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Britain donates 3.7 million medical items to Ukraine

The UK Government has been working closely with Ukrainian officials to deliver targeted support to ensure medical items are reaching the people who need them most…reports Asian Lite News

More than 3.7 million items of medical supplies have been given to Ukraine by the UK to help the country cope with the emergency caused by the Russian invasion and to help save tens of thousands of lives.

Items including vital medicines, wound packs, and intensive care equipment donated by NHS England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have been flown to the region over the past three weeks, leaving from Stansted and Heathrow Airports, and RAF Brize Norton.

The latest flight – the 11th so far – left from Heathrow Monday morning carrying over 100,000 packs of medicine, including strong painkillers to treat severe pain for those who have been injured by Russian attacks.

Yesterday’s shipment is delivering around 120,000 packs – more than 1.5 million doses – of vital medicines urgently requested by Ukraine. These will help to treat severe pain from serious injuries, as well as to assist with intensive care procedures.

The UK Government has been working closely with Ukrainian officials to deliver targeted support to ensure medical items are reaching the people who need them most.

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said, “It is appalling to watch the atrocities being committed by Putin as he pursues his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The UK has acted swiftly to provide life-saving humanitarian aid to Ukraine and will continue to do everything we can. Yesterday’s shipment contains vital medicines including strong painkillers to treat severe pain and sedatives for intensive care procedures. I am incredibly grateful for the donations made by NHS England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as we provide further support to our Ukrainian friends.”

The milestone of 3.7 million medical items donated to Ukraine forms part of the government’s wider humanitarian response to this emergency. The UK government flew 21 children with cancer to the UK, who are now receiving lifesaving treatment from the NHS.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said, “Russia’s illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has displaced millions and caused untold suffering. The UK is playing a leading role in providing humanitarian aid, from medicines, to shelter and expertise on the ground. We are working with the government of Ukraine to ensure we help those who need it most.”

Last Thursday, the government announced that Ukrainians fleeing their home country will be guaranteed free access to NHS healthcare, including hospital services, GP and nurse consultations, urgent care centres and injury units.

More than 10,200 visas have been granted through the Ukraine Family Scheme and, for those with valid Ukrainian passports, the government has removed the need to attend an in-person appointment to conduct biometric checks before travelling to the UK.

Since 14 March, people in the UK have been able to register their interest to sponsor a named Ukrainian under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, with more than 150,000 people registering.

The government has provided £400 million in humanitarian and economic aid to Ukraine and neighbouring countries since the Russian invasion started, along with defensive anti-tank and anti-aircraft weaponry.

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Deceased girl becomes ‘beacon of hope’ by donating organs

The retrieved corneas on transplantation will restore the sight of two corneal blind patients here…reports Asian Lite News.

A 13-year-old girl who passed away has become a beacon of hope with her parents’ decision to go for organ donation, saving the lives of four patients battling for survival after suffering from end-stage organ failure.

One of the patients belong to Mumbai, while three were treated at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) here.

The retrieved corneas on transplantation will restore the sight of two corneal blind patients here.

Expressing indebtedness to the donor family, PGIMER Director Jagat Ram said, “It is an extremely hard decision, but the donor families are a ray of hope, a silver lining in the dark lives of organ failure patients. It is through their generous gifts that hundreds of people each year are given a second chance at life.”

The Director further shared, “At the same time, we cannot underestimate the commitment of the entire team of PGIMER involved in the process, right from the brain death certification committee, transplant coordinators, testing labs, treating doctors and especially the intensivists, who maintain the potential donor in the best condition for optimum usage of organs, and the transplant surgeons who save precious lives with their skill and synergy.”

It was the fateful day of July 8 when the donor girl from Chandigarh became unconscious due to cerebral oedema and was rushed to the Government Multi-Specialty Hospital in Sector 16. However, due to a worsening prognosis, she was shifted to the PGIMER in an extremely critical condition the next day.

But all efforts of the family and doctors could not deter the dark tragedy as the little girl’s 10-day struggle between life and death came to a halt as she could not be revived and was subsequently declared brain dead on July 18.

When it became clear that the girl would not come out of her precarious condition, the transplant coordinators at the PGIMER approached the grief-stricken father to request if he could consider organ donation. The resolute father showcased immense grit and consented to organ donation.

The father, who wants to keep his identity anonymous due to his personal sentiments, said, “It’s something no family should have to go through. We said ‘yes’ to organ donation because we knew this could help someone else and they wouldn’t need to go through the heartache that we were going through. We knew it was the right thing to do.

“We just want people to know about the cause and not who did it, as we have done it so that our daughter re- lives through others. We have done it for our own peace and solace. We hope our daughter’s story will inspire the families who find themselves in the same position.

“We want to aware people on organ donation to realize that death is not the end of things, as people can live on through others, through organ donation.”

PGIMER Additional Medical Superintendent and acting Nodal Officer of ROTTO (North), Ashok Kumar, while detailing about the latest case, said, “As the donor family wanted their daughter to relive in others, it became our moral duty to respect their wish. Following the family’s consent, we secured her heart, liver, kidneys, and corneas.

