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Imran renews calls for ‘peaceful protests’

Former premier claimed that his supporters, including women, were being tormented in a manner never seen before…reports Asian Lite News

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday again called on the public to hold a peaceful protest for “freedom”.

In a video message shared by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s official Twitter handle, Khan said, “This is the time for Haqeeqi Azadi and you can’t let this moment go in vain.” Khan has said that fear was being spread among the public to oppress them as he likened the situation in the country today to the atrocities during the rule of Chengiz Khan. He further claimed that his supporters, including women, were being tormented in a manner never seen before.

The PTI Chief was arrested on May 9 but after two days of violence across Pakistan, he was released on bail.

“All this fear is being spread only to tell the public that those who stand against them will be treated this way,” Khan said in a video message.

He called on his supporters to break the idols of fear and not be scared by a handful of policemen.

“When the nation decides that it won’t tolerate this oppression … when it decides that it won’t allow the violation of the Constitution and that it wants elections … then no one will be able to stop them.”

“When Genghis Khan used to kill and kill, he used to leave a few people alive and told them to tell the world how cruel I am, how much terror I have. The same is happening here, people’s houses are being broken, women have never been oppressed like this, and stories of atrocities are being played on TV and social media, but my Pakistanis, this is the time for your freedom. to take,” PTI tweeted while sharing the video of Imran Khan.

Meanwhile, Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday reserved its verdict on the petition filed by Khan — the day after his arrest in the Al-Qadir Trust case — seeking pre-arrest bail in every case filed against him since then, Geo News reported.

In the backdrop of protests sparked following Khan’s arrest in the infamous land corruption case, other cases were also filed against the former prime minister.

Meanwhile, the court enquired about the PTI chief’s absence at the beginning of the session to which Khan’s attorney responded that his client would show up in court by 11 am.

The interim government of Punjab’s lawyer had opposed the bail request of Imran Khan, claiming it was inadmissible. The lawyer said, “Imran Khan hasn’t even appeared in the court and seeking protective bail,” as per Geo News. (ANI)

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