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Princess Diana’s Iconic Evening Dress Sells for Record $1.14 Million

According to Sotheby’s, Diana wore the Warm and Wonderful — a British luxury knitwear brand — sweater in 1981 to a polo match of Prince Charles…reports Asian Lite News

 A blue and black evening dress worn by the late Princess Diana in the 1980s has fetched a record amount with 11 times its estimate at a California-based auction house.

Julien’s Auctions, based in Beverly Hills, announced late Monday that the dress, designed by Moroccan-British fashion designer Jacques Azagury, was sold for $1,143,000, smashing the previous record of $604,800.

The late British royal wore the dress, which features a black velvet bodice embroidered with stars, in Italy’s Florence in April 1985, and in Vancouver, Canada in May 1986.

The dress was sold along with a matching illustration as part of Julien’s “Hollywood Legends” auction, which ended on Sunday, CNN reported.

The sale also featured a blush-pink chiffon blouse worn by Diana in her engagement portrait in 1981.

It sold for $381,000, almost four times its estimate.

In September, a red sweater featuring a black sheep among rows of white ones worn by the late Princess had fetched more than $1.1 million at an auction in Sotheby’s, New York.

According to Sotheby’s, Diana wore the Warm and Wonderful — a British luxury knitwear brand — sweater in 1981 to a polo match of Prince Charles.

A BBC report said the sweater, which was unearthed in an attic in March, commanded a higher price than many other objects tied to the “People’s Princess” that were sold at auctions in recent years.

The sweater’s design is often described as symbolic of Diana’s place within the royal family.

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Challenging societal norms through clothing 

We have all witnessed the evolving landscape of fashion, where our wives, daughters, and women, in general, are breaking free from the confines of gender-specific clothing…reports Asian Lite News

In recent years, there has been a remarkable shift in the perception and expression of gender identity, both globally and in India. One powerful aspect of this movement is the rise of gender-neutral clothing, which enables individuals to dress in a way that aligns with their own unique identity, rather than conforming to societal expectations.

The market demand for gender-neutral clothing has been steadily rising. According to a report by GlobalData, the global gender-neutral fashion market was valued at $27 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.5 percent from 2020 to 2027. No wonder, many mainstream fashion brands have started to incorporate gender-neutral collections into their offerings

We have all witnessed the evolving landscape of fashion, where our wives, daughters, and women, in general, are breaking free from the confines of gender-specific clothing. They proudly showcase their prowess in un-gendering fashion and embrace a more fluid and inclusive approach to their attire. Let us take a serious look at how gender-neutral clothing is revolutionizing the fashion industry and creating a more inclusive world for the global LGBTQA+ community, including the vibrant community in India.

Breaking Free from Gender Stereotypes

For far too long, fashion has been confined by rigid gender norms, dictating what is considered appropriate attire for men and women. Gender-neutral clothing defies these stereotypes by offering a more fluid and versatile approach to personal style. It encourages individuals to express themselves authentically without the fear of judgment or exclusion based on societal expectations. By rejecting the idea that clothing should be limited to specific genders, we open the doors to a world where self-expression is celebrated and diversity is embraced.

Empowering Self-Expression

Gender-neutral clothing empowers individuals to define their own sense of style, free from the constraints of gender norms. It provides a platform for creative expression, allowing people to mix and match different styles, colours, and silhouettes without feeling restricted by the gender binary. This freedom to experiment with fashion not only enhances personal expression but also encourages self-acceptance and boosts self-confidence. It enables individuals to present themselves authentically, fostering a sense of belonging within the LGBTQA+ community and beyond.

Gender Neutral Clothing Ensures Inclusivity for All

The impact of gender-neutral clothing extends far beyond the LGBTQA+ community. It promotes inclusivity for people of all genders, including those who identify as non-binary, genderqueer, or genderfluid. By challenging the notion that clothing should be limited to masculine or feminine designs, fashion becomes a more accessible and welcoming space for everyone. This revolution is gradually dismantling the barriers that have long separated fashion by gender, allowing people to wear what they love and feel comfortable in, regardless of societal expectations.

How to Further Generate Education and Awareness?

