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Kfir Bibas’ Birthday Spent in Hamas Captivity

Children who have returned from Hamas captivity prepared greeting cards to mark the birthday…reports Asian Lite News

The family of Kfir Bibas, the youngest hostage in Hamas captivity, celebrated his first birthday on a sad note.

Kfir Bibas was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists from Kibbutz Nir Oz on October 7, 2023 along with his parents Yarden and Shiri and four-year-old brother Ariel.

To mark the day, a large crowd filled the Hostage Square in Tel Aviv on Thursday, with many holding orange balloons, in acknowledgment of Kfir’s red hair.

There was also a large screen displaying the number of days the hostages have been held in Gaza.

In a social media post, Gali Tarshansky (13), who was also captured by Hamas and released as part of the week-long ceasefire deal on November 29, 2023, said: “Cute and sweet Kfir, happy birthday. We are waiting for you to return to us safely and quickly and we will celebrate with a cake and gifts, like a one-year-old child should celebrate.”

Children who have returned from Hamas captivity prepared greeting cards to mark the birthday.

Four-year-old Oriya Brodutch, who was also kindapped along with her parents and released on November 26, 2023, wrote: “Happy birthday, may you return home soon.”

Emily Hand (nine), who was also kidnapped and later released on November 26, said: “I hope you get out of there as soon as possible. I understand the feeling because I was there too. Sending you hugs and love.”

During the function, Shiri Bibas’ cousin, Yifat Zeiler, said: “No abductee should celebrate a birthday in captivity. We thank the children and their families for such a moving gesture, and ask the decision-makers to read these wishes to understand that behind every hostage there is a whole world.”

However It is not clear whether Kfir and his family are still alive.

The Hamas has claimed that Kfir, his brother and mother were killed in an Israeli airstrike.

A hostage Nili Margalit, who spent nearly 50 days in Hamas captivity and released during the ceasefire agreement, revealed that she was with Yarden Bibas when the Hamas terrorists told him his wife and two young children had been killed.

Nili Margaret said that Hamas had ordered Yardin to film a video in which he blamed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for refusing to bring their bodies back to Israel.

The Israeli military has said that the claims made by Hamas regarding the Bibas family have not been verified, and described them as “psychological terror”.

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Hamas Rejects Accusations of Baby Killings, Labels Media Bias

Netanyahu’s office on Thursday released “horrifying photos” of two babies whose bodies had been burned beyond recognition and a bloodstained infant’s body…reports Asian Lite News

 The Hamas has denied its involvement in killing and beheading babies in southern Israel and said the allegations were “unethically and unprofessionally adopted by western media outlets”.

“We firmly deny these allegations as we reject this media bias, and we call on media to abide by journalistic code of ethics,” CNN quoted Basim Naim, an official with Hamas information office, as saying in a video statement late Thursday.

The official also called the militant group’s large-scale surprise assault on Israel on October 7 a “defensive operation” and an “internally Palestinian” one.

“The operation targeted only the Israeli military bases and compounds,” Naim claimed. 

“There were clear instructions from the top commanders of Al Qassam Brigades (Hamas’ military wing) to avoid targeting civilians or killing them.”

Earlier this week, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) told CNN that militants carried out a “massacre” Kfar Aza, a kibbutz in southern Israel, in which women, children, toddlers and the elderly were “brutally butchered in an IS way of action”.

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman Tal Heinrich alleged that babies and toddlers were found with their “heads decapitated” in Kfar Aza.

Netanyahu’s office on Thursday released “horrifying photos” of two babies whose bodies had been burned beyond recognition and a bloodstained infant’s body.

Also commenting on the hostages held by the Hamas, Naim said in the video statement that the abductees will be treated “in accordance with our religious values and the rules of international humanitarian law”.

“We are really worried that since the Israeli aggression is everywhere in Gaza, they might be the victims of the Israeli army bombardment just like our people,” CNN quoted the official as saying.

According to Israli authorities, Hamas militants are holding as many as 150 people hostage in Gaza following.

