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How to Be There for Someone in Need

People tend to think that they need to handle those affected by burnout with kid gloves, Beschoner says. But this can be counterproductive, according to the expert…reports Asian Lite News

When a relative or friend is suffering from burnout, they need your help. Burnout is the result of a long period of stress which negatively affects your wellbeing.

While seeking professional help and being diagnosed is a first, important step, relatives and friends can also do their part to make things easier for the person affected.

The most important thing when someone close to you suffers from burnout is to be understanding, says Professor Petra Beschoner, a specialist in psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine.

“Ideally, relatives should educate themselves about the illness and organise professional help – also for themselves,” Beschoner, who heads a clinic in southern Germany, recommends.

“People who suffer from burnout often react cynically and irritably, which can be very stressful for their social environment. Those affected also withdraw. However, this should not be seen as a personal offence, but as a symptom of burnout.”

People tend to think that they need to handle those affected by burnout with kid gloves, Beschoner says. But this can be counterproductive, according to the expert.

“Relatives often tend to keep everything away from the person affected. But burnout patients in particular often define themselves by their responsibilities, so restricting their autonomy is not very effective,” she explains.

Some symptoms of burnout, like signs of exhaustion, overlap with those of depression. According to the doctor, it is therefore important that the diagnosis is always made by specialists or psychotherapists who have the necessary differential diagnostic experience.

According to Britain’s National Health Service, other symptoms of burnout include muscle pains, headaches, sleeping problems, weight gain or loss and memory problems.

Employee Experience Insights

In 2023, burnout risk remained a concern, affecting 27 per cent of employees in large Indian companies, which is three per cent higher compared to their mid-sized counterparts, a new report said on Thursday.

According to Great Place To Work’s report on IT & IT-BPM, female senior managers in particular experienced a five per cent higher burnout rate than male counterparts.

However, large organisations demonstrated a one per cent improvement in employee experience, while mid-size entities maintained a commendable 85 per cent score, surpassing their larger counterparts, the report noted.

“This year we see that the industry has experienced subtle shifts in employee perceptions as compared to the last year. While the overall employee experience saw a dip, dimensions like Pride and Fairness emerged as the highest and lowest in employee sentiment, respectively,” said Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, CEO, Great Place To Work India.

“The reduction in Camaraderie (-1 per cent) and a diminished sense of Pride (-1 per cent) among employees has shaped the overall employee experience,” she added.

The report highlighted that IT companies have been investing an average of 1.97 crore annually in training and development, underscoring the significance placed on nurturing employee growth.

In addressing the current challenges, Workplace Ikigai emerges as a holistic solution that empowers individuals to align their personal passions, cultivate meaningful relationships, embody exceptional leadership, and create an enduring impact.

About 83 per cent of Best Workplaces invest mindfully in their employees’ growth. Leadership excellence, despite being the lowest-scoring lever in Workplace Ikigai, showed an upward trend, emphasising the need for more accountability and authenticity at leadership levels, the report said.

Workplace Ikigai not only fosters employee well-being but also boosts productivity, retention rates, and innovation. Notably, in 2023, a sizable 77 per cent of IT companies monitor employee well-being, with 55 per cent employing multiple methods.

The report further mentioned that the convergence of IT workplaces and personal fulfilment is key to achieving a remarkable 1.7X higher retention rate.

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