Social media platforms have played a significant role in popularizing gender-neutral fashion. Influencers and activists on platforms like Instagram and TikTok have created a space for discussions, fashion inspiration, and sharing of gender-neutral outfits. This online community has contributed to the normalisation and acceptance of gender-neutral clothing. Thus, now it comes to basic education – schools, media, and communities can play a vital role in providing comprehensive information about gender diversity and celebrating individuality. By incorporating these topics into curricula, workshops, and public discussions, we can create a generation that is more accepting and understanding of different gender expressions.

What is the Fashion Industry’s Role?

The fashion industry plays a pivotal role in driving societal change and fostering inclusivity. In recent years, many designers, brands, and retailers have embraced the concept of gender-neutral clothing. They are not only creating collections that cater to diverse gender identities but also challenging the existing norms by featuring genderqueer models and dismantling traditional fashion presentations. This industry-wide support is instrumental in breaking down stereotypes and promoting acceptance on a global scale.

Design Innovation Amid Gender-Inclusive Sizing and Retail

Fashion designers will continue to push boundaries and explore innovative designs that cater to diverse gender identities. Materials and technologies will advance, allowing for garments that are both stylish and adaptable, accommodating different body types and preferences. Customizable and modular clothing will become more prevalent, enabling individuals to express their unique identities through personalized fashion choices. The fashion industry will move away from the traditional binary sizing system, recognizing the need for gender-inclusive measurements.

Inclusive Representation at Fashion Events

The future of fashion will embrace greater diversity and representation. Designers, brands, and retailers will prioritize inclusivity in their campaigns, fashion shows, and advertisements. Unlike a handful of Rainbow Fashion shows today, the future will have a wider range of LGBTQA+ models who will showcase diverse gender identities, body types, ages, and cultural backgrounds. This inclusive representation will foster a sense of belonging and promote self-acceptance within the LGBTQA+ community and beyond.

Gender-neutral clothing represents a significant step towards challenging societal norms and fostering inclusivity. By breaking free from traditional gender expectations, individuals can express themselves authentically and confidently. Let us continue to support and embrace the global LGBTQA+ community, advocating for a world where everyone can dress and live without fear of judgment or exclusion. 

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Dress well but lace up even better

Leather Sandals or Chappals elicit an extremely comfortable, chilled, and relaxed attitude. They are perfect for beach vacations…reports Asian Lite News

Shoes contribute a lot to your style, not only do they elevate your look but they also say a lot about your personality. Most people are judged by the shoes they wear. There’s an old English proverb that points towards the same and holds to date. 

It is also said that shoes affect your mood. The shoes you wear can reflect your style, mood, personality, attitude, and much more. If you want to leave a strong impression, a versatile shoe collection can do the job, they add a lot of depth to your personality. You can unknowingly create a negative impression of yourself with your shoes. Hence, it is recommended to never laze around the shoe matter. 

Take things into your own hands and start building a fantastic shoe collection today. If you are extremely unaware of shoes,  Kuldeep Singh, Founder and CEO of San Frissco outlines a collection of shoes you should own and what they convey. Let’s dive in! 

Auction Featuring Sneakers, Streetwear, and Collectibles.(photo:IANSLIFE)


Sneakers are the most frequently worn shoes these days. They usually represent a happy, sporty, and comfortable attitude. They are best paired with casual outfits. If you want to look professional, it is better to avoid these. Sneakers are comfortable, cozy, and stylish. They convey an extremely relaxed vibe. From your friend’s birthday party to your workouts, you can wear them everywhere. You need to invest in a sneaker to complement all your styles. 

Chappals and Sandals

Leather Sandals or Chappals elicit an extremely comfortable, chilled, and relaxed attitude. They are perfect for beach vacations. Additionally, they are the most suitable for your feet during summer. Apart from a beach vacation, you can also wear them for daily activities. They are street-friendly, and even celebrities and influencers are opting for them.


One of the best additions to your shoe collection, boots are a sight to behold. They work well in both personal and professional settings. They convey a strong, professional, chic, and charismatic attitude. You can style it with denim, pants, or even dresses. You can wear a pair to the office and even parties. They convey extreme confidence as well. 