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Dos and don’ts for taking care of babies

Hydration is essential for both babies and adults. Water helps regulate body temperature and fight infections. It is also essential to healthy skin because it heals and nurtures our organs…reports Asian Lite News

Holding your little bundle of joy for the first time is a wholesome feeling that cannot be described, and you may feel overjoyed with love and affection. As you settle into a new daily routine as a parent, keeping your baby warm and nourished will beat the top of your priority list, especially since a parent’s bond with the baby is one of protection, and all you would want to do is make sure that your baby receives all the attention it needs.

When it comes to skincare, you should leave no stone unturned because a baby’s skin is extremely delicate and requires exceptional care. Cetaphil Baby’s team of experts shares the dos and don’ts for taking care of your baby’s skin:

Baby skincare: The Do’s

Washing your baby correctly: Cleanliness around newborns is necessary because their immune systems are still developing. Bathing your newborn 2-3 times per week is enough to keep their skin clean. Also, before you tend to your baby, it is always a good idea to wash your hands and this should be directed to your visitors as well, especially while your baby is still young.

Moisturizing after bathing: A baby’s skin is usually dry, especially on the face when the baby is getting accustomed to the environment outside the womb. It is essential to use a mild baby soap to reduce the risk of excessive dryness and to avoid irritation to the baby’s eyes. After bathing your baby, apply lotion all over the baby’s body to help reduce dry, flaky skin. Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion contains natural emollients such as sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, and a blend of shea butter and glycerin to moisturize and protect your baby’s delicate skin.

Treating rashes with care: Rashes are quite common in newborn babies, and you may notice that they fade just as quickly as they appear. However, it is necessary to keep an eye on them to see if there are any changes, such as bumpiness and redness. Don’t panic, if you notice an acne-like rash, flea-bite-like marks, or skin peeling on your baby’s skin. Keep the area clean and dry, and gently pat the skin dry with a clean towel. Consult your doctor for any harsh and stubborn rashes you may notice.

Keeping your baby hydrated: Hydration is essential for both babies and adults. Water helps regulate body temperature and fight infections. It is also essential to healthy skin because it heals and nurtures our organs. Maintaining hydration flushes out all bodily toxins, giving the baby replenished skin. Also breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby as directed by your doctor is important for the baby to stay hydrated and nourished.

Baby skincare: The Don’ts

Expose to direct sunlight: While the soft rays of the early morning sun are beneficial to your baby, it is recommended that they avoid direct sunlight for the first 6 months because UV radiation damages their tender skin. If you go out later in the day, it will be ideal to use a baby-friendly sunscreen and try to use a cover or an umbrella.

Dos and don’ts of baby skincare for first-time parents(ianslife)

Use products constituting dyes and fragrances: There are different types of products on the market, but not all of them are safe. Limit or avoid scented and artificially colored baby skin products, particularly during the first few months as they may cause irritation to the baby’s skin and cause more rashes

Dress them in tight clothes: Tight clothing can irritate your baby’s skin, so it’s best to avoid it, especially if your baby has sensitive skin. While you may think it’s a good idea to dress your babies in tight clothes to avoid exposure and wind, the tightness can easily cause a heat rash due to sweating. Clothes for the baby should be loose so that their movements are not restricted.

Shy away from asking for help: The journey with a growing baby can be daunting, particularly for first-time parents. It may seem fulfilling to be a part of the new parents’ community for advice and to learn from their experiences. However, every baby’s skin differs, and hence, you should not be afraid to ask your doctor about any skin concerns and silly queries.

Your child requires the best possible care and giving him or her a gentle massage with your hands not only benefits their skin but also helps you two form a strong bond. Make every effort to give the apple of your eye beautiful skin and a cheerful disposition!

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Basic things to carry while travelling with baby

A lightweight night lamp that is battery free and runs on a simple USB could prove to be beneficial while traveling for the very said purpose…writes DR. VANSHIKA GUPTA ADUKIA

It might be difficult to decide what to bring on a trip with a baby and what to leave behind. Most of the time, you probably need exactly what you may have left at home.

