dubai captivates the hearts of discerning diners with its outstanding display of Indian culture & tradition right from the moment you lay your eyes at the venue, writes FnB columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International.

UAE-based F&B group Goldmead Hospitality opened the door of its first ever Licensed Pan Indian restaurant, The Saffron Boutique on 20th December, 2022. Goldmead Hospitality, a known name in Resto-bars & Nightlife concepts such as HighNote- Pool & Sky Lounge, Underdogs & The Bandstand has now ventured into a fine-dining space with the recent launch of The Saffron Boutique.

With a seating capacity of 68 pax, the space takes you back to India with its classy yet vibrant display of tasteful artwork, a high ceiling roof, and a splendid top bar emanating bright hues of saffron color that is symbolic to the theme and the name saffron that represents the rich spice famously used in the Indian kitchens on special occasion. An Indian bell chandelier intermixed with LED loops, dramatic lighting gives the space a rustic feel and a modern outlook.

Along with its elaborate menu with dishes from cuisines across India with a Modern & West Meets East Touches, The Saffron Boutique pairs the dining experience with Live Sufi music & an in-house fashioned cocktail menu.

Executive Head Chef Praveen Singh has beautifully crafted an eclectic menu that will take diners on a journey through a unique combination of the process and quintessential Indian ingredients selection and cooking techniques.

Some of the menu highlights include Kurkure Raw Banana (Banana Crisps with date chutney, Savory Mango, and Tamarind Caviar) , Mango Burst Puchkas (Street Style Pani Puri with Aam Panna Shots with stuffing of Masala Paneer / Chicken), Tandoori Avocado’s (Clay Oven roasted avocado with lemon butter pearls), Masala Chaanch Kebab (Dried nuts and cheese filled pan shared yogurt kebab with masala cotton candy), Madrasi Podi Salmon (Roasted Lentil, asafoetida, Sesame, and chills marinated chargrilled Salmon with orange and pineapple chutney, Lucknowi Chicken Korma, Sigdi Chicken, Malabar Fish Curry, Caramel Kalakand Pudding & More.

Pair the dishes with the special curated cocktail menu by the in-house mixologists that includes; The Bengal Tiger, Mumbai Margarita, Pink City, Chola adventure and more.

“We aim to augment our customer’s culinary journey with a breeze of authenticity & elegance that will engage all the senses. If you want to discover real India, you will have to try the varieties of food that holds India together. When I was approached to do something fun & creative with Indian cuisine catering to the GCC region, I was thrilled & excited to take up the challenge & now I can assure you that once you try out these dishes, you will fall in love with Indian cuisine” remarked Chef Praveen Singh- Group Executive Head Chef.

On being asked about opening a Pan-Indian cuisine restaurant after being known for their resto-bar & nightlife concepts with brands like HighNote- Pool & Sky Lounge, Underdogs & The Bandstand; Hari S.Kaimal, CEO of Goldemead Hospitality commented “We have always been certain of what we want to offer to this diverse multi-cultural market that is always on the lookout for something unique and outstanding. With The Saffron Boutique we intend to bring Pan-Indian cuisine to the food enthusiasts with a modern twist to it, which will certainly upgrade your palate and make you fall in love with Indian cuisine all over again”

The restaurant has great service, impeccable attention to detail, generous portion sizes, cuisine across the menu has great taste and exceptional flavours, the vibe in the restaurant is extraordinary. This is a must try restaurant. Highly recommended!

About Goldmead Hospitality:

Goldmead Hospitality is a dynamic fast-growing lifestyle hospitality company with a vision to develop, manage and operate signature hospitality, asset management and food & beverage concepts across Middle East and Asia.