Loafers never go out of style. They can easily convey a casual and light-hearted attitude. They are perfect for get-togethers and parties that involve your near and dear ones. They are minimalist yet stylish. They can give a confident and chic vibe with chinos, denim, and even a well-fitted suit. They are extremely comfortable and you’ll feel confident in your skin. 


Heels have been a status symbol since time immemorial. Kings and Queens wore heels to denote their high status. It was also used during dances. Even today, heels represent confidence, boldness, and even a high status. Women who wear heels are deemed more attractive as well. Thus, wearing heels can convey a strong, attractive, and powerful attitude. You can pair them easily with dresses, jumpsuits, and even denim. 

Shoes can convey more than you know. You should always keep a good check on your shoes and wear the most suitable pair. You need to dress up according to the situation, surroundings, and people. Only when you can do that, you can create the desired impression with your shoes.

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Have smarter looks for little ones

India is a scattered market with few boutique brands offering limited organic clothing. International brands available in India also have only 10-30 per cent of range in organic clothing…says Ankit to Puja Gupta.

“India is a scattered market with few boutique brands offering limited organic clothing. International brands available in India also have only 10-30 per cent of range in organic clothing,” says Ankit Shukla, Country Head — India and Middle East, Norlanka Brands.

After recently buying a majority stake in Lilly + Sid, the company has launched the brand in India. IANSlife speaks to Shukla and Emma Hassan, Founder, Lilly + Sid, to find out more details. Excerpts:

Tell us about your brand. Why did you decide to enter the Indian market now?

Emma: We founded Lilly + Sid in 2009 with a mission to create clothes for children, combining quality with organic fabrics in a planet friendly manner, as an antidote to fast fashion. I am proud to see how the brand has evolved to be one of Britain’s top sustainable kids wear labels with ‘unique designs for little people and their planet’.

We have won multiple accolades over the last ten years including the ‘Top 10 Ethical Brands Worldwide’ by Guardian, UK and the prestigious ‘Loved By Parents’ Award in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

From the shelves of heritage retailers like Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, the brand is now in India. It is being presented in India by Norlanka Brands, the retail arm of the PDS Multinational Group that is responsible for launching the brands of the Group in India, Middle East and the South East Asian market. As Indian parents become conscious of their purchases and their responsibility to the environment, we offer organic solutions for everyday clothing for boys and girls.

The label aims to fill a void in the market for young, modern parents who are actively involved in the growing years of their children and want to create new traditions as a unit. These parents are invested in building a sustainable future as a family. With its organic offering for children, the brand promises to be the perfect new addition to the ever evolving kids wear market in India.

Tell us in detail about your sustainable practices.

Emma: With a 100 per cent organic cotton clothing line, our focus has always been on sustainability without sacrificing style! While conventional cotton uses about 16 per cent of the world’s insecticides and 7 per cent of pesticides, organic cotton doesn’t damage the soil, has less impact on the air, uses 88 per cent less water and 62 per cent less energy. Engaged in responsible sourcing, we work only with SEDEX certified factories and each of our products has received the prestigious Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres. We also focus on maximising the lifecycle of our products through thoughtful design features that enable garments to grow with the child through the years. Our multi-wear separates and reversible garments are a key part of the collections — two looks in one are a great win for sustainable wardrobes with less washing and less pieces needed to create looks for little ones!

How do you view the current Indian kidswear market?

Ankit: India is a scattered market with few boutique brands offering limited organic clothing. International brands available in India also have only 10-30 per cent of range in organic clothing. The children’s wear market for ages 0-14 years is projected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 17.9 per cent from 2018 to 2023, according to Euro monitor India.

The Kids wear category has registered a spike in sales over the last year making it the highest growing segment. Amid the Covid-19 crisis, the global market for Children’s Wear estimated at US$252.2 Billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US$325.9 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 3.7 per cent over the analysis period 2020-2027. Norlanka Brands, which recently acquired majority stake in Lilly + Sid aims to own the space for 100 per cent organic kids wear in India.

The projected sales for babywear and kidswear market in India for FY 2021 is 22-25 billion USD and babywear and kidswear contribute 25-30 per cent of the total Indian apparel market which offers a great opportunity for us. We are a 100 per cent organic kids wear brand that celebrates childhood everyday with its fun and trendy clothes for boys and girls, made with sustainable fabric which is a gap in Indian market. As kidswear evolves to be an important lifestyle focus for parents, we are proud to launch an award-winning brand in India and aim to build a 100 crore kidswear brand in India over the next 3 years.