However, it is impossible to bring everything on your list with you. The baby bag checklist is being scrutinised for all these reasons, including weight restrictions, the sheer difficulties of lugging around so much luggage with a baby, and the feeling that you’ve packed your entire house for a two-day trip. Here are ten things that are must carry when travelling with a baby:


‘Wear your baby!’, an infant carrier comes as a blessing in disguise making you hands free and keeping your little one securely strapped onto you as well. Not only is this a convenience during the travel journey, it also serves as a must have in your bag while vacationing during sightseeing and shopping.

For children that have outgrown the carrier, carrying a stroller may seem bulky but is convenient and less cumbersome than carrying the child in arms. If not both, than either is a must have with you.

Connecting children with nature in small ways.(photo:IANSLIFE)

Noise free/Quiet toys

Any mode of travel, air, road or sea in most cases comes with fellow passengers around. For the sake of their privacy along with the avid engagement purpose of your child, it is a good idea to invest in some noise free toys.

Pop it figures, squigz, suction cup rotators, plush toys, stacking cups, shape sorters, wooden puzzles, finger puppets, board books: the options are several.

White noise machine

Travel often plays truant with a baby’s sleep routine. Add to that an unfamiliar surroundings. One can never be sure of the noise levels on an airplane or hotel room overlooking a busy street. A portable white noise machine can prove to be god sent in such times. (Use a white noise app on your phone if you do not have a machine)

Nursing Cover

If you are breastfeeding mum, this one is your bestfriend while travelling. A hungry baby can never be soothed without a quick session at the breast. While travelling this could mean having to feed anywhere. A nursing cover can make you feel comfortable about having to feed in public or may just be the need of your surroundings when you need to get down to feeding your baby.

Silicone Mat/Snack Cup

For infants that are on finger foods or toddlers too during regular meal times, a silicone mat or silicone snack cup could make it easier to have them snack on the go at their convenience while you tour through your said sightseeing attraction for the day or indulge in a meal at one of the local eateries at your travel destination.

Lightweight Baby Cover Up

This single item could serve multiple purposes, it could work as a blanket for your baby when they could be cold, it could act as a nursing cover, a swaddle, a shield against the scorching sun or a spread on the floor in case of the need to perform a quick diaper change.

Baby Thermometer

Variations in temperature, change in environment, a general sleep routine that has gone for a toss or the widespread food + water exposure: reasons for their little immunity fluctuating and a baby coming down with a fever while travelling is common situations parents face. Having a baby thermometer handy can just make you feel less stressed in such times as you can ascertain the baby’s body temperature easily.

6 Benefits of playing with Play-Doh(IANSLIFE)

Small night lamp

Your baby may be used to night light or the twinkling street lights that make their way through your window curtains. Pitch darkness may not of comfort to them, but while travelling the hotel room may have neither of these that your baby is used to. A lightweight night lamp that is battery free and runs on a simple USB could prove to be beneficial while traveling for the very said purpose.

Clip on teether/pacifier

A teething baby is often a difficult one to manage. A teether that can be clipped onto the baby’s clothing makes it easier for you to have it accessible for whenever they need to be distracted, seem fussy or are simply in need of some pacifying.

Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes

Call it being fussy but these on-the-go anti-bacterial wipes can be handy to wipe down surroundings of your baby in a long journey on a public transport, in a park while your little one has just played on a mucky patch, while dinning at a local restaurant if you feel the need to be cautious about the hygiene levels of the table or the cutlery or in times when there is no accessibility to simple water and soap for hand washing.

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Miracle baby takes first breath after 11 minutes

Dr Kumar said that this was a very rare scenario and is observed only in two per cent of live births but contributes for 20 per cent of neonatal deaths…reports Asian Lite News.

As second Covid wave is sweeping across Karnataka, here’s a heart-touching story of the baby soldier, who took his first breath, a whopping 11 minutes after he was born.

Bengaluru North’s Rainbow Children Hospital revived the baby that was born floppy, which in other words means he couldn’t breathe at birth, couldn’t cry, didn’t have a heart beat rate and no sign of breathing movement at all.

