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Ukraine Says Russia Stepped Up Attacks During Peace Summit

Most of the battles took place in Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine — 36 in total.

Against the backdrop of the two-day Ukraine peace conference in Switzerland that ended on Sunday, Russia has stepped up its military attacks on Ukraine, according to Kiev.

“Throughout the day, the enemy is intensifying its offensive and assault operations, looking for ways to penetrate our defences and try to drive Ukrainian units out of their positions” the Ukrainian General Staff stated in its situation report on Sunday evening.

According to the report, the number of battles has risen to 88. Most of the battles took place in Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine — 36 in total. The report added that 25 of the attacks were repelled but 11 were ongoing.

The Russian military is attempting to make further advances, particularly near the city of Pokrovsk, it said.

The Russian military is also said to have made 10 attempts to storm Ukrainian positions on the front immediately to the north and south – in the Lyman area and around Kurakhove.

Moscow’s air force dropped heavy glide bombs on the defence positions, it said.

The information could not be independently verified.

Since last autumn, Ukraine has been on the defensive due to delayed arms and ammunition supplies from the West.

However, recent resupplies have helped stabilize the front, limiting Russian territorial gains.

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US confirmed to join Swiss Peace Summit, says Zelenskyy

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Ukraine expects President Biden to attend the summit in Switzerland….reports Asian Lite News

The United States has confirmed its presence at the Ukraine Peace Summit later this month, but it is not certain whether President Joe Biden himself will attend it, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Sunday.

Zelenskyy was speaking at a press conference at Asia’s premier security summit, Shangri La Dialogue in Singapore.

He also said that Kyiv has confirmation from 106 countries regarding participation in the summit.

“As of now we have confirmation from 106 countries of the world that will attend Swiss Summit, as of today…on the level of leaders we have now confirmation of 70-75 leaders that is presidents…heads of States,” Zelenskyy said at the press conference.

He said Ukraine expects President Biden to attend the summit in Switzerland.

“The United States have confirmed their participation in the summit on a high level for now we do not have the approval of the president himself, but we expect the president to be… we hope for it but it is important that the United States confirm their participation on the highest level,” he added.

The international peace conference on Ukraine is scheduled to take place in Switzerland on June 15-16.

President Zelenskyy also raised concerns about China’s stand against the conference and alleged that Beijing is calling on countries not to participate in the peace conference.

“As regards China, they did not confirm their presence on any level so these are two different positions. The United States of America…they have contacts with certain states where they encourage them to take part in the peace Summit…China, unfortunately vice versa, is working for the countries not to come to the peace Summit so there is a great difference between these two positions,” he further said.

The Ukrainian President also stressed that Kyiv needs the support of Asian countries towards ending the conflict. He said Ukraine has never demanded weaponry from the Asian nations but only political and humanitarian support.

“We need the support of Asian countries. It is much needed we respect each voice each territory each of the countries in the region. We want Asia to know what is going on in Ukraine, we want Asia to support the end of the war, we want Asian leaders to attend the peace Summit,” Zelenskyy said.

“We know that many Asian countries do not support Ukraine with Weaponry we have never pressured them never demanded it. We always ask for first and foremost political support, humanitarian support,” he added.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy also warned that China’s backing of Russia will prolong the conflict in Ukraine.

“With China’s support to Russia, the war will last longer. That is bad for the whole world and the policy of China – who declares that it supports territorial integrity and sovereignty and declares it officially. For them it is not good,” Zelenskyy said.

“Regrettably, it is unfortunate that such a big independent powerful country as China is an instrument in the hands of Putin,” he added.

Earlier, China indicated that it might not attend the Ukraine Peace Summit set to be held in Switzerland in June.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said that China has informed relevant parties of Beijing’s consideration and concerns as there is an “apparent gap between the meeting’s arrangement and what China stands for as well as the universal expectation in the international community.”

Addressing a press briefing, Mao Ning said China attaches great importance to Switzerland organising the first Summit on Peace in Ukraine and always maintains that the international peace conference needs to meet the three important elements of recognition from Russia and Ukraine, equal participation of all parties, and fair discussion of all peace plans.

Earlier in April, Switzerland Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis announced that Switzerland will host a high-level international conference in June with more than 100 countries invited to help chart a path towards peace in Ukraine after more than two years of war.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict — that started on February 24, 2022 after Moscow launched ‘special military operations’ against Kyiv — has dragged on for over three years and has caused heavy damage to infrastructure and civilian casualties in both countries. (ANI)

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