What is your business strategy?

Ankit: The brand enters the Indian market in a digitally forward format with an exclusive tie-up with Reliance Retail’s fashion marketplace:, supplemented by their own website This E-commerce first approach allows Norlanka Brands to follow more environment friendly processes for digital supply chain management and adopt sustainable practices for overall reduction in their carbon footprint.

We will be pushing our online sales via a robust digital marketing approach involved social commerce as well as influencer-led campaigns that drive brand discovery and curiosity. Norlanka Brands will partner with Lilly+Sid as a technology driven enabler, offering a springboard to the brand in India while the founders will focus on product development and design for the Indian consumers in line with what parents across Britain love about Lilly+Sid.

Are you planning to launch physical stores in India anytime soon?

Ankit: Currently, we have decided to adopt an online first approach since Direct To Consumer brands have grown by almost 30-40 per cent in the last 12 months.

Are the collections offered in India specially curated keeping the Indian sensibilities in mind?

Ankit: Yes, we have curated the collection for India to present a mix of garments that allows children to enjoy the natural rhythms of everyday life in comfort and happiness, as they grow surrounded by our happy prints and colours. The product range for India is for Boys and girls from the age of 0 – 8 years, with a wardrobe mix for both girls and boys — shorts, t-shirts, shirts, dresses, tunics, leggings, skirts, playsuits, rompers, tops and trousers among others.

What are your future plans?

Ankit: Norlanka Brands will continue to grow the portfolio of sustainable brands in India, Middle East and South East Asian Markets. We will soon be launching another 100 per cent organic unisex brand for children: Turtle Dove London, in the sustainability space, in India. We will provide B2C solutions, through the expertise that our manufacturing arm brings with over ten years of operations in Sri Lanka.

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Yesteryear trends are back

Animal prints always make a comeback with the latest fashion twist. Prints like leopard, zebra or even tiger are steadily taking the spotlight…Puja Gupta.

Old is precious for keeping us active, but old trends or fashion never repeats as it is. Fashion trends are forever changing. What is in trend today may be a complete no next year. Ashima Sharma, a fashion designer and founder of Ashima S Couture, shares some yesteryear trends that have been revisiting the fashion arena. She adds that the pandemic has made one comfortable with experimenting so try these styles out:

Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms are a trend from the ’70s and ’80s which have recently made a comeback. They exhibit a retro summer style for fashion divas. These trousers are ideal for those who want to make their legs look longer and slimmer. For a perfect office look, you can match it with a black or some neutral colour trousers with a white shirt and a short vest. Keep the blouse untucked for a casual look. For an everyday style, combine ethnic bell bottom pants with a boho top.

Asymmetric Dresses or Asymmetrical silhouettes

Nowadays the fresh asymmetrical trend is sweeping the fashion arena. Fashion influencers have adopted this uber-chic trend and are experimenting with ways of wearing asymmetrical dresses. The rule of fashion is ‘not to follow’ the rules. One needs to play with colours and silhouettes to create a style. You can never go wrong with the classic one shoulder asymmetrical dress, which works from day to night.

Cold shoulders

Owing to the Covid-19 vaccination drive, the cold-shoulder is back with a bang. This entirely flattering and adaptable silhouette can be teamed with a flowing skirt or jeans. The simple reason is that people rather wear a one or cold shoulder top in place of a half or full sleeve t-shirt to avoid rolling up their sleeves.

Animal prints

Animal prints always make a comeback with the latest fashion twist. Prints like leopard, zebra or even tiger are steadily taking the spotlight. Wearing animal prints is like experiencing the energy of exotic lands and their climates.

Halter necks

The 2000 trend is back in 2021 with a makeover. The strap around the neck now has a modern spin. The halter neck blouse usually works for every style and body type. If you’re into minimal fashion, then it is better to go for a neutrals or black.

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Attire for ‘Love Your Every Self’

The looks make for the perfect travel or stay-at-home companions. One can sport an Airport look, a seamless work from home look that can easily be translated into an outfit for running errands or catching that last-minute workout…writes N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe.

