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Green India Challenge sets record

Minister Indra Karan Reddy said the pandemic had made people realise the importance of safeguarding the environment and forests…reports Asian Lite News.

About one million saplings were planted in one hour as part of the Green India Challenge in Telangana on Sunday, setting a new record for the largest such plantation drive anywhere in the world.

The event led by Telangana Rashtra Samiti Rajya Sabha MP J Santosh Kumar in Adilabad is expected to enter Guinness Book World Records. The earlier record of 3.03 lakh saplings was registered in Turkey in 2019.

Over 30,000 TRS members, as well as locals, participated in the drive along with Telangana’s forest and environment minister A Indra Karan Reddy, who also marked his birthday with the mammoth plantation event.

At least five lakh saplings were planted using the Miyawaki model in the degenerated forest area spread over 200 acres.

The method involves planting two to four trees per square metre. Miyawaki forests reportedly grow in two to three years and are said to be self-sustaining. They help lower temperatures in concrete heat islands, reduce air and noise pollution, attract local birds and insects, and create carbon sinks.

Minister Indra Karan Reddy said the pandemic had made people realise the importance of safeguarding the environment and forests.

Ahead of the event Santosh Kumar had made an appeal to the people to make the event a success. “Mother Nature is where our survival is completely dependant upon. Corona has caused immense damage to the environment and we learnt how important is to conserve our natural resources in the last two years. I urge everyone of you to be a part of Green India Challenge. Join hands by planting three saplings and nominating three others to take this forward,” Santosh Kumar had said.

Green India Challenge was launched with an aim to improve green cover four years ago.

Since its launch, Green India Challenge – founded by TRS MP Santosh Kumar – has roped in celebrities, politicians, environmentalists, general public alike from across the globe and has been working relentlessly towards planting saplings, adopting and conserving forests, natural resources, encouraging organic farming, creating awareness on the importance of pollutant free environment for our next generations.

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