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doTERRA: Pioneering Purity & Prosperity In Essential Oils

Founded in 2008 by a group of health industry and business professionals, doTERRA was born out of a commitment to providing therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world … writes Soniya Kirpalani Photographs: iTransformcare/ doTerra Video: Santosh Rai / The Wordsmiths

The global essential oils market is experiencing robust growth, showcasing a significant economic footprint. In 2023, the market was valued at around $23.74 billion and is projected to continue expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6% through to 2030.

Most of it is led by conscious consumer demand which is currently being met by innovative companies like doTerra, In a post pandemic world, conscious consumers seek the intangible luxury of holistic healthcare, especially in pre-emptive wellness. One of the burgeoning methodologies, is the guided use of pure essential oils, health supplements in promoting better health and an overall feel of wellness.

Supporting this burgeoning demand are multiple essential oil companies. One of the leaders is doTerra. Founded in 2008 by a group of health industry and business professionals, doTERRA was born out of a commitment to providing therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world. Staying true to their mission, they continue to stand out as a paradigm of quality, sustainability. What has further propelled their growth is their innovative business practices, which has set new benchmarks in the essential oils market. This is visible in the balance books, as the company reported an annual revenue of approximately $940 million.

This financial achievement is supported by a workforce of around 8,817 employees, who work with doTerra – either directly or indirectly. This indicates the substantial operational scale, its size and financial health, marking doTERRA’s status as a leading company in the global market with its commitment to quality and community-driven initiatives. Vision and Commitment to Quality From its inception, doTERRA aimed to revolutionize the way the world thinks about wellness by harnessing the power of nature’s purest elements.

The company’s name, derived from Latin meaning “Gift of the Earth,” reflects this ethos. This vision quickly set doTERRA apart, with its strict adherence to the Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) standard—a proprietary certification process that ensures the highest levels of purity and potency in each bottle of oil, they are open about their source of supply and it is this transparency which sets them a cut above. Innovative Research and Product Development doTERRA’s commitment to science sets it apart in an industry often criticized for lacking rigorous research.

The doTERRA Science blog and ongoing clinical studies are testaments to the company’s dedication to grounding its products in verified research. These efforts are complemented by the work done at the doTERRA Essential Oil Chemistry Lab and the doTERRA Research Institute, pioneering research in essential oil science. The company’s famous blends, such as Deep Blue, On Guard, and Serenity, have become household names, acclaimed not just for their delightful aromas but for their targeted wellness benefits.

 These blends are the result of exhaustive research and a deep understanding of essential oil synergy. It is these well researched exclusive blends and patents on their products that are giving them an edge on their competition. Sustainable Sourcing and Ethical Practices Understanding that high-quality oils depend on high-quality botanicals, doTERRA implemented a sourcing model that is as beneficial to the earth and its cultivators as it is to the end consumers. Through its Co-Impact Sourcing initiative, doTERRA collaborates with local farmers around the world, creating jobs, ensuring fair labour practices, and promoting sustainable farming methods.

This initiative not only guarantees the purity and efficacy of the oils but also supports the development of farming communities. For growers, doTERRA provides fair wages and job training, and invests in community development projects such as schools, health clinics, and clean water systems. For consumers, doTERRA ensures that they receive the highest quality essential oils, which are sustainably harvested and rigorously tested to meet stringent purity standards.

This sustainable practice not only supports the livelihood of its growers but also ensures that consumers are using products that are produced responsibly and ethically. Unique Business Model and Exponential Growth doTERRA’s distribution model is uniquely direct. By employing a direct selling strategy, doTERRA has created a personal buying experience and a close-knit community of wellness advocates. This approach has not only facilitated exponential growth but has also allowed for extensive education and training in the use of essential oils, fostering an informed user base.

Facilities and Expansion Reflecting its growth, doTERRA has invested heavily in state-of-the-art facilities, including a sprawling corporate campus in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and advanced manufacturing and distribution facilities. These include sophisticated labs and the recently expanded supplement manufacturing facility, this diversification with deep innovation is putting them on the fast track to growth. More recently, oTERRA has strategically expanded its global presence by launching operations in India in 2022, recognizing the significant market potential due to India’s large population and economic dynamics.

India, being the second largest global population and a key democratic hub in South Asia, offers a substantial opportunity for growth in the essential oils market. This move aligns with doTERRA’s mission to provide high-quality essential oils more readily across the region, leveraging the country’s rich resources as many of their oils are sourced from within India and neighboring areas of Asia.

In 2024 doTERRA’s teams entered UAE, as a gateway to the luxury loving Middle Eastern regions. Today, doTERRA is not just the leading essential oils company but a flagship in holistic wellness, showing that a commitment to quality, community, and sustainability can drive a successful, rapidly growing enterprise in today’s competitive market.

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