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World’s Most Romantic Restaurant

Clos Maggiore is all about elegant Franco-Italian Fine Dining in enchanting surroundings; writes FnB columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International

Clos Maggiore is rightly referred to by many as an oasis of calm in the heart of Covent Garden in London. Influenced by the stylish country inns of Provence and Tuscany, the unique interiors create an unparalleled warmth and intimate vibe. The cherry blossomed adorned conservatory features a fully retractable glass roof creating a bright and airy dining space in summer months and in winter months it is transformed at night by candles, starlight and a crackling fire.

The menu is an evolving one, it changes regularly aligned with the seasonal availability of the finest locally sourced ingredients and to ensure new culinary experiences for regular diners.

Their globally renowned wine cellar boasts over 2,500 selections appealing to all occasions, ranging from a modest bottle of ‘Vin De Pays’ to the greatest names in the wine world. At Clos Maggiore they believe that wine is a fundamental part of their dining experience.

Their extensive and impressive cellar includes over 2,500 selections from 18 different countries and vintages spanning four centuries. Their 100 page wine list has received a multitude of awards over the years including one of the highest and most prestigious accolades – ‘The Wine Spectator Grand Award’ – one of only 70 restaurants worldwide to have achieved this honour.

Perfectly situated in the heart of Covent Garden and just off the world famous Piazza, their elegant first floor private dining room is the perfect location for private gatherings and special celebrations. With sumptuous wood panelling, a roaring log fire and sweeping views over Covent Garden, their cozy dining room evokes a rich, warm and inviting atmosphere.

Seating up to 18 guests, the room can be organised and dressed to suit an event. Their Chef and Head Sommelier work with discerning hosts to create a memorable menu to complement the occasion. Their professional and experienced events team can arrange everything from the flowers, drink & canapé reception, cake, chocolates, to the personalised menus and place cards to ensure guests have an unforgettable day.

The restaurant’s main ingredients are meticulously sourced directly from UK-based small producers to ensure they are the freshest and highest quality available. Seafood comes from the UK only and their fish comes directly from their suppliers’ fishing boats, allowing them to bypass the commercial fish markets.

The lamb comes from a farm in the depths of the Welsh mountains, game directly from the Windsor Royal Park and all their poultry from a family-run smallholding in Lancashire. Their fruit and vegetables are organically grown in Kent and delivered to their kitchen freshly picked each morning.

Their dedicated team of Sommeliers visit vineyards and taste hundreds of wines a year. They work closely with over 30 of London’s finest wine merchants to source wines at all levels.

Clos Maggiore offers a stunning contemporary take on modern European cuisine which has consistently been recognised and awarded with multiple AA-rosette awards. If you are looking to enjoy outstanding French-influenced cuisine and one of the world’s finest wine lists look no further than Clos Maggiore: London’s most romantic restaurant.

The service is impeccable, decor is magical, the vibe intimate, the cuisine is delectable, the presentation is charming, all in all it’s a decadent fine-dining meal experience to cherish. Columnist rating: all 5 stars, it’s a must visit, highly recommended!

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Pulia showcases authentic south of Italy style food in London

Located in the food lovers paradise that is London’s Borough Market, Pulia showcases the south of Italy style food, wine and hospitality, writes FnB columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International

Providing a more comfortable but equally vibrant alternative to the food outlets more commonly found in the area the restaurant
offers mouth-watering delicacies from Puglia, a region known for the quality, authenticity and taste of its food.

The rich soil, the balanced Mediterranean climate and the traditional cooking practices which have been passed down through the generations are the secrets behind Apulian cuisine – secrets that are now shared with London and beyond.

Warm and welcoming yet sophisticated the 60-cover Pulia gives diners the opportunity to enjoy regional antipasti such as Frisella Bruschetta with Capocollo Ham. Rocket &Balsamic Vinegar and Burrata from Andria with Cured Ham.

Starters are followed by mains such as Traditional Beef Sausage Spiral from Bari and Cuttlefish Stuffed with Bread crumbs, Parmesan &Parsley.

These are complemented by an array of fresh pasta to include Hand Rolled Strozzapreti with Fresh Grilled Tuna, Aubergine &Pachino Tomato Sauce and gourmet pizzas topped with the likes of Stracciatella cheese, spicy Nduja or black trufle.