Comfort is the most releavant thing about a costume. Multi-brand e-commerce fashion platform Nykaa Fashion, expands its offering with the launch of Nykd All Day, a new indulgent sub-brand featuring athleisure, leisure, and active wear. Designed with a focus on comfort and inclusivity, it offers minimal yet versatile pieces which promise to seamlessly transition from at-home wear to stepping-out attire as per the dictates of the hybrid work model of today.

Derived from the name Nykaa and inspired by its values of being real, relatable, authentic, and inclusive, the Nykd by Nykaa (pronounced nay-ked) philosophy centres around giving customers the ultimate sense of comfort with a blend of fashion, function, and technology. The brand wants to positively reinforce its DNA of realness and the importance of self-love at the core of its messaging through the tagline, ‘Love Your Every Self’.

The attire is designed keeping in mind the real Indian women’s body types and includes special touches like high waist compression leggings, everyday tights with pockets, hip covering silhouettes, and options of layering tanks with shrugs. The looks make for the perfect travel or stay-at-home companions. One can sport an Airport look, a seamless work from home look that can easily be translated into an outfit for running errands or catching that last-minute workout.

Adwaita Nayar, CEO, Nykaa Fashion and Founding Team Member, Nykaa, says, “We are excited to expand Nykd by Nykaa to include athleisure, leisure & activewear after successfully launching lingerie and sleepwear. Over the past one year, as we navigate new ways of working, living, and managing our hectic schedules, athleisure & activewear have now become wardrobe staples that we choose to make a style statement in! We combine high-quality athletic staples with versatile leisurewear to offer the utmost comfort whilst maintaining a modern appeal and ensuring a wide selection so that we have something for almost everyone. We hope that it will deliver on both; functional and comfortable products steeped in the latest innovations in fabric and fit.”

Nykd All Day will be available online and in-store at Ambience Mall, New Delhi.

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Trendy tees for summer days

T-shirt is the ideal choice for a warm day, not all T-shirts are coordinated and effective for springtime convenience…writes Puja Gupta.

T-shirts are suitable and most lovely kind of cloth to men and women. Summer is here, and it’s time for our T-shirts to make a comeback after months of being overshadowed by hoodies and shirts. However, while the T-shirt is the ideal choice for a warm day, not all T-shirts are coordinated and effective for springtime convenience. You’ll struggle if you wear a bulky tee made of non-breathable material.

T-shirts have become extremely flexible in recent years and can be worn for many occasions. There are different styles of t-shirts and which one you wear is a personal choice. Here are a few suggestions by Shivam Soni, Founder & CEO, Beyoung Folks Private Limited that can help you make the right choice:

Super Hero look – A superhero t-shirt is just the thing to get your blood pumping and leave you feeling like a superhero while also making you look like one.

Motivational Tees – These t-shirts are great for your wardrobe because the imprinted quotes can inspire and motivate you.

Classic Plain style – Plain t-shirts exist in a vibrant array, or choice of colors that you can style in a variety of ways.

Sporty look – These t-shirts are all about the joy when you’re cheering for your favorite player or team in the crowd whether you’re a sports person or sports fan.

Cartoon tees for cartoon lovers – What child doesn’t like watching cartoons? These t-shirts will take you back to your childhood.

Before buying a summer T-shirt, certain fabric characteristics should be considered. The fabric should be light in weight so that it is easy to walk around in. It also has a function that circulates air around your body, keeping you cool and refreshed. It should be able to absorb enough moisture to quickly absorb all of your sweat. Most importantly, it should be cool and comfortable to wear.

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Cotton is a perfect summer fabric. It’s made from plants, so it’s natural; it’s usually skin-friendly, durable, and can be extremely comfy. It is also odorless. In a nutshell, it’s a fantastic summer fabric! Linen is another great option for summertime. Linen, like cotton, is a natural fiber derived from the Linum plant. Linen’s values shine brightly in the summer. The skin will appreciate the loose, flowing fit and outstanding breathability.

Be sure to choose a fabric made out of cotton and the ideal T-shirt for comfort. You’ll be in great shape for summer if you do it this way!

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