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Israel slams UNGA call for more rights for Palestine

Netanyahu said the resolution “will not constitute a basis for future negotiations, and does not advance a peaceful solution.”…reports Asian Lite News

The Israeli government has unanimously rejected a recommendation adopted last week by the UN General Assembly calling for greater rights within the assembly for Palestine.

“We will not reward the terrible massacre of October 7,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday following his cabinet’s decision to reject the resolution.

“We will not allow them to establish a terrorist state from which they will be able to vigorously attack us,” he added.

Neither the General Assembly nor any other organization can prevent Israel from exercising its right to self-defence, Netanyahu said.

On Friday, the General Assembly in New York voted 143-9 for the UN Security Council to give “favourable consideration” to a resolution granting Palestine, which already has UN observer state status, further rights without offering full voting rights.

A total of 25 countries abstained, including Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Netanyahu said the resolution “will not constitute a basis for future negotiations, and does not advance a peaceful solution.”

US working to evacuate American doctors from Gaza

The Biden administration is actively working to evacuate US doctors from Gaza amid escalating fighting in the region.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated on Wednesday that efforts are underway to assist American citizens impacted by the closure of the border crossing in Rafah, Gaza, by Israel.

Direct engagement with Israeli authorities is part of the US strategy to facilitate the evacuation process.

Despite concerns over a potential Israeli military ground operation in Rafah, the administration remains focused on evacuating the doctors without regard to the ongoing situation.

The urgency stems from the deteriorating healthcare system in Gaza, exacerbated by the prolonged conflict, which has seen the destruction of hospitals and the loss of lives among health workers.

The intensification of fighting in Gaza has raised alarm among humanitarian workers, who warn of the dire consequences of border closures on aid operations.

The closure of Rafah and Kerem Shalom crossings threatens to disrupt vital humanitarian assistance to Gaza’s population, already grappling with the devastation caused by the conflict.

In light of these challenges, the Biden administration’s priority is to ensure the safe evacuation of US citizens, including medical personnel, from Gaza, underscoring the urgency of the situation and the need for immediate action to mitigate the humanitarian crisis.

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