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No extension of emergency in Israel

The office told the court that the “special state of emergency” will expire on Tuesday midnight…Asian Lite News Reports

The Israeli government has announced that it will not extend a coronavirus “special state of emergency” that limits public protests amid the ongoing three-week complete nationwide lockdown.

The statement was made by the Israeli State Attorney’s Office, in a document filed to the Supreme Court on Monday, reports Xinhua news agency.

The office told the court that the “special state of emergency” will expire on Tuesday midnight.

The government “will not extend” the restrictions, it added.

Earlier on Monday, the Health Ministry said in a statement that it will not ask to renew the restrictions on rallies.

The move came after the Movement for Quality Government in Israel and other civil rights groups petitioned the Supreme Court in a bid to cancel the restrictions on protests.

Israel has been under a nationwide lockdown following a resurgence of new confirmed cases.

The lockdown is expected to end on Wednesday.

On September 30, the Knesset (parliament) passed a law that allows the government to limit participation in demonstrations within 1,000 metres from the participants’ homes.

The law was widely seen in Israel as a measure to halt the weekly rally against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday nights.

Netanyahu, the longest serving Israeli premier, is facing a criminal trial over three charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust in three separate cases.

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