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Think twice and vote for country, says Priyanka

She charged that the Centre did not give drought relief to Karnataka. “The demand for AIIMS at Raichur city in north Karnataka has been made for years, but no discussion has been done on it till date…reports Asian Lite News

Senior Congress leader, Priyanka Gandhi, on Tuesday appealed to voters of Karnataka not to get provoked by hate speeches. She also stressed that the voters must think twice before voting.

Addressing a huge gathering in Chitradurga located in the central part of Karnataka, Priyanka Gandhi gave a call to the electorate to vote for the country and for their development too.

“What is happening in the country is wrong. The poor, middle class, labourers are being bulldozed to benefit the few. National wealth is being given away to a few people,” Priyanka Gandhi underlined.

She charged that the Centre did not give drought relief to Karnataka. “The demand for AIIMS at Raichur city in north Karnataka has been made for years, but no discussion has been done on it till date.

“From the Kalasa-Banduri scheme, people will get water. The central government is denying permissions. For the Upper Bhadra Project which provides water to Tumakuru, Chikkamagaluru and Davanagere districts, the funds are not being released,” Priyanka Gandhi slammed.

She alleged that the central government had caused a Rs 62,000 crore loss in terms of funds to Karnataka. “The Prime Minister claims that he works day and night. However, why this biased mindset? The state of Himachal Pradesh which was in crisis also did not get anything. It shows there is no concern for the nation,” Priyanka Gandhi attacked.

She also announced that if the Congress was voted to power, the Kadu Golla community would get ST status. “Minimum Support Price (MSP) will become law. There would be no GST on agricultural products. There would be insurance cover for crops where compensation would be given in 30 days in case of crop loss, if the Congress is voted to power,” Priyanka Gandhi assured.

She added that during the election there is no talk about inflation, health and only provocative speeches are made and the BJP ensures the collapse of governments. “The media says it’s a master stroke and does not raise the question of erosion of democratic values,” Priyanka Gandhi pointed out.

“I am here to talk about the country which you have built with your hard work. There is the harsh truth of inflation, unemployment and on the other hand there is talk about the country achieving great heights. The struggle in the lives of people has been increasing. Petrol, diesel, gold, silver and LPG cylinder costs have gone up. There is no MSP for crops but there is GST everywhere. The farmer is sinking under load of loans, there is no talk of loan waiver. But, few are benefitted,” Priyanka Gandhi stated.

She added, “The bank account of the Congress party has been seized and two CMs have been sent to jail. Cases have been lodged against Opposition leaders to weaken them. There are talks about changing the Constitution if the BJP is given 400 seats.”

“This has to be observed carefully. The Constitution empowers you. It provides safety and security, and voting power. If someone is talking about changing the Constitution, they are talking about changing your lives,” she noted.

Priyanka Gandhi said, “Hindu religion, values of politics give the message of service and path of truth. Lord Ram also gives the same message. Mahatma Gandhi and all other PMs, cutting across party lines, followed those principles. It is not to be seen anywhere now.”

Doughty daughters’ campaign for parents in UP

They are doughty young women who are happy in their privileged worlds, far removed from politics. However, they are now braving the heat and dust of elections and are campaigning for their parents.

They may not be familiar with the world of politics but their efforts to connect with voters are helping them win hearts in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Esha and Ahana Deol, daughters of actor-turned-politician Hema Malini have reached Mathura and are campaigning for their mother who is seeking a third term in the Lok Sabha.

“My mother has done a lot for Mathura. She is passionately involved with her work and the people want her to stay here. We are meeting young voters and creating awareness about the need to vote. I am confident of my mother’s victory,” said Esha Deol.

Aditi Yadav, daughter of Akhilesh and Dimple Yadav, has come down from London where she is studying, and is busy campaigning for her mother in Mainpuri.

Her style is simple and straight from the heart. “I have come here to seek your blessings. You have given me so much love that I am already overwhelmed,” Aditi Yadav says as she addresses small meetings in the constituency.

Aditi Yadav moves around independently for campaigning. “This way we can cover more ground,” she explains.

In Agra, Dr Saloni has left her medical duties for the time-being and is busy campaigning for her father and Union Minister, Dr SP Singh Baghel.

Armed with excellent communication skills, she talks to people, asks them about their problems and informs them about the welfare schemes initiated by the Modi-Yogi government.

She is already popular among the women. Apart from campaigning Dr Saloni also ensures that her father takes his meals on time and does not over-exert himself.

Purnima, daughter of BJP MP Rajvir Singh and granddaughter of late Kalyan Singh, is holding up to nine ‘nukkad’ meetings in Etah from where her father is seeking his third term.

Purnima makes sure to remind people of her grandfather’s contribution in politics and also the work that her father has done for them.

Purnima may be a novice in politics herself but she is familiar with the ways of politics. Her brother Sandeep is a minister in the Yogi government.

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