Conscious of the need for many to share a meal together, Pulias menu also includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. This dazzling riot of colour, aroma and flavour can be enjoyed against a contemporary backdrop where the muted colour palette and generous use of natural materials such as wood and stone mimic the southern Italian landscape.

A variety of table sizes allow for sharing, whilst the large central bar is the perfect spot to enjoy an aperitivo and some wholewheat taralli (deliciously crunchy little snacks from Puglia made with white wine, flour and olive oil or traditional focaccia served piping hot from the oven.)

Rounding off this culinary experience is a concise wine list mainly comprising local vintages and an extensive cocktail collection. spearheaded of course by the perennially popular aperol Spritz.

Pulia invites discerning diners to enjoy a taste of Southern Italian life, while savouring regional specialties and experiencing a warm welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. The vibe in the restaurant is charming and relaxed, the service is excellent and the meal experience is relaxing.

The brand was founded in 2012 with the mission of introducing Apulian culinary traditions to the world. With a careful selection of ingredients and local producers, Pulia restaurants in London and Brindisi Italy, are ambassadors of tastes, flavours and traditions of south east Italy.

To ensure that it’s menus are  totally authentic, Pulia also collaborates with renowned Apulian chefs to recreate local recipes and dishes.

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LAKE360: A Culinary Destination Like No Other

LAKE360 – an exceptionally delectable fine dining experience, writes FnB columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International

Now Imagine all of this together in NCR…an elevated deck, lake view, gentle breeze, glorious fauna and delectable cuisine… yes you read it right! 

Karma Lakeland presents, LAKE360 – an elevated experiential dining destination to create a lasting meal experience, as you indulge in the fine things of life! 

LAKE360, as the name suggests, is nestled amidst the heart of Karma LakeLands, providing an unparalleled view of the entire resort – the palatial villas, the serene lake, lush golf course, the Klub. The pivoted spot was a favourite among many at the resort. Therefore the idea to build this as a unique destination that implores all guests to forget their worries and enjoy quality time came to life.

Sauntering vistas lead you to an elevated deck where soulful music and balmy winds set the vibe. Comfortable, yet chic and the lake side views create an unparalleled atmosphere. The picture-perfect views are matched by delicious grub for discerning diners, prepared with passion and attention to detail, by their very talented and experienced chefs.

The team at brand Karma believe in sustainable living and all their ingredients are locally and ethically sourced. The veggies are from their own organic farmlands. To enhance the dining experience, while ensuring it is fresh, they serve a set four-course flavoursome menu of Indian and European dishes, offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.  Celebrated cocktails complement the scrumptious food, where every dish tells a story of its own. ‘Bite soulfully, and you shall listen’ as they say!

To ensure exclusivity the deck has a seating for few. Every corner an exploration of senses, filled with birdsongs, the sound of moving water, sultry tunes, delicious cocktails and delectable food. We highly recommend that you go by to this fine dining restaurant that serves Indian and European grub on a progressive platter nestled in acres of greenery in an enchanting lakeside setting for an eclectic experience! The service is attentive, the welcome is warm, the menu choices are wonderful and suitable across palates, the portion sizes generous, the food exquisite, presentation appetising, atmosphere relaxing, the vibe unmatched…visiting there and seeing will be believing! 

Lake 360 offers a unique experience, their restaurant at the resort’s center spot is NCR’s only lake side dining destination, where classic dishes have been reimagined and reinvented to cater to a global audience. 

“We curate fresh seasonal menus and  guests have been loving their meals at Lake 360. The brand strives to continue to elevate the food story and guests’ experience at Lake 360 with gusto”, said Mr Aryadev Khurana, Director, Karma Lakeland who is deeply involved in all operations and menu curations across the restaurants.

FnB columnist rating… all 5 stars! Highly Recommended.