“Once the donor organs became available, everyone swiftly got into action leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the donor’s legacy continues. As the cross-matching indicated no matching recipient for heart in PGIMER, we immediately got in touch with other transplant hospitals to explore the options for matching the recipients, and finally, the heart was allocated to Sir H.N. Reliance Hospital, Mumbai, with the intervention of NOTTO.”

Elaborating about the Green Corridors created for the case, Kumar said, “To ensure safe and speedy transportation of the harvested organs, a Green Corridor was created in conjunction with the retrieval timings from the PGIMER to the Technical Airport in Chandigarh at around 6.35 a.m. for the transportation of the retrieved heart for the onward flight to Mumbai.”

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Raveena’s great initiative for ‘breathless India’

The actress says they are reaching out to those who are well-off for funding, and acknowledges the cooperation of Chintu Kwatra and Khushiyan Foundation…reports Anjuri Nayar Singh.

Bollywood stars have also started their good initiatives for the nation that face a huge oxygen crisis amid the Covid surge. Actress Raveena Tandon says she is disturbed by the oxygen shortage in the capital amid the second wave of Covid and has taken it upon herself to send oxygen cylinders to the city.

Raveena has started an initiative called Oxygen Seva On The Wheels Mumbai To Delhi, where she is sending oxygen cylinders through her non-profit organisation, Rudra Foundation to the Capital.

“Just look around you, how can what’s happening not need you to do something, instead of just sitting and tweeting about it. As you can see, Delhi is almost gasping for breath, and this is the initiative a few likeminded people along with me decided to take up,” Raveena told .

The actress says they are reaching out to those who are well-off for funding, and acknowledges the cooperation of Chintu Kwatra and Khushiyan Foundation.

“I have dispersed a lot of 300 cylinders and for the rest, we are trying to generate funds from likeminded people, whether it is our friends or anyone who has extra money. We are not pressuring people, the common man to come forward and donate. At this moment, everyone needs to save for emergency that they might face. But yes, we are reaching out to people who can make a difference and asking them to chip in,” she says.

Not only shortage of oxygen, but people are also being forced to pay exorbitant prices for medical necessities. Talking about the same, the actress says: “Be it ambulances or hospitals, oxygen, oximeters, concentrators, the amount of money being charged is ridiculous. People in dire need of these things are desperate, anything to save their near and dear ones, and are shelling out their life’s savings. What can I say about these people taking advantage of the needy at the moment?” she says.

However, she adds that she has also been a lot of support for her initiative. “Many of my family members have chipped in, my extended family, cousins, like-minded friends, people have called me from various places and it is an initiative that is being supported by a lot of people,” she says.

Raveena adds that she is making sure to deliver the oxygen to the right people, so that it can go to those who need it, free of cost.

“What we are doing is a drop in the ocean of what is required, but the fact is that we have tied up with people where we know for sure this will go free of cost to the needy. We have tied up with DCP South Delhi, the police, and we are handing over a part of the lot that is going now. Then we are giving Radha Soami Satsang Beas cylinders because they have a centre at Chattarpur, which is free of cost. We are giving part of it to the army and another NGO, which has tied up with us. We are going through Twitter and verifying whoever is most needy at that time and sending cylinders there. It’s a personal one- to -one thing that we are doing,” she says.

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Amazon gives 10,000 oxygen concentrators to India

The company said that the organisations are working closely with the Indian government to expedite the entry of these oxygen concentrators and BiPAP machines into the country.

India is going through a tough stage or crisis related to Oxygen and Covid management. Amazon on Sunday announced to donate 10,000 oxygen concentrators and BiPAP machines to hospitals and public institutions to augment their capacity to help Covid-19, infected patients, across multiple cities in India.

The first of these consignments was set to land in Mumbai on Sunday and a majority of the shipping is expected to be completed by April 30.

Amazon has joined hands with ACT Grants, Temasek Foundation, Pune Platform for COVID-19 Response (PPCR) and other partners to urgently airlift over 8,000 oxygen concentrators and 500 BiPAP machines from Singapore.

A typical full face CPAP mask. (Wikipedia)

Additionally, Amazon India is also procuring over 1,500 oxygen concentrators and other critical medical equipment in partnership with non-profits including Swasth, Concern India and impact organisations like ACT Grants and Sattva Consulting.

The company said that the organisations are working closely with the Indian government to expedite the entry of these oxygen concentrators and BiPAP machines into the country.

“We stand firmly with the country, deploying our global logistics network to urgently airlift the needed oxygen concentrators to support the nation’s immediate need,” said Amit Agarwal, Global SVP and Country Head, Amazon India.

A lightweight portable oxygen concentrator. (Wikipedia)

Amazon will bear the cost of airlifting these oxygen concentrators and BiPAP machines, procured through multiple funders including ACT Grants and PPCR from Singapore to India through Air India and other international carriers.

Additionally, the company will also manage the movement of these oxygen concentrators and other donations from the local airport to identified hospitals and institutions.

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