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Presidential poll unites most of opposition

Sinha, who has been critical of the Modi government, says that he will not be a mere rubber stamp President but will work to protect the Constitution…reports Asian Lite News

The candidature of Yashwant Sinha for the Presidential poll has more or less united the opposition but the balance is tilting towards NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu after the recent political developments in Maharashtra.

The strategy of the Sinha camp is to focus on personality rather than electoral arithmetic so he is invoking his long experience as an asset against the NDA nominee. Both have launched their campaign and are touring the states.

Sinha said, “This will be my last electoral battle. I fought many electoral battles in my life and this is my last battle and I am very happy that I am signing off my electoral career by competing for the topmost constitutional post in the country.”

Sinha was in Telangana on Saturday where the TRS has offered its support to him. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has invoked the personality factor and said, “We are lucky to have selected a good leader for the Presidential election. I appeal to all Parliamentarians to compare both the candidates and select Sinhaji as we need to bring in a change in Indian politics.”

Sinha, who has been critical of the Modi government, says that he will not be a mere rubber stamp President but will work to protect the Constitution.

But as of now the ruling party is comfortably placed with the Shiv Sena breakaway faction and support of the BJD and the YSRCP.

The NDA Presidential poll nominee Draupadi Murmu is on the campaign trail too and is reaching out to parties headed by OBC leaders or tribals other than the NDA.

All allies of the NDA, including JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar are unitedly supporting the BJP choice.

Besides, leaders of two other political parties, the Biju Janata Dal and the YSRCP, (the ruling parties in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh respectively) signed on the nomination papers of Draupadi Murmu, further cementing her chance to win.

BSP chief Mayawati has extended her support to Murmu, saying tribals form an integral part of the party’s movement.

The Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, which is in power in Jharkhand in alliance with the Congress, is also under pressure to support the NDA presidential candidate as Murmu had been the governor of the state.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is said to be having second thoughts as she said that she could have considered supporting NDA’s Presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu had the BJP informed her about its choice in advance.

“Draupadi Murmu has a better chance of winning. Had the BJP informed me in advance that it will field a tribal woman as its Presidential candidate, I could have thought otherwise and made attempts accordingly. For the larger national interest, the opposition parties could have discussed the issue then.”

Murmu is likely to get more support from the opposition ranks keeping in view the changing political scenario and the upcoming assembly elections in the country. Some parties may be forced to support her due to political compulsions.

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Our fight will continue beyond Presidential poll: Sinha

Sinha said he discussed a few issues with KCR after the latter received him at the airport and would take this forward…reports Asian Lite News

Stating that the Presidential election is a fight between two ideologies, joint opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha on Saturday vowed to carry on the fight to save the country from destruction, irrespective of the poll result.

“This is the fight for democracy, to save the country from destruction, for the future of your children and for the future of this country,” he told a meeting organised by Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) on the occasion of his visit to Hyderabad.

The former union minister echoed the view of Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen that this country is collapsing. “We are seeing from every angle that it is collapsing before us. We can’t keep quiet when the country is being destroyed,” he said slamming the Narendra Modi government for its wrong policies.

Sinha told Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao that he was overwhelmed by the warm welcome by the TRS. “This poll has become a people’s movement. Whatever may be the result, we are not bothered. This fight will continue after the polls. We will keep fighting. We will fight along with CM KCR,” the former BJP leader said.

Sinha said he discussed a few issues with KCR after the latter received him at the airport and would take this forward.

Sinha hit out at the Modi government for misusing various central agencies against its political opponents. In the latest instance, a notice has been issued to NCP leader Sharad Pawar regarding an affidavit filed in 2014.

He recalled that he was finance minister for 5 years in Vajpayee government and though the Enforcement Directorate comes under the finance ministry, there was not even a distant thought of using it to target somebody. “It’s really shameful for a minister to ask ED to go after a person.”

Sinha said, while Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair was arrested, no legal action was taken against the BJP spokesperson who spread the venom. “I hope when Prime Minister Modi speaks at a public meeting in Hyderabad, he will shed light on this. He speaks loudly on many issues during Mann ki baat but has not uttered a word on this issue,” he said.

The former minister said during the last eight years, Modi did not dare to address a single press conference. “Is this democracy where one person speaks and 140 crore people listen,” he asked.

He told KCR that he would not get a response from Modi to any of the questions posed by him during his speech. “This is the misfortune of the country. There is no dialogue. No conversation is taking place. When there is no dialogue there will be consensus,” he said.

He blamed the government for not ensuring consensus in the Presidential election. “It was possible to forge a consensus but it was the government’s responsibility. They did not take initiative because they don’t believe in consensus. They believe in confrontation. They want to insult others. Consensus word is not there in their dictionary,” Sinha said.

Sinha revealed that after filing nomination, he rang up Modi but he was not available. “I left a message but till today I have not received the return call. Even if a common citizen calls a person occupying a high position, he should be heard. Unfortunately, the PM has not learnt manners,” he said.

He stated that the Presidential election is being held in an extraordinary situation. “It’s not a fight between two persons and their identities but it’s an ideological battle. When we fight we don’t bother how big the army is against us. If we believe in our cause, we fight with the enemy with whatever weapon we have,” he said.

Sinha said if elected he would strive to safeguard the Constitution and democracy.

He was all praise for KCR and said that the country needs leaders like him. Recalling the days when KCR was the lone voice in Parliament to demand a separate Telangana state, Sinha said the TRS chief not only achieved his goal but ensured rapid development of the state in a short period.

“In a short period he did so much. Telangana is a miracle state. It is one of the progressive states today,” he said.