The hospital’s consultant, Dr Pradeep Kumar disclosed that the baby was born normal but with a very poor apgar score. “After taking note of this condition, we immediately used every medical intervention technique including newborn resuscitation technique after which the baby’s heartbeat came up in one minute but it took 11 minutes for this baby to take its first breath,” he explained.

According to him, the apgar score is a test given to newborns soon after birth. This test checks a baby’s heart rate, muscle tone, and other signs to see if extra medical care or emergency care is needed. The test is usually given twice: once at one minute after birth, and again at five minutes after birth.

He added that when this newborn was born with challenging conditions, a team of doctors in Rainbow Hospitals diagnosed the baby with Stage-2 Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. So to cure him, these experts used ‘Therapeutic Hypothermia method’, which is also called ‘whole body cooling method’.

Dr Kumar said that this was a very rare scenario and is observed only in two per cent of live births but contributes for 20 per cent of neonatal deaths.

“Prenatal Asphyxia happens because of decreased blood flow from mother to placenta and to baby, impaired oxygenation to the baby, reduced gas exchange across placenta and increased foetal oxygen requirement,” he claimed. So to cure him, these experts used ‘Therapeutic Hypothermia method’, which is also called ‘whole body cooling method’.”As clinicians, in addition to giving the best clinical care to the infant, we counselled the parents in such a way that they understand the clinical condition of the baby. We made sure they are ready to accept and face the short term and long-term challenges,” he explained.

Another team member who handled this case, Neonatology and Paediatrics, Dr Sushma Kalyan Achuta said that the baby was cooled for 72 hours and slowly rewarmed over 12 hours. “He was monitored closely for vitals and systemic functions and seizures were treated appropriately with medications. After an MRI, the baby was normal in condition and after a neurological examination, and was discharged,” she said.

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Positive impacts of soothing music on baby

She found when mothers sung lullabies, stress levels dropped not just for the baby but for mothers as well…writes Siddhi Jain.

Music is the greatest therapy in the world. Music plays an important role in developing a child’s growth, brain development, even before birth. Listening to music when a kid is in the womb is not only be soothing to the mothers’ mood but also has a positive influence on the baby.

By 24 weeks, as the babies ears form and develop, they have been shown to turn their heads in response to voices and noise in the last few months of pregnancy and can recognise their mother’s voice, native language, word patterns, and rhymes, says Furtados School of Music.

The early years in a child’s life can be termed as the “prime time” for his/her young developing brain. This intense period of brain growth and network-building capacity happens only once in a lifetime. As parents, this period of brief but unique opportunity is extremely important to encourage and facilitate the formation of brain circuitry in our infants, it adds.

Benefits of simple and slow music

The English word lullaby’ comes from the lala’ or ‘lulu’ that are sounds made by mothers or nurses to calm children. These are sung in our most intimate spaces as our days come to a close, these songs hold far more than their function. As situations change, lullabies help to establish safe spaces for children.

Today, amid changes driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, lullabies endure as an especially important way to preserve tender moments between parents and their young children. It is like a safe spot where the child feels its mother’s warmth and belonging. A familiar tune or music or song becomes like a session of music therapy.

There is a growing body of research on how lullabies help soothe both the caregiver and child. Laura Cirelli, professor of developmental psychology at the University of Toronto, studies the science of maternal song. She found when mothers sung lullabies, stress levels dropped not just for the baby but for mothers as well. In her most recent work, she found that familiar songs soothed babies the most.

How does this impact children?

Language acquisition, or learning to speak, is natural for most babies, in other words, they learn language simply through exposure and play. Studies have shown that exposing your baby to music can speed up the process of learning to speak and help them to master complex language concepts.

Marking this as an extremely important part of the growth of a child, Angela Mee Lee in association with Furtados School of Music has recently launched its new course ‘Moments of Music and Magic’ that helps develop and stimulate the child’s brain through music. This is a mother-child bonding course that brings out the best of the child. The course is